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Is Television Dying?

Updated on July 14, 2012

I have two kids, aged 12 and 15. Back when I was a teenager, I would spend the whole day slouching on the sofa watching my favorite TV shows. It seems the same does not apply these days. My kids spend most of their time online, whether that would be to socialize on Facebook, to listen to music, to game, or watch their favorite shows through services like Hulu. This article discusses the disappearance of our favorite past time.

There are many reasons why television is no longer a popular choice for consumer entertainment. First, we live in a fast-paced environment in which people have thousands of choices to choose from. Unfortunately, the TV lags behind because people don't want to wait to watch a television at a specific time. With the internet, people can choose their favorite shows when and wherever they want. What kind of advantages does the TV have compared to a laptop or a tablet computer? The obvious is the size and image quality. If you want to watch a sports game or an action movie with full HD experience, a TV will suffice. However, this means you will have to go through the annoying process of buying the DVD and a DVD player. Recently, TV companies have tried to counter this by developing internet-ready TVs. These TVs allow people to gain access to popular web services like Hulu and Netflix. To a certain degree, they have had some success with this development. However, people (especially those who are on a budget) are reluctant to spend money on both a TV and a computer, when the computer can perform both functions.

Despite these issues, the TV won't die anytime soon. First, companies are still paying a premium for TV commercials. This means there is still a demand in the TV market, especially when it comes to major events like the Super Bowl. Second, we could consider smart TVs as an immature product. There is still room for improvement, and when those improvements are made, the product could be cheaper and more attractive for the general consumer. As for laptops and computers, they have a size limitation. People may not necessarily enjoy watching programs on a small screen. They only do so because of the laptop's or tablet's portability (e.g. enjoy watching it while on their bed).

One study shows that TVs are still major drivers of brand awareness and brand perception. So at least for the time being, TVs will still be around. There are three general categories of television. There is the plasma, LCD, and LED. It is important to note the difference between plasma vs lcd vs led television. Plasma is considered to be the oldest out of the three, but it tends to have the highest picture quality.

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