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Top 10 Italo Disco music

Updated on July 8, 2015

10 - Hypnosis

Hipnosis were an Italian synthpop group, best remembered for their cover of Vangelis' track "Pulstar" . Their other hits "Oxygene", a cover of Jean-Michel Jarre's 1976 superhit and "Droid" .

9 - The Flirts

The Flirts, a trio of one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead. They are best known for songs are "Passion", "Danger", "Helpless" and "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" .

8 - Roni Griffith

Roni Griffith, musician and model.Her greatest hits "Breakin' Up" and "Desire" .

7 - Ken Laszlo

Ken Laszlohis also know as Ric Fellini, DJ NRG, and Ricky Maltese. Laszlo biggest hit's "Hey Hey Guy" , "Tonight", "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8", "Mary Ann", "Everybody Is Dancing", "Baby Call Me", "Glasses Man" and "Don't Cry" .

6 - P.Lion

P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi) known with his two hits "Happy Children" and "Dream" .

5 - Den Harrow

Den Harrow's hits like "Future Brain", "Mad Desire", "Bad Boy", "Don't Break My Heart", "Day by Day", and "Catch the Fox", all from the first two albums Overpower and Day by Day .

4 - K.O.T.O

Koto is an Italian synthpop group . Their greatest hit's are "Visitors","Jabdah" and "Dragon's Legend" that containing samples from the Dragon's Lair video game .

3 - Scotch Disco Band

Scotch Disco Band had numerous hits such as "Disco Band","Delirio Mind", "Take Me Up" ,"Mirage", "Money Runner" and "Pictures" .

2 - Valerie Dore

Valerie Dore singles "The Night" ,"Get Closer" ,"It's So Easy" ,"King Arthur" ,"Lancelot" and "Wrong Direction" .

1 - Radiorama

Radiorama was an Italian pop group which in the last half of the 80's was one of the prominent Italo Disco bands . Best singles "Chance to Desire" ,"Desire" ,"Hey Hey" ,"Vampires" ,"Aliens" ,"Yeti" ,"Fire" ,"So I Know" ,"Manitu" ,"ABCD" ,"Bad Girls" ,"Heartbreaker" ,"Daddy Daddy" ,"Let Me Be" .


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