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Is television programmes helps us to educate the people?

Updated on July 3, 2011

Television has replaced the radio in many homes

Radio enables us to hear what is said at a distant place.But television enables us to see and hear What is happening at a distanct place.Thus the impact of the television is much more than that of radio.So the television has replaced by radio in many homes.People now sit before their television set for hours together watching variousinteresting T.V.programmes.

News,songs,dances,plays,films,cricket matches,football matches and various other programmes are telecasted,and we can see them sitting in our drawing-home if we have a television set before us.We can see the newsreader reading the news.When there is some important news,we are shown the visuals depicting the actual incidents.when the newsreader says thet Yeltsin met the American President Bill Clinton,we can see on the T.V.screen the two leaders meeting and conversingwith each other.Thus T.V. viewers get a more concrete idea of world events than those who listen to news bulletins broadcast by radio stations.

T.V. programmes provide education as well as Entertainment

T.V programmes provide education as well as entyertainment.The entertainment value of the television is equal to that of the cinema.We see pictures on the T.V.screen just as we see pictures on the screen in a cinema theatre.But the television is more convinient because we can see everything sitting in our homes.We need not take the trouble of going to the theatre.Scientific programmes and quiz programmes are very instructive and of great educative value.Songs,dances,plays and films provide a lot of entertainment t.v. viewers.

As the impact of T.V. programmes is equal to that of films,the television can be used for social reforms and for promoting national integration.The harmful effects of social evils like dowry,casteism,smoking,drinking,smuggling,drug-taking etc.,can be shown in T.V.programmes in order to educate the people.As television(i.e Dooradarshan)is controlled by the government,they can easily do it if they have the will to do it.Programmes for promoting national integration are being shown.A Keralite sings a tamil song,a Tamilian sings a Marathi song,a maharashtrian sings a gujarati song,a gujarati sings a bengali song,a Bengali sings a Kannada song,and so on.Such programmes promote national integration.

Films can be recorded on video tapes and then telecast.Doordarshan telecasts a few films every week.In addition to this,we see any film we like on the T.V.screen,if we have a video cassette of the film and a V.C.P. or V.C.R.some people think that this has adversely affected the income from films.

Television is very useful.But it is not an unmixed blessing.Television exerts a bad influence on many people.It makes people lazy.People sit for hours watching television and neglect their duties.This danger is greater in the case of students.They sit before the T.V. set watching interesting programmes and neglect their studies.the habit of sitting before the television for hours together has become a dangerous addiction in many homes.Students should see only those programmes that have educative value.they should realize that their chief duty is to study.


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