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Baby, Is There Such A Thing As Bad Noise?

Updated on November 6, 2011

Make more noise - it is good for you.

Hey. Welcome to the home of the AmpMan. A man in search of tone.

A real BIG welcome. Unless that is, you are anything like my neighbour from hell. You know, the person who complains when I crank it up a little in the middle of the afternoon. In the middle of the afternoon? Come on, I ask you. Heathrow has jets landing one a minute overhead, there is a busy road one minutes walk away, some cafes, workmen are reroofing four houses in our immediate area....but "is it you," she smiles, "who plays guitar?" It is (apparently) "very loud."

Well, I've got to tell you. Those valves are new and have plenty life left in them. And they are just starting to glow baby. Bit like me, really.

Better than a candlelit dinner for two....the orange light from my Marshall 6101 LM Anniversary combo is real romance and has been known to make a woman go weak at the knees. If you were extremely careful here, X-tremely, I find that the little leatherish top is a fine surface for a chinese takeaway and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. And what's better than an after-dinner blast on the Gibson SG? And I'm not talking Easy On A Sunday Morning, here.

So my neighbour, your neighbour, everybody's neighbour, she gets me thinking. Is there such a thing as bad noise? I mean, why haven't I complained to her about her dog barking in the back garden every Sunday? Could it be that I find noise - any noise - quite pleasant?

Within reason, and accepting that musical good taste is not something everyone receives at birth or their first rock 'n roll experience, I have to say there is no such thing as bad noise. I know, I know, I can hear you screaming man. Some guy over there is shouting, "What about Kajagoogoo?"

What about them, indeed.

Someone else is shouting, "What about Alice Cooper? Metallica, The Foo Fighters, Justin Timbersnake, ZZ Top, The Beatles (man that is a tough one to take). What about All the shredding that goes on? And all those guitar amps with no valves in them?"

Well, I'd say, Some noise may be sacrilegeous (good tone really needs valves and I'm not into Paul McCartney or shredding, or a wierd and bizarre combination of both ).

But it ain't all bad. Even late at night, I have to say I love the noise of a party four or five doors away driftiing up the street. I love the scream in a horror film that brings hairs up on the back of your neck. I love blasting power chords with the gain up full. Listen for the tone of the world, it is out there.

Hell, that is just the way I am.

I would even miss the whingeing voice of my neighbour complaining. Because, let's face it, it adds to the fun next time I ignore her and do Seven Nation Army at max.

In fact, I feel one coming on right now. My partner, my Marshall LM 6101 anniversary combo, is calling.

And at least I know someone is listening.

Sound quality : Good or bad, makes me glad.

AmpMan recommends: More noise please everyone.

We use ears to listen

Don't use cotton buds but keep searching for tone.
Don't use cotton buds but keep searching for tone.


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