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Is Star Wars the Force Awakens just a remake?

Updated on January 28, 2016

Is Star Wars the Force Awakens just a remake?

I mean when you look at Star Wars the Force Awakens and compare it to the older Star Wars films you see a lot of similar aspects. So the question is: Is Star Wars the Force Awakens an original movie that just happens to share a lot of similarities with the earlier Star Wars films or is it a remade Star Wars for today's generation with revamped special effects?

I just provide the evidence, you make the decision.


Desert Planets

When you look at the Star Wars Universe there are millions of planets and yet so much of the series focuses on desert planets.

  • Star Wars the Force Awakens begins on the desert planet of Jakku.
  • In the Star Wars the Phantom Menace most of the movie takes place on the desert planet of Tatooine.
  • In Star Wars Attack of the Clones Tatooine play an important role
  • In Star Wars New Hope the movie follows a main character that was born on the desert planet of Tatooine

Similar Character Stories

Lets start in the beginning with the movie timeline and work our way forward as we focus on the many similarities between character story lines.

  1. Anakin is born born on the desert planet of Tatooine. He is a slave and works for his master in a shop, he is under-appreciated by everyone, but his mother. The jedi arrive he goes on a quest to help them get the part for their ship and then joins them to become a jedi. He later become a hero for destroying a giant battle ship and become a member of the jedi order. Years later his mother is killed.
  2. Luke is left with his aunt and uncle on Tatooine. He is under-appreciated by them and works hard, yet is unhallowed to go away to school. He spends his time by himself and bored. Until he get a droid who takes him on a quest to find a jedi to deliver a message. Once the message has been delivered he finds his aunt and uncle dead then goes on a quest to rescue a princess and become a jedi. He become a hero for rescuing the princess and joins the resistance.
  3. Rey is left by herself on the desert planet of Jakku. She grows up alone having to work herself to the bone to scavenge spare parts to sell for rations. She is poor and under-appreciated. She is by herself. Then a droid shows up then a storm trooper and they embark on a quest to deliver the droid to the resistance. She is captured by the first order and escapes and she finds out she has the force. She battles a sith using her powers and become a resistance hero. She sets out to find Luke and train to become a jedi.

Do you see how similar all these character stories are I mean it goes like person A is poor and under-appreciated then BAM something happens to them on their desert planet and they go on a quest, then they become a hero, and then they train to become a jedi. Is it just me or does this new Star Wars the Force Awakens film sound like a remake with some new characters, new scenery, and revamped special effects?


In each set of films someone important to the main character dies which sets them on a new path.

  • For anakin it was his mother that dies and that set him on a path to darkness when he murdered her killers, their women, and their children.
  • For Luke his Aunt and Uncle were killed by storm troopers this set Luke on a path with Obi-Wan to rescue a princess and destroy the sith.
  • For Rey it was Han Solo that dies and that death set her on a path to defeat Kylo Ren for killing him and to become a jedi to do it.

Obi-Wan and Luke

Obi-Wan and Luke play similar roles in many of the movies as the mentor that guides the young and confused person from their life as a poor desert planet dweller to becoming a jedi. Obi-Wan guide both Luke and Anakin after Tatoonie and he turned both of them into capable jedi. Now we have Luke playing that same role for Rey in Star Wars the Force Awakens. A old pan in a hooded cloak standing on a cliff waiting for his jedi apprentice to arrived to be trained. Now is it just me or is this way over used? I mean could they have not used some unknown jedi or maybe a female jedi. Why is it always a man in the mentor role in the Star Wars films?


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    • misty103 profile image

      misty103 24 months ago

      Hi Peter,

      I have to disagree a bit. I went to see this film with my family and we all walked away feeling like we had seen almost all of the movie before. Some parts were even predictable. Now we did all enjoy it I just wish it was a bit more unique.

    • profile image

      Peter 24 months ago from England, UK

      I think you're spot on in pointing out the clear similarities between each of the trilogies' first films. But I would have to disagree, to some extent, regarding it being a 'remake'.

      I do believe it was completely intentional by J.J. Abrams to create a sense of symmetry, but I think this was for two reasons:

      1. Afraid to do a 'George Lucas' and ruin an entire trilogy before it has even started... Avoiding the same fate as the prequels will surely have been high on the production team's list of priorities.

      2. To cater to multiple generations. This film is like no other, in that it captures the hearts and minds of so many generations. My late grandpa, my mother, my older cousin, myself, my younger brother - we all love Star Wars. Then there are today's teenagers who will have seen the prequels at a young age. And then there are those at a young age now, who will grow up watching this new cast of Star Wars characters and seeing their fates unfold. For this film to work, J.J. had to appeal to all of us. To do this, I think he simply stuck with a winning formula, but added his own twist, and allowed for today's societal values to play a role too (e.g. having a female lead)