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Sex on Television is Trending!

Updated on November 18, 2014

Rants and Raves on Sex on TV

Prime time television has gotten a little a raunchy with the nudity, phone sex and sex scenes. I am not mad at the creators of these shows who want to bring a sense of realism into our worlds. Adding some spice into our sex lives. Or just being that extra motivator to why as women and men we desire to be held, to be touched for sex is normal and it shouldn't be shunned and the topic should never be avoided.

Most of the television shows that are airing what groups like PTC-The Parents Television Council are against comes on with a warning about the adult content on the show. Groups such as this have no clue and no life. They are for children? Why would a parent allow a child to be up at 10 p.m. any standard time and watching a prime time television show? Once again... It's simple... DON'T Watch it! Parents should be monitoring what their kids are watching. Its up to parents to monitor their children's television viewing.

This country has had an unhealthy relationship with sex and naked bodies for centuries. What I loathe is groups like PTC having far too much to say. Simply put, I'm an adult and I along with other adults watch TV and its up to me as a parent along with these other adults with children to teach our children right from wrong. To talk about things that are inappropriate for them to watch at their age. Censoring television even for adults is ludicrous. If your child walks in on you having sex with your husband/wife and or significant other it will be up to you to explain what just happened. Please don't tell me that you will refrain from having sex ever in your own home because of this and if so no wonder why this country is so uptight.

Shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, all shows that I have been watching aren't crossing the lines with sexual content they are keeping it real. Sex is healthy. Get over it prudes! To those that are a part of groups like PTC why aren't your kids in bed at the hour that these shows are on? If they are awake and watching shows such as those mentioned above put your glass of wine down, stop reading that book and go and put the parental lock on and then settle down in your stone age chair, kick your feet up and find something else to complain about maybe the fact that you're all dried up and not getting laid and you're mad because the rest of us are and enjoying it! And yeah we like to watch too!

More Rants and Raves Get over it! What year is this?

People are spending useless time in other people's business. We're almost 15 years into 21st century and we get shocked about seeing sex scenes and nudity on television? Why is this subject matter still relevant? I am sure the same people who complain about sex on television are the same kind of dysfunctional families that raise kids who become sociopaths and psychopaths and then blame it all on television.

Sex over Violence

Why are we more accepting of violence than sex? Per nature we are more violent beings. We pay to see men and women bloody one another up and yet we shy away from topics such as sex? Maybe we need to be having more sex for it could change how we look at ourselves. We won't be so afraid to discuss sex with our children and or we won't turn the other way when we are faced with the topic of sex, rape, molestation etc. We seem to hide behind a rock when having to deal with sex of any kind but yet we lash out in angered attacks against other people. Sex over violence...sounds like a great tee shirt idea.

Is it about the sex or who's having the sex?

Most prudes who shy away from the word sex I think are more in an uproar about the sexual relations of who's actually having sex on television vs the actual sex part in general. It has been a very controversial topic when discussing the sex scenes on shows such as Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder and now my most recent viewing of Sons of Anarchy. Does this have more to do with why sex on television has now become the hottest, trending topic in homes and social media? I mean for one I have watched Sons of Anarchy for many years and there has always been a sex scene yet I have never seen it taken this far with the constant posts on message boards and now groups trying to censor what we watch on television. Give us a break people and turn the channel, put a parental lock on or power off!


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