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Is Netflix Right For Your Family?

Updated on March 4, 2013


Is Netflix the right choice?

Netflix is a cheap alternative for cable, the ability to stream thousands of movies online and on various devices, to even your television set. Netflix started out with an alternative to the fast dissolving Blick Buster and most other video stores. They are being replaced by streamable content and the Red Boxes that have popped up everywhere.

I was a little skeptical about spending any extra money for entertainment. As a single mother going to school, money is always tight to say the least. Netflix ran a free month membership (that is still going on by the way) and after a few days I was convinced.

Now if you are looking for all the newest movies coming out on video and Dvd, I will be the first to tell you Netflix is probably not for you. There are movies added all the time and many are current however I have not seen a whole lot of up to date, right off the press movies yet.


A great feature of Netflix is their system of finding your style of movies that you prefer and setting up list of suggestions. Now of course you can search for specific titles, however I have found great movies I probably never would have watched if not for the suggestions. By using your rating, previous watched movies and a few survey questions to compile list after list of movies in your preferred genres.

For the parents thinking about the streaming videos section of Netflix, I must say that they have an extensive list for your kiddies from feel good Disney movies to everyday cartoon episodes your child is sure to love including:

· Bob the Builder

· Curious George

· Sesame Street

· Thomas and Friends

· Dora the Explorer

· Diego

· Handy Manny

· And so many more.


The other side of Netflix, maybe the side that made them so popular is their DVD rental system through the mail. You order DVDs to put in queue and as you watch them and send them back, they will send you the next movie in your personal queue. Some of the advantages would obviously be the extra database of newer movies and old favorites that you have access to. This feature will cost you another eight bucks or so and may be worth it. For me it was not, maybe when I run through the streamables, I may add the DVD part, but for now I am very happy with the access to stream. Even if you used both sides of Netflix, you are looking at under 16 dollars for a month. That in itself is the price of about two movie theatre tickets. A fourth, even a fifth of the cost of even the basic packages with your cable and satellite company. So if this sounds good, which it did for me, you have nothing to lose trying the free one month membership. I am sure that you will find a wide range of entertainment at a low price that can be fit into even the tightest budget.


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    • Geoff Morova profile image

      Geoff Morova 6 years ago from South Dakota

      Netflix is great! The only problem I have with them is that where I live is a little out of town and we don't have high speed internet (I know - what century is this?) so I can't take advantage of the live streaming.