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Is TLC's Four Weddings A Good Idea?

Updated on March 31, 2012

I watch Four Weddings and Say Yes To The Dress. I like watching people pick out wedding gowns and I like to see weddings. That said, I began to wonder about Four Weddings.

Four women who are about to marry, who must live in the same general area, so they can all travel to each other's weddings, rate each other's weddings. The one with the highest ranking will win a free honeymoon. The narrator claims to prevent the other brides from low-scoring other brides to win, they have to score over multi-categories. Still, you would think if you scored a bride in every category low, you'd be able to low score your competition.

We get a brief bio on each bride as she tells her story and you get to see her and her groom preparing for their wedding. Then three of the brides go to the other bride's wedding. They critique her wedding gown, her wedding, and her reception. If they don't like your gown, the locale for your wedding, your food or your entertainment, they mark you down.

I guess I'm old school, because I always believed your wedding reception was about celebrating your marriage, not providing food and entertainment for the guests, not to mention an open bar. If that's what the guests are looking for, shouldn't they just go to a restaurant and a nightclub.

There always seems to be one bride who is so sure her wedding is better than everyone else's. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. After all the weddings have been judged and scored the four brides [now wives] get together for a champagne toast and wait to see if their groom is the one to climb out of the back of the limo with a bouquet a flowers and the honeymoon they won.

What I'd like to know is what happens when the brides go home and watch this on TV. For the one who was judged last how does that make you feel about your own wedding? The guest brides make an array of complaints about the wedding and reception. One guest bride [and I thought you had a point] said this bride with huge breasts who was wearing a strapless dress should have put straps on her dress to keep those puppies inside her dress. She was bobbing and shaking all over the place and she had to keep pulling her top in place. But go home feeling great about your wedding and hear something like that and tell me it isn't going to affect how you feel about your wedding.

When I was a teenager I got this very eloquent black dress and my mother picked at me wanting to know why on earth I picked black and said that I looked like I was dressed for a funeral. To this day I will not wear all black. I always have to pair it with white or some other bright color so I don't look funeral. As for the a dress I initially loved, I wouldn't ever wear again and ended up giving it away. So peoples critical comments about something you love can tarnish your feelings about it, and your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life, and it's the last thing you want to be tarnished.

I'm never going to get married; I'm not the marrying kind. I love my freedom too much and aside from dressing up in the wedding gown and having the wedding, I don't think any man could stand living with me 24/7. That said, I still have a very romantic view of weddings and I really don't think they're something you should make a competition to see whose thrown the best wedding. It's bound to make the ones judged second, third and last not feel the same about their wedding once it's been judged and found to be subpar to the one who won the competition.


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    • profile image

      Skylar list 

      6 years ago

      I love this a got a wedding dress and it had deotorint stains all over they wouldn't come off then I got cake all over my dress in my wedding it was so embarrassing!!!!! Hope ur wedding is better than mine!


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