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Is Stripping Degrading?

Updated on October 7, 2015
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Ms. Quick is an experienced writer for over 30 years, and a self-published author. She specializes in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.


Stripping in Dance Clubs and Bars Have Increased Popularity

It used to be that when you go to a dance club or bar you only see men and women meeting each other and dancing together. Nowadays, when you walk into a dance club or bar, you see strippers on stage (mainly women) with little to no clothes on and shaking their body for all to see. Some of these women-strippers are on their knees dancing, with the audience looking into their crotch. These strippers may think that they are wanted and beautiful because men are shouting at them and it boosts the stripper's ego because they make money to show off their body. However, in the long run it does takes a toll on strippers when they realize that the men are looking at them not for who they are as a person, but they are looking at them for their breasts, little waists, hips, and butt shaking.

Some strippers don't care what the men or society think of them and they tune out negative emotions and negative comments. They really enjoy it and think of it as an art! Those strippers love the attention and want to show off their body as a figure of art, and show their unique dancing expertise.


The Dangers of Strip Clubs

Many young females and males join strip clubs as a way of employment. The pay is usually not as high as expected when they start off. In most strip clubs, the back room is secretly where the young women make more money than stripping, by selling their bodies for sex. Furthermore, many strippers also begin to do drugs to stay up and be energized or psyched up to do their job. Eventually, the drugs or alcohol become a dangerous cycle.

Some strippers become exotic dancers to do private parties for birthdays, bachelor parties or bachelorette parties, or regular house parties and events. The danger for strippers in private parties is higher due to possible rape or kidnapping.


Male Strippers Increasing

More men are becoming strippers, mostly for entertainment. Stripping boosts their egos and gives them more women lusting after them to choose from. One Chippendale's stripper said on TV that he tried out to be a Chippendale's stripper just for the fun, because he was already well-off financially. However for male strippers also, the women aren't looking at them for what kind of man they are, but they see them for their tight abs or how well the men can shake it to the music.

The dangers for male strippers are less than for women; however they do experience danger of being stalked, drug addiction, and sexual addiction. Some strippers even become dancers at gay bars although they say they are not gay. The money becomes very tempting for them to dance for whoever has the most money.

How Strippers Can Have a Safer Stripping Experience

  • Make Sure Experienced and Armed Security are on Site
  • No Touching Allowed
  • No Prostitution
  • No Private or VIP Rooms
  • Do Not Spend the Night at Private Parties
  • Have Your Own Transportation is a Must
  • Tell Someone Where You Work and the Location
  • Do Not Do Drugs
  • If drinking, Watch your Drink at All times

Is Stripping Degrading?

Do you think stripping is degrading to women?

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Are Old-fashioned Danceclubs Out of Style?

Although I don't go to clubs regularly, I personally like old-fashioned dance clubs where men meet women and vice/verse with no strippers on stage. Most single people in the past went out to clubs to meet someone or dance. But with a woman on stage nude and shaking her "goods" for all to see; they tend to distract men from the dating scene. The men sit there drooling all over the strippers and they ignore the women coming in the club. I went to a bar with strippers in it once and I would not like to go again. Some women say they like to go to bars with other women strippers because the men are there. However, they don't realize that the men aren't really looking at them, they are concentrated on the strippers and the male customers tend to have a degrading idea of all women in there, as if all women should be like the strippers!

Clubs with strippers in them every night feels more like an exploitive environment, than a dancing environment to me. Some clubs and bars offer only 2 nights for strippers, (men and women). That is better I think, instead of every night.

However, it is now more of the norm for strippers to be in the club on stage every night in many bars throughout the South and the West coast.

Dance Clubs vs. Strip Clubs

Do you Like Dance Clubs with Strippers in them?

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© 2015 Ms Quick


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