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Is it over for Bill Cosby?

Updated on November 19, 2014

Bill What Happened?

OK so the jury is out and they say that Bill is done. He is over and it doesn't matter what the outcome looks like for Bill there is no comeback for him at all. Now I don't know how true these statements are and there are speculations going around as to why this is just now coming out one reason being that he settled out of court and there was a gag order so no word of this was ever mentioned again until now. Resurfacing of claims such as this is an outcry when someone is fed up and they don't wish to keep quiet any longer they want justice. But is justice just based on the popularity of the topic? He said she said accusations? Or is justice based on the facts? It seems that the people have spoken they wish to throw Bill behind bars lock it up and swallow the key.

Bill has been accused of sexual assault, using drugs to get these women under the influence so that he can take advantage of them. His arguments on racial issues has always put him in the spotlight and now this. When I first heard of it, I was like no way this is a lie. I ignored it and then it just kept coming up. I am on social media boards consistently and so was Mr. Cosby. He was showing up everywhere so that made me take notice and find out what was really going on.

So we are not waiting for him to be convicted, we have determined he is guilty because of the sheer number of women that have come forward? The reality is do we really know if the man performed these horrific acts on these alleged victims? Rape is a horrible act and should not be performed on anyone, woman or man. But let's be for real just because someone comes out of nowhere and from decades ago and accuses someone for these type of crimes do we believe them just because...or do we follow in the steps of many alleged rapist's attorneys and place blame against the accuser? Do we criticize them and tell them to go away and that they should have said something when it actually happened?

One alleged victim stated she was raped for several years as Mr. Cosby paid for her apartment and vehicle. The alleged victim also stated that she was drugged for years as these rapes took place. Should we believe that someone could be held captive in a paid for house and paid for car and never had the opportunity to tell their story when they were not under the clutches of the evil Bill Cosby? I would agree that rape is something most people would be afraid to admit to, however there is a distinct difference in being raped and being kept.

Furthermore these alleged acts took place at the height of his career. I am certain after being involved in the entertainment industry that Mr. Cosby had no problem having his choice of women, but we all know that rapists don't get off by being offered up the goodies. It's about control and not taking no for an answer. I don't know if the rape allegations are true . But this type of allegation could be applied to Kobe Bryant (sexual assault charges) and Michael Jackson (child molestation charges). The similarity being that the victims silence was bought off by the wealthy, accused attacker. I'm not saying this because I have some sort of bias against the accused men just to make a point of how fear and money can silence the loudest voice.

You know what they say?

There are two sides to every story and when you only hear one side of the story...well you only hear one side of the story.

Bill Cosby Stand up: Spanish Fly It's True It's True

What he's talking about does it have any relation to the accusation?

Some would say that "Spanish fly" was just something to get a woman in the mood no different than Viagra for men? To get it up? Was it to be considered a date rape drug....yeah I'm not thinking it was. The joke seems to be making light of this and nothing more but hey we are all critics with a voice and an opinion.


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