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Is Kim Kardashian White? Yes She Is.

Updated on September 2, 2016
Is Kim Kardashian White? Yes She Is.
Is Kim Kardashian White? Yes She Is. | Source

Kim Kardashian is one of the most Googled women in the world. And in a world full of so many ethnicities and cultures, a lot of confusion has surrounded Kim K's racial identity. Many people ask, "Is Kim Kardashian white?" The answer is yes. She's a white girl. And here is why.

Kim Kardashian is of European Descent From Both of Her Birth Parents

Kim Kardashian's Mother, Kris Jenner, is of European Descent:

Kris Jenner, born Kristen Houghton is Scottish from her mother's side and Dutch from her father's side.

Kim Kardashian's Father, Robert Kardashian, is of European Descent:

Robert Kardashian is 100% Armenian from both his mother's and father's side.

Who are the Armenians?

It isn't Kim's mother's ethnicity that comes into question, it's her Armenian father's. Armenians are Indo-European by blood, and their language sits amongst a group of other Indo-European languages, including Celtic, Germanic, and Greek (see Figure A).

Although Armenia is now a very small country in Russia's independent states, it has historically been much larger and sat at different points between the Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea throughout history (see Figure B).

Figure A: Map of Indo-European Languages

Map of Indo-European Languages.
Map of Indo-European Languages. | Source

Figure B: Map of Armenia's Geographic Changes in Early Civilization

Armenia on the map throughout different periods in history.
Armenia on the map throughout different periods in history. | Source
Is Kim Kardashian White?
Is Kim Kardashian White? | Source

Armenians in Colloquial Terms of White

The terms of identifying people as "white," "black", "brown," "red," and "yellow" are slang terms that have come into semi-accepted usage as substitutes for scientifically correct labels of ethnicity. As Europeans are considered one people, the label of white is appropriate for Armenians, which also makes Kim Kardashian white.

It should be noted that people of European heritage come in skin shades from alabaster to light brown, and although the term "white" is an over-simplification, you can have light brown skin and be a white person. As a comparison, East Asians are labeled "yellow", yet their skin ranges from alabaster to very light brown.

People of European heritage have the most diverse selection of human features on the planet, which is why you find blue, green, hazel, brown, and black eyes among them, as well as an assortment of skin color and hair texture variations.

Armenians and the "White" Label

Armenians throughout history have suffered persecution and loss of life and land. Some Armenians feel being labeled white generically glosses over the story of their struggle for ethnic and religious survival, especially over the past 150 years. This modern time period has been especially bloody for the Armenians.

In addition, Armenia was the first official Christian nation in history. They have stood in making independent decisions that marked them separately from neighboring nations, and no specific racial label can actually tell that story. This does not take away from the fact that they are still a white group.

Armenian people in the United States have sometimes individually selected "other" on official forms where they must label their racial identity. Most Armenians have no issue with the "white" label, however.

Every White Sub-Group Has Their Own Identity

All European peoples have their own identity in addition to just being European overall. The French, Greeks, Italians, English, etc., all have their own culture related to their nationality. With Armenians it is no different. So yes, Kim Kardashian is white, and it is through her being Armenian, Scottish, and Dutch.

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