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Is it too scary?

Updated on April 10, 2013

Scary movies

Have you watched any horror movies lately and wonder if the killer goes too far or if it's the right amount? When I watch a scary movie, I actually want a good scare but sometimes I get so scared that I do not want to watch it again.. 'Tormented' is what I watched two months ago and if anybody has watched it, I thought it was actually scary. When the killer was killing the kids, I could not even watch the murders. One of them even drowned which was just horrifying. Alex Pettyfer from 'I am Number Four' is in it and he's such a douchebag character. Georgia King from 'The New Normal' is in the film as well and her character is mean as well. Yesterday I was just thinking of horrible deaths like slitting someone's throat, drowning and suffocation. With scary movies is it too far or the right amount of gore? That is what the people want but to me it goes too far of gore and violence. The 'Tormented' movie was a kid who used to be bullied by the popular crowd and comes back from the dead for revenge. It's kind of like that movie 'Valentine' with Denise Richards and David Boreanz, but more blood.


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