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Is Lee Min Ho an outstanding actor for you?

Updated on March 22, 2013
Lee Min Ho (South Korean Actor)
Lee Min Ho (South Korean Actor)

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho said to release an album in May and as the news spread widely over the internet, he will have a world tour from Korea to 10 other countries in and out of Asia. I have heard his voice from his song “My Everything” which was released when his all-time famous drama, Boys Over Flowers, was still airing in Korea. However, though he has a deep good voice, he once mentioned that he is not going to pursue the singing career but just focus on acting and making new projects as an outstanding actor. His about-to-release album in May is just a present, according to the famous star himself, to thank all his loving and supporting fans. He will still be an actor and not a singer like what other people think. Let us just take a quick view on how outstanding he is on some of his memorable roles over the years.

Lee Min Ho is a 27 year old South Korean actor who started his career in 2006 and since then has been cast in various TV shows, short dramas, and minor movie roles but just got really famous because of his role as Gu Jun Pyo in the South Korean adaptation of the popular manga series, Hana Yori Dango.

Boys over Flowers (2009)
Boys over Flowers (2009)

Lee Min Ho is best known for his leading role in this drama as Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4 and a spoiled heir to the global Shinhwa Group. As a leader of the most popular and influential gang of rich kids (known as F4) in Shinhwa High, he pesters a daughter of a drycleaner after she goes against his bullying ways. Because nobody dares to challenge them, F4, not even the teachers, Goo Jun Pyo dismisses the headstrong girl Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye Sun) at first but eventually finds himself falling head over heels for her and willing to give up everything for his feelings towards her.

His very good portrayal of his character as Goo Jun Pyo in this drama was really amazing! He acted naturally as an arrogant spoiled guy who was very funny at times because of his being super-duper impulsive. He could also use his handsome face to show the mood of the drama scenes. When it comes to physical appearance, he had curly locks to really look like the Hana Yori Dango’s manga character. As a rich guy, he usually dressed extravagantly which included tapered suits, designer clothes, fur coats and preppy ensembles. Well, as for me, I like the way he shouts and the times when he is annoyed with something or someone in that drama. Wow! Just thinking of those scenes now makes me smile widely. :D

Personal Taste (2010)
Personal Taste (2010)

Though this drama was not as famous in my country (Philippines) as Boys over Flowers was but Lee Min Ho’s fans, including me, have watched this.

This drama was not from a manga but based on a novel written by a Korean author, Lee Sae-In.

Unlike in Boys over Flowers, Lee Min Ho in this drama portrayed a more casual, young professional architect, Jeon Jin Ho, who wants to win a project bid and has only one choice – to live in Sanggojae with a woman who had mistaken him for a gay. (Sanggojae is the favorite building of the director who Jin Ho needs to favor him so he needs to get the details about it.) However, Park Gae In ( Son Ye Jin ) who happens to be the daughter of the famous architect who built the Sanggojae and the one who is presently residing in it would never let a man be her new housemate so Jin Ho, though he really doesn’t like the concept, pretends to be a gay just like what she thinks of him to get access to the house.

Once they start living together, the straight guy but mistaken for a gay Jeon Ji Ho begins to give the inveterate slob Gae In a makeover hiding his true intention. While doing so, they develop feelings for each other though she still thinks he’s a gay.

Lee Min Ho didn’t disappoint me in this drama though I heard a lot of negative feedbacks about his acting in Boys over Flowers. He improved a lot, much better than he did in BOF (but I still love that way he acted as a childish spoiled heir wayback 2009… oh… Why am I smiling again??? Hahaha! ^_^) Going back, he carried the character of Jeon Ji Ho, a young, perfectionist, and ambitious architect perfectly! By just looking into his eyes, he made every funny and titillating moments (kilig to the bones moments in Tagalog! Hahaha! ^_^) so cute, each emotional scene so heartfelt and almost all heart-breaking scenes so powerful that all viewers (well, as I think) could connect with them.

His fashion sense was also different from BOF most especially because he got rid of that curly hair and just put on a simple but quite professional-look hairstyle. He usually wore corporate suits, cardigans and crisp tops. His business look (also called slim-suit look) here has garnered a lot of attentions not only from girls who undyingly in love with him but also from a lot of guys who once objectified him because of being popular to girls.

City Hunter (2011)
City Hunter (2011)

Casting off his boy-next-door image, Min Ho’s portrayal in this story as Lee Yoon Seung is more mature and serious than he was in BOF and PT. Yoon Seung is an IT expert who possesses extraordinary fighting skills. He is trained to kill and seek revenge for his father so he enters the Blue House to get started with his own agenda. On the other hand, he needs to follow three rules – don’t trust anyone, don’t reveal identity and never fall in love – as he fulfils his plotted revenge. The plot takes off after he meets bodyguard Kim Na-Na (Park Min Young) who unintentionally makes him disobey the rules.

Lee Min Ho once said that he was a bit worried because this drama was originally adapted from a famous Japanese manga but because it was full of action scenes, he was very interested in it. Well, thanks to this drama and he earned a lot of male fans. (In fact, my Korean student who was a 13 year old boy that time happened to tell me a lot about this drama and made me so excited to the point that I watched this even before it was aired here in the Philippines. Hahahaha! Really thanks to my student! ^_^) He really showed his potentials in this manga-based action-drama. He also appeared with slightly wavy hair and sexy side swept bang. He put on chic style of clothes and was able to portray the enchanting “Hunter Look” which was composed mostly of of leather jackets and black suits, which added mystery to his character.

Faith,also known as 'The Great Doctor' (2012)
Faith,also known as 'The Great Doctor' (2012)

The talented actor once again showcased his abilities in doing a lot of things with much competence by carrying a role of a smart, naïve, and also a bit eccentric warrior general, Choi Yeong, from the Goryeo dynasty in 1300s. Unlike his previous dramas mentioned on this blog, this one is a time-traveling fantasy drama in which our general meets and kidnaps a female surgeon, Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) from the future and takes her to the ancient times. Since they are from different eras, they clashes a lot of times at first before they come into a realization of a mutual feeling they have for each other. It is another action-packed comedy drama with a blunt warrior who never laughs but sometimes grins brightly.

Well, this drama was his latest, though it is not yet airing here in the Philippines. Anyway, it’s a good thing that I have students from Korea and they were the ones who told me that Lee Min Ho has a new drama in their country. They actually told me the story of previous episodes before I got to watch it and OMG!!! I think this drama is my most favorite drama of LMH. Even though a lot of viewers got disappointed with this (maybe because it has some dull moments due to some historical events in it) but I love this so much. Min Ho represented General Choi Yeong (who was a real general during the Goryeo era) effectively! With his height and good body figure, LMH looked so good in armor. He is so cute but charismatic at the same time. I even paused, rewound, and played again some of the scenes where he grinned so brilliantly. (Oh, I’m smiling again picturing of his cute and charming grins… 0^0)

(So now, can I say that Lee Min Ho is such an outstanding actor??? Well, if you haven’t watched these dramas, try watching them and let’s see who will do this kind of blogging next… hahahahaha!)


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