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Is Pulp Fiction based on the Bible?

Updated on June 19, 2013

First of all, if you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction (what the hell is wrong with you?) there is some spoilers here. But seeing as it was made nearly 20 years ago...oh god has it really been THAT long? You kinda can’t miss the amount of chat about this movie. So I hope you enjoy anyways. If you really haven’t seen it, then I guess telling you that Bruce Willis was a ghost in Sixth Sense wouldn’t be fair to say. Oops :)

Who would have known that the 1994 Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction would be religious? At this stage I am unsure as to his faith, if any. But from the outset it seems pretty obvious he is not a religious man. But the films he has done, if looked at differently, could be seen to be quite spiritual. Let me explain.

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In Pulp Fiction the plot is said to be quite difficult to follow. But actually it’s quite simple, it’s the way it’s shot that makes it all seem confusing. There’s a couple of hitmen, a mob boss, mob boss’ wife and a boxer. They are all entangled in a web of coincidence and chance. But the film shows that chance doesn’t exist, and is leading you down the path of believing in fate. So this film had a bit of a religious undertone to it that I had never noticed the first time. The film revolves around mainly Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

It starts off in the diner with 2 petty criminals that look madly in love with each other. But this seems a very focused insight into blind faith than anything else. Think about it. The relationship seems dysfunctional but only to the outside. They love each other and will gladly die for each other no matter what happens. They only see each other and it’s apparent that if anything was to happen to one another, a gun would definitely be empty after this realisation. But why? Can they explain it? It must be more than love surely as they are preparing to hold up a diner just like they held up a liquor store previously. This to me is an introduction into blind faith, and the set up for a very religious movie that I can’t quite tell if there was fun at religion’s expense here, or it was respectful.

To believe in chance in this film seems unrealistic. The film cuts back and forth throughout and gives you the illusion of people being somewhere when they are actually somewhere else. It’s a clever web of misdirection. It’s an illusion. Some could say that Jesus Christ was the first ever magician. Performing “miracles” in the streets. Or as I like to call it, “Street Magic”. But my thoughts were that the film made you believe that it all made sense. On the first viewing I was following it ok, it felt a little off to me but I couldn’t quite work out why. I assumed that they finished the film, started editing it and realised that a bunch of plot holes started popping up and they patched it up with a very ingenious editing technique that felt deliberate. After viewing this a few times, I then realised that this was not the case and that it was done methodically.

So the main cast are creating a misdirection for the audience, meanwhile Jules and Vincent go looking for this mysterious thing that they are sent for by Marsellus Wallace. A mob boss that at the start of the movie Travolta and Jackson both discuss the time that he threw a man over a balcony for touching his wife’s feet.

What were they looking for? And when they found it, why didn’t we get to see it? Or be told what it was? And why did it just glow in the briefcase with Travolta standing being mesmerised when he looked at it? Could this be the Holy Grail? Hmm.

One theory that I thought was quite interesting, was the fact that Wallace seemed to want that case pretty bad. And whenever anyone opened the case they were mesmerized by it's contents.It seems like it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. In life the most beautiful thing anyone could have is their soul. Maybe Wallace sold his soul to the devil and he wanted it back, sending his minions to fetch it for him. The combination for the lock was 666 afterall. Starting to make sense now huh?

The very same scene dealt with divine intervention when the kid ran out of the room with a 44 Magnum. Right after Jules gives his speech quoted from the bible, Ezekial 25:17.

The quote becomes all too apparent in only a few seconds after they blow away Brett in the chair who couldn’t stop saying “what”. The quote seems to refer to the 2 hitmen as angels, as they were looking for retribution and acting on the Lord’s intentions.

The kid ran out of the bathroom with a “goddamn handcannon” and shot until the gun was empty at Jules and Vincent. But the bullets just went through them and hit the wall behind them. It’s mentioned as a miracle by Jules. Need more?

Vincent was ordered to take Marsellus’ wife out for a meal and take her home. Mia Wallace was a bit of a coke lover. She was doing a bit of blow before Vincent got there to pick her up. But what she didn’t know was that Vincent was into Heroin. After the night was over and Mia was walked to the door by Vincent, she offered him a drink and he accepted only with the intention of drinking it and going home. As he talks himself into being sensible in the mirror, Mia grabs a bag out of Vincent’s jacket and snorts it, thus OD’ing and having to be rushed to a dealer’s house to get a shot of adrenaline through the heart. So up until this point we had blind faith, Jesus like misdirection, the holy grail, angels, The Devil, divine intervention and now, the resurrection. This scene showed that Mia was dead, she had overdosed on some very powerful Heroin and had left this world. But she was brought back in a very tense and excellent scene with a high John Travolta, ready to stab a 6” needled into his boss’ wife’s heart because she OD’d on his stuff.

Even Lance, the drug dealer, was Jesus like when Vince brought her to his house to “heal” her. This may not be comprehensive proof that it was about the bible. That’s for you to make up for your own mind about. I hope it made you think though. There may be more of these but I will wait and see the response I receive.

If you agree or can recommend any other films that appear normal but had religious undertones, comment below and share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

I do not intend to offend anyone with my views or opinions. Religion will never be mocked here, just opinions. I hope that after reading this you may think to yourself that this is merely for entertainment purposes and no offence was meant.

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    • mikeandrustys profile image

      mikeandrustys 5 years ago

      Yeah I know what you you mean. The Matrix movies to me were all about rebirth and looking at the world from the outside. We all same characteristics we all share, the words and expressions we use and the way history keeps repeating itself. The Matrix for me was giving an advanced idea of life. As for religious undertones. When Neo was blind and then he could see, it did feel to me as if he was becoming some sort of messiah, a saviour if you will. So yes I can definitely see that. Also, if you like superbly written dialogue in movies, then watch Pulp Fiction. If you like either Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Quentin Trantino, Rosanna Arquette, Christopher Walken, Tim Roth or Samuel L. Jackson, you would like this movie!

    • ndaffinee profile image

      ndaffinee 5 years ago from Jumbled Brain, USA

      Very interesting. I myself have only seen pieces of Pulp Fiction (I know, what's wrong with me), so I can't really follow the connections comepletely, but I can see what you're saying based on your descriptions of the movie. You made me think of the Matrix movies. After the final installment came out, my sister talked about a religious undertone existing there. I wonder, what are your thoughts on that?