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Why do people hate Eletronic Dance Music (EDM) ?

Updated on April 15, 2014

Tomorrowland, a massive EDM festival held in Belgium.

First, let's take a look at modern dance music

Considering the current popularity of Electronic Dance Music, one might say that these are its best years. Every year, from 2009 and onwards, we have been seeing more and more music festivals dedicated to this genre.This music is dedicated to unusual use of instruments with the aim to make you feel like never before. With the upcoming summer we are witnessing a lot of new djs and producers, some not even 18, rising to the EDM scene and making tons of money from festivals as well as solo gigs.
This type of music got its prefix Electronic mainly for its use of computer programs and softwares to make the finished product much more sophisticated and different, and the Dance prefix is there for the main goal of making people dance and have a great time. It also has a variety of sub genres (some define 10 main, but others disagree) making it more non typical. This genre is targeted towards younger generations while the older generations are staying with more traditional music genres, even though that doesn't make dance music supporters only youngsters.

EDM Subgenres

So why is it hated so much?

Electronic dance music, while having big support all over the world, also has a lot of people who disagree with what EDM is and stands for.

  • Firstly, the beginnings of EDM (early 80's) are often associated with use of drugs and violence, especially the use of ecstasy in concerts and festivals. Many people have died from circumstances surrounding drug use on these events, even though as time progresses it is obvious that the drug use is being decreased substantially.
  • Secondly, a lot of people like to compare dance music to other popular genres (pop, rock, etc.) saying that it is artificial (alluding to the use of machinery and computers when producing and playing)
  • Next, EDM is being criticised in the nature of the genre saying that the music is all the same and boring (especially genres like techno and minimal) and that other genres are too aggressive and are ruining the young population (genres like hardstyle and dubstep)
  • Also, considering the variety of age and experience in the industry (some being below 18 years old, with the average being late 30's) haters say that anyone can produce and play this type of music in front of a big crowd, and that the music is for dumb people (?).

Example of techno

Proffesional opinion?

Even some DJs like deadmau5 are very unhappy about the current EDM situation.
For an interview he said: "EDM Is commercial c**p, just an acronym for "Event-Driven Marketing".

Let's find out what you think!

What is you opinion on the topic of EDM?

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Even though there are many of those who say a lot of bad things about EDM, and whatever the reason or argument may be, the fact is that it has a worldwide following and while the situation is the way it is, no one can really dispute about the preferences of others.


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