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Is facebook really making students addicted to it?

Updated on February 8, 2012
An illustration of how facebook can affect students.
An illustration of how facebook can affect students.

As you may already know face-book is a social website that was at first built for students. Now the social website has changed in many ways it is used by many people no matter what age they are face-book is used by everyone even small and big companies a like. It is used in order to do a variety of activities for example play games, chat with old and new friends as well as with family members but it also leaves an impact to students in many ways never thought possible.

the different social media websites that exist today.
the different social media websites that exist today.

Another thing is that students that use face-book are the ones that have a greater chance to join in a lot of school activities but they end up not earning enough money. Which means that face-book users participate more in what is going on around school than those who do not. According to research it says that almost 85 percent tend to work less than 5 hours a week which is a small amount of time than the normal amount of hours that you are supposed to work.

Meanwhile another thing to notice from the Internet is that the keyword "Face-book addiction" is being searched more than 350 times than cigarette addiction. During the study a group of students from the university of Maryland where asked to stop using any form of social media for 24 hours resulting in students feeling miserable, anxious, and crazy.

This is what some students fear the most.
This is what some students fear the most.

Students that are on face-book while studying for a test or classwork tend to get distracted easily making them more susceptible to earning lower grades for the fact that face-book makes students study less than a student that does not use face-book at all while preparing for a test. Also face-book hurts the student's not only academically but their self-esteem as well creating sadness and showing signs of depression in status updates. Not all of the students that usually go to face-book waste time in it they actually use it to keep track of any missing assignment's that they have not done or either to set up a time and day in order to meet up and work on a class project.

Students that are socially connected in any type of social media website tend to say that they feel good about their supposedly social standing. Mostly the problem that face-book brings is the fact that it simply distracts them from the real world while they are connected. As it's already known social networks are popular among teens it's a way for them to chat with other teens about gossip or to announce who their girlfriend or boyfriend is which is much easier to do online than in person and that is what creates the constant usage of face-book because the person is waiting for a reply about a problem or conversation.

Is there any solution to this problem?

All in all there are other social networks that exist today in the 21st century instead of only face-book they can have two sides a negative and a positive. But if you learn how to manage your time between homework time and face-book time then there wont be any problems with school. You can still use face-book but there is always a time for each activity. Its all up to you.There is also a program that exists which can help solve the problem of face-book addiction its called FB blocker or FB Limiter block face-book and basically its an app that helps you block both face-book and YouTube for a certain amount of time and days that you are going to be busy either with work or school. Block face-book has several different features the normal lock which closes face-book and YouTube on your computer to anyone who uses it, time lock - Pro version which means that it only gives users a certain amount of time to use it for example for one hour only, total lock helps you block face-book and YouTube for the few days that you are going to be very busy and you do not want any distractions going on, lastly duration lock helps you take control of how much time people can be on face-book.

If you are really interested in using this facebook blocker app then here is a link to the website where you can go and download it hope this works and helps your time be more productive.


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