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Is Tupac Shakur Really Dead Or Alive?

Updated on January 23, 2015


Now that all the days have passed on when Tupac Amaru Shakur will return that have been predicted by "people" that have been wrong thus far, people are now finally starting to think, that, Tupac could really be dead.

I have written 4 articles on this subject, and as I have said in the "very" first article that was written in June, of 2013, I neither held the belief that he "did" fake his death, or that he was straight-dead, as, there is no way to know. What I did hold though, was being "open" to the possibility on if it could be true.


Truth About Tupac Faking His Death Facts

Looking now though, at the whole situation in a different view, could it be possible that Tupac is really dead?

We got into all the facts on "if" Tupac faked his death, but we never looked at the facts on Tupac being "straight-dead". Looking now though, let's re-investigate all that has been put out there.

The rumor of Tupac Shakur faking his death, first started to spread within the first year of his supposed death. Now, many people will say in an attempt to pity the people, that, why they believe he faked his death is that "people" just can't let him go and want to believe that he's alive. The real reason on this "conspiracy" though, is that, people started calling in on radio-shows that were playing his new music, saying that they believe he had faked his death due to his lyrics that seemed to hint at the possibility of him still being alive.

Because of this happening, the rumors then started to spread, and people then "tuned-in" their attention on "looking" to see if Tupac did indeed, fake his death. Since this was on their conscious-awareness, it spread through-out everything they could find, and eventually, the whole theory on Tupac faking his death became a reality.

"Could Tupac Shakur really pull-off this plan? Have any of you thought about how massive this plan really was? It seems people themselves almost created the plan, because it seems too huge to be true" -PoeticPhilosophy (See Reference Here: Click Here)

The theories then started coming about on just about every thing, and because the rumor got so popular, T.V. shows even started doing documentaries on the conspiracy, which is where, the "7" theory now arrived.

A lot of people have seen these documentaries that can be found on youtube, where you will hear a man explain how Tupac's death has a lot of 7s in relation to-it. The man claims that a "possibility" of a "hint" Tupac was providing if he faked his death, was that, he used numerology which is why all these "7s" were put in place.

Now, why are we all looking for these 7s anyway? Why we are looking for these 7s, is because of "this" rumor, that was first stated on a TV show, that was "one" man's opinion, and then had been spread to the public eye. Meaning, it was an "accepted" rumor, and people then started to believe it which is where it spread to blogs and almost got out of proportion in how many 7s kept coming up.

Why these 7s went "out of proportion" is because that is exactly what they did. They went out of proportion, because of the public's tendency to gossip. The public accepted this rumor, and spread the word like a virus just like what happens when main-stream media posts something on the news. Gossip begins.

Now, can we look realistically now and see if this "7" theory is relevant? Why the 7 theory began, was because of Tupac's album named "Makaveli The Don: The 7 Day Theory". This whole rumor started, with that title. What does this title mean though?

What the title simply meant, was, that Tupac was seeing if it was possible to make a "whole' album in 7 days. Artists are known for taking a year to two years to create one album, and Tupac was known for "finishing" 2 to 3 songs a day, and so him and The Outlawz made it a theory on if they could make a whole album in 7 days (one week).

How does a theory on if you can make an album in a week, turn into clues on numerology, where you add every number that results in clues on Tupac faking his death?

Looking further, you will notice that if "numerology" wasn't even a concept, there would be no "7" theory where you add numbers that result in 7, which means, it was a manufactured clue for documentaries on Tupac faking his death.

People will then say though, that, you can find upside down letters and numbers on doors that Tupac might have been leaving as clues. And that, you will see Tupac walk into a room in "I wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" video, that has a "7" on the door.

Looking at the possibility on if Tupac did leave these clues again, you will see, that, Kasinova Tha Don seemed to point at these numbers on his facebook page, which he later revealed meant "a truth seeker" which is what the "7" represents in numerology. You will also find, that, Tupac's half-brother "Allen Williams" revealed in a single he released, that nobody understood what Tupac meant by leaving his 7s.

Back to seeing if this was all a manufactured rumor set-up for publicity, you will see that all these "7s" that people claim, are not as much 7s as there seem to be.

You will hear people hollering how much 7s there are, and literally get out of proportion with-it. It all begins with how Tupac was shot on "the 7th" of September. People then say he died 6 days later, and died on the "7th" day which makes another 7. They then get into the numerology concepts of adding numbers up: "He died at 4:03 AM: 4+0+3 = 7". He was "25" when he died: 2+5=7. And then people go further to "predict" his return, but sadly enough, the theory ends there. The rest of the 7s that are apparent clues, are nothing more than "people" looking for more 7s, because...

The rest of the 7s have to do with his supposed return: Return 18 years later (1-8=7, but, why not 1+8=9?). People predicted he would be back on, July, 7, 2014 (777: 07+7+2014 = 2+0+1+4=7), he would've been 43 when he arrived (4+3=7), but.. no return, making these "7s" irrelevant.

So, what if Tupac did leave "clues" "while" he was living, trying to wake the people up? And the other 7s that came "after" his death, were put by friends who understood Tupac's message? For the people to start "looking" for truth so they could "wake-up".

Now that we debunked the "7" theory, let's get onto a few more facts...


Facts In A Different View

  • There is a picture with Tupac and Suge Knight on the night of his death, in a car that is ready to take off, but, there are no keys in the car... it has been proven online, and if you ask any "photoshop" expert, that, the photo was tampered with. Even if not, what relevency does this "picture" have any-way? What does a "picture" have to do with his "faked" death, if there are keys or no keys?

  • There are 3 different scenarios on how Tupac arrived at the hospital. Like I said in my first article, this simply could have been news-stations giving their take on "how" he arrived at the hospital to get the story on-air. Again... what does "that" have to do with him "faking" his death?

  • Tupac was wearing shoes in the music video "To Live And Die In LA" with shoes that had not been released until 3 years after his death. Because shoes aren't released to the "public" retail outlets though, does not mean the shoe had not yet been manufactured. Shoe companies make "many" shoes that have "not" been put out to public "yet" because they test them, and get opinions on if they are good-shoes, and celebrities, without a doubt, are known to associate with these people in these corporations, and could easily get "hooked up". Also, are we all saying Tupac showed his face in L.A. to make that video, 3 years after his death and nobody saw him or talked about it?

So we can now see, we realize, people "micro-scoped" their "attention" on "if" Tupac faked his death and never looked at the other side of the coin, and this became the running of their minds...

Many people are now in disgust at how "Kasinova Tha Don" put out many "clues" in his facebook, that now seem to point, that, Kasinova has nothing to do with Tupac thus far, other than the fact that he was associated with, The Outlawz, and that he has a similar voice to Tupac.

Looking more into the truth though, Kasinova never "did" claim to be, or be associated with Tupac, other than, that he was "finishing" what Tupac came to do. Looking further, we now see that "anyone" can "pay" money to collaborate with any artist, which has been proven when E.D.I (Member Of The Outlawz) was offering to collaborate with anyone who would be paying on facebook some-time ago.

People will then say Kasinova is related to Tupac in other ways because Tupac mentions "Casanova" in a song of his in 1991 though? Looking further though, we then see people are simply micro-scoping their attention, and are purposely putting relations between the two, when Tupac simply meant by: "I bust a move as smooth as Casanova", that, he was as "smooth" as Casanova was, because "Casanova" was "smooth" with ladies.

I could go on and on and on about every fact out there, but I think I make the point clear.. and Kasinova Tha Don, who a lot are mad at, did say... on September.13.2014 something BIG was going to happen... maybe what Kasinova meant by this, was.... that people were going to finally realize... that Tupac had been dead all along? And that he was trying to make us realize "how ridiculous" the theories on Tupac faking his death really were?

Maybe this is what Kasinova meant by, something BIG was going to happen... a realization because we now know that, all the days that have been predicted on Makaveli's supposed return, have been concluded... does this mean Tupac's dead? And everything really was to "keep" his name going, living, to be remembered as one of the greats? "If you play the game you play to win, it's a crazy world full of sin" -Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

Not saying that the "possibility" on Tupac faking his death is no longer there, but saying, maybe the public never looked at it at in a different perspective.. and again, I hope we realize now, that, we shouldn't hold beliefs over anything, but be open to the possibility, which is what I hoped you guys would realize from the very beginning, cheers :).

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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Never having though about this I found it enlightening and interesting.


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