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Is There A Difference Between Lady Gaga And Kobe Bryant?

Updated on April 22, 2011

Is There A Difference Between Lady Gaga And Kobe Bryant?

Last week, superstar basketball player, Kobe Bryant, upset with a call against him, referred to the official who made the call as a ‘faggot.’ The media had a field day and the basketball league fine Bryant $100,000.00, as it should for a word deemed hateful. As recently as last year, the British singer, Sir Elton John, who is openly gay, opined that, “Jesus was a gay man.” You heard nothing from the media because progressives get away with insults against Christians and when they are cornered, they chalk it up to satire, which enables a multitude of sins. Three days ago, Lady Gaga continued the tradition of attacking Christians by tacitly supporting what Judas of the Bible did to the Christ. I, for one, am not bothered because Judas was predicted in the scriptures before it happened, to do what he did. However, it is the principle behind the aggregate attacks on Christian traditions that would never be tolerated if they were perepetrated against other groups or religions.

This ‘dissing’ of Christians, especially those considered traditional, is not a new phenomenon. Years ago, MTV produced a movie about teenage pregnancy by having the teenage mother recite the lines that like the Virgin Mary, she too never knew who the father was. One Art studio in New York City, once depicted a crucifix in urine and feces. If these insults were said about the Muslim faith, the MTV Execs and Elton John would still be in hiding, fearing for their very lives, Ala Author Salman Rushdie. As an avowed Jesus Freak, these insults do not surprise me, but I marvel at the fact the media and fair minded folks do not call out the Elton Johns and Lady Gagas of the world. I know that this Lady Gaga is doing this to generate publicity for the single she has released, but I wished that she would pick on somebody else… showing that she has the courage of her conviction, even if it is motivated out of vanity and mammon.

I have written about this before – these progressives pick on Christians because they know that we have no jihad passages in the Gospels. We also know that the progressives are like the bullies on the school-yard playground that pick on the low hanging fruits because they are afraid to say anything offensive against those who supposedly practice the “religion of peace.” Elton John, who resides in England, is surrounded by Jihadists – I know this because on my mother side of the family, I have three uncles who also reside across the pond and they continue to bemoan the state of affairs in jolly old England. You will hear about the preacher down in Florida who burned the Koran; you will hear about the kids who are being bullied for being gay, but not about the constant attacks on all that is considered Traditional Christian.


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