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Is the British Symphonic Black Metal Band Cradle of Filth Unique?

Updated on November 30, 2017

Cradle of Filth is a Unique Band Because of Their Vocal Style

There are heavy metal bands in the history of heavy metal that may be considered unique in the opinion of certain music fans. An example of this British symphonic black metal band Cradle of Filth. Their 1998 studio album called Cruelty and the Beast is an example of this uniqueness. But are they really unique in relation to the black metal scene? My listening time for the heavy metal genre is now almost 25 years and I can say that Cradle of Filth is pretty unique in the black metal genre first of all because of its high pitched screeching vocals by Daniel Davey.

Cradle of Filth Band Logo


Cons about Cradle of Filth

That is the biggest con for this band and this is why these guys are not as good as Finland’s Catamenia for instance. Also, they do not have the kinds of interludes and solos that Riku Hopeakoski has. This point was brought up to emphasize that although Cradle of Filth has a few decent albums, their music cannot compare to other bands in the black metal genre.

A Brief Review of Their 1998 Album Cruelty and the Beast

The band’s heavy use of keyboards and synchronization creates a pretty dark atmosphere that lets the listener know that they are in for a real surprise musically. You might want to skip over this music if you are despondent or depressed. There is a part in the fourth song that sounds like a musical part that may be in the video game Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The song Venus in Fear is the second instrumental song in the album and the best way to describe this song is that there is a dark, symphonic sound followed by the anguishing screams of women as if they are being pursued and tormented by an evil force. The Twisted Nails of Faith starts with some interesting vocals by Sarah Jezebel Deva but the first line is the most memorable when she says: “mirror mirror on the wall.” She refers to pleasure being the goal for all humans on the planet but the writing style is similar to Old English style (think William Shakespeare). In the song Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids, she uses this same approach in the beginning and brings attention to the art of enjoyment but in a sarcastic sort of mood. I don’t think that the UK is that well known for black metal but Cradle of Filth shows their uniqueness with these kinds of vocal parts. The song called Portrait of the Dead Countess sounds like a classical music kind of song which again is another example of the contrast and uniqueness of this band. So there you have it the reasons why the band Cradle of Filth is a unique band in the black metal genre. However, their best album may be Midian released in 2000.

The Twisted Nails of Faith

A Review of the Album Midian

As usual, it seems that the band starts out with instrumental songs to set the tone for their dark, atmospheric albums. Replacing Stuart Anstis on guitars is Paul Allender. And replacing Nick Barker on drums is Adrian Erlandsson. Saffron’s Curse sees Daniel using his low vocals to his advantage as there is a choir style vocals mixed in. Another con about this band is that their lyrics are so complex that it is hard to comment on the lyrical concepts and how they relate to the band’s musical style. The song Lord Abortion starts with a piano part that sounds similar to something that has been used by other bands since this album came out. However, by the middle of the album Midian, we hear that this band sticks to the same style of music on their albums. They begin them with short, symphonic instrumentals and then follow up with several heavy songs and then have another instrumental song and then go back to the same formula. This musical approach may not suit some music fans that crave variety. The vocals sometimes sound like they are so forced that Daniel is struggling to keep them to an audible and understandable level. But in spite of these factors, the uniqueness of Cradle of Filth cannot be forgotten by fans of the extreme metal genre. The bottom line is that the United Kingdom's Cradle of Filth is a decent band. If we had to give this band a score out of 100 points, this writer would give them 75 out of 100 points.

The Song Cthulhu Dawn

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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