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Is the Album B-Day from German Thrash Metal Band Tankard Their Best Album?

Updated on September 3, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Rectifier is the First Memorable Song On B-Day

Is the Album B-Day by German thrash metal band Tankard the band’s best album? From the way it is written, you could certainly make a case for it though 2004’s Beast of Bourbon and 2006’s The Beauty and the Beer are also albums that we can add to this list so it is hard to say that one album is the best from this band. These next three albums from Tankard each have a similarity and that is that they each have a TERRIFIC song in the beginning of the album. In 2002, that song was Rectifier.

What is the Song Rectifier About?

This song is a thrash metal song that describes a person who is full of talk and no action. Even though this person’s past is full of flaws, they want to rectify the relationship. The song might as well also describe how a corrupt, foolish world leader may act. Not all politicians are smart and some of them talk a lot but they don’t back up that talk with concrete action. The song has a good bass part in the end before vocalist Andreas says the word "rectifier" twice and loudly!

Tankard is a Band That is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

If we want to rectify a situation, we are the ones that have to work at it but some relationships are not able to be reconciled.

All American thrash metal bands should be on the lookout because Tankard is better than pretty much all of them. Tankard is here to dominate the world through their thrash metal writings hopefully at least through the year 2022 which would extend their career to year #40!

How Does the Album B-Day Begin?

B-Day begins in dramatic fashion with the heavy, fast song called Notorious Scum. Lyrically, the song is symbolic of the album cover of their 1988 album “The Morning After.”

B-Day is an Album Full of Entertainment

The song describes an environment that is dirty, chaotic, and unorganized. Sometimes people will do what it takes to survive in life and some people are caught up in the lifestyle of drugs, booze, and plenty of chicks (women). On a related subject, the song called “Need Money for Beer” is about someone’s insatiable desire to have beer at whatever the cost and they will even go as far as having a fun time with someone’s girlfriend. The album also addresses the decline of human nature in some ways as the amount of lying and deception occurs at greater frequncies. Religion is sometimes used to brainwash people into believing certain things. Tankard is more than likely going to play thrash metal until they can’t do it for physical or health reasons. Tankard is the perfect thrash metal band to listen to and party on until the late hours of the evening.

Happy Birthday Logo to Symbolize Tankard Turning 20 Back in 2002



The Songwriting on B-Day Makes This One Their Best

Well, after several listens to Tankard’s B-Day album, it is safe to assume that it is their best album in their career up to this point as they were celebrating 20 years of hard, heavy party style thrash. The song called Sunscars is a song that in a more analytical sense talks about the effects of excessive sunlight and sunshine exposure even though so many people around the world crave to live in warm, sunny climates. Too much sun and little rain can also have other detrimental effects as well. Zero Dude is an entertaining song about being in an environment where you have to deal with very poor hygiene and products that are unusual. There is a distinct bass line that accompanies the guitar work which I haven’t heard from these guys before.

Pictures of Chocolate Cake and a Strawberry Cake


The Songs Zero Dude Until the End of the Album B-Day

Zero Dude is an entertaining song about being in an environment where you have to deal with very poor hygiene and products that are unusual. There is a distinct bass line that accompanies the guitar work which I haven’t heard from these guys before. The band also hopefully can serve as a role model for young people because of the messages in some of their songs including in the song called New Liver Please! The song is a description of what can happen to a person’s liver when they drink excessively. Alcoholism is a very serious disease that should not be taken lightly. Sometimes a person can lose their liver due to a rare disease. The last song called Alcoholic Nightmares is a song that is lyrically similar to song #9 and this is why all of us have to be very careful of excessive partying and drinking. All the songs in the album B-Day plus the fact that the album has such important messages make B-Day the best Tankard album at least up until 2002. To sum it up succintly, this album is the best one for Tankard and it may be surpassed by another one in the future but for now, B-Day is their best album.

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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