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Itazura na Kiss

Updated on July 21, 2012

Irie-kun...My Love Letter

Have you ever waited for a guy for 5 years,even though he may not liked you? I believe it is every girl's dream to have a guy who is intelligent and caring just like Naoki-kun^^ Be envious of the couple that you are looking now as they depended on each other from high school till marriage.

Every girl is born to meer her destined one...

Kotoko-san was in love with Irie Naoki ever since she was in high school. She fell in love with him at first sight. However Naoki-kun was ignorant to things that happened around him. Thus when Kotoko-san gave him a love letter, he rejected her on the spot without even reading it. Despite being rejected, Kotoko-san 's love for Naoki-kun only grew stronger by the day.

Kotoko-san lived with her father in a house that he built in the beginning of the story. However due to the weak foundation of the house, it collapsed when there is a level 2 earthquake. As a result, Kotoko's father's best friend, Iri-chan invited them to live in their house. The unfortunate event is that, the morning that kotoko went to school, she slapped Naoki-kun as he made fun of her. Thus she was awkward when she discovered that the son of Iri-chan was actually Naoki-kun.

Naoki-kun had warned Kotoko-san about revealing that they are living together for the time being. However the whole school soon knew about it as Kotoko's best friends spread the news. Naoki-kun who was in Class-A tried to avoid Kotoko who was in Class-F as much as possible. Kotoko eventually seek Naoki-kun for help as she wanted to pass her mid-term exam. Machiko Irie, Naoki's mother, loves to take photographs thus when she first saw Kotoko she loves her very much and wanted her to be Naoki's wife. Machiko was very happy when Naoki-kun wanted to get marry to Kotoko and started preparing for the weddings. As Kotoko manage to persuade Naoki to take up medical course so that he could become a doctor and cure Non-chan, a boy that they met during Yuuki's stay at the hospital. Thus Kotoko strive to be a nurse so that she can accompany Irie-kun, she met more friends when she was at the nursing course.

Many obstacles pop up ever since they met however Kotoko 's determination manages to overcome all these obstacles and she eventually was pregnant however she still continue her work which causes her to faint due to overwork. Irie-kun also learn that he could actually be jealous and worried about Kotoko. These incidents made their bond stronger.

I love this anime as it proves that love can actually lasts long. Kotoko's love for Irie-kun did not end when she entered university. Although it may look like a one-sided love actually Irie-kun is in love with her too. It also shows that love need both parties to contribute to it. Just like how Irie-kun eventually falls in love with Kotoko and found out that she has a lot of good points too.

The love started....

Kotoko Aihara

To me, she is the cutest character in the anime. She is kind, simple-minded and very easy to trick, it is always enjoyable to see irie-kun tricking her especially during the time when it was summer vacation, Kotoko was resting under the tree and had fallen asleep,she dream that Irie-kun kissed her however actually Irie-kun did kiss her and Yuuki-kun was the only person who saw it and he told Kotoko on her wedding day which makes her happy.

Naoki Irie

A suave guy who is cold on the outside yet he actually rarely shows his feelings, i love how he treasure Kotoko even though he always tend to be too straightforward. However, it is cute of him to observe Kotoko quietly without her noticing, i am glad that Naoki-kun truly loves Kotoko and did not change his mind at all. I am envious of Kotoko-san as Irie-kun is indeed the dream man of all girls whether it is in the anime or in reality.

Yuuki Irie

An intelligent guy who look up Naoki-kun as an example, it is funny to see him testing Kotoko-chan on her studies. Yuuki-kun used to dislike Kotoko as she is stupid but he changed his opinion when Kotoko saved him once and from that time onwards he treated Kotoko better. i like his character as he blushes too easily and he looked very cute when he blushes, besides that i love the way he made fun of Kotoko-chan. I especially love the part when he was hospitalized and made friends with Non-chan, another cute boy just like him, it is nice to see the friendly side of Yuuki-kun.

Kotomi Irie

She is definitely an enthusiastic person when it comes to her sons, i love her character a lot as she is really funny. She would have her camera by her side, always ready to take sweet picture of Kotoko and Irie-kun, I am so jealous of Naoki-kun for having such a good mother. After all in reality, it is rare to see a mother caring for your marriage when you are still studying. I love her character when i saw her wish to have a daughter made her force Naoki-kun to wear girl's clothings when he was young and Naoki-kun actually looked good in it.

Jinko & Satomi

Both of the girls are the best friends of Kotoko-chan, i considered them as wacky friends and it is cute that when they promised not to spread the news of Kotoko and Naoki-kun living together, they draw out on the paper and paste it on the school noticeboard. I love their character as they are loyal to each other and would not betray anyone, in fact they kept in touch with one another even after they left their university, they are true friends to Kotoko-chan.

Chris Robbins

I love her character a lot as she is just like Kotoko-chan, they are determined in their love when they found someone that they truly love, to Chris, Kin-chan is handsome and very manly thus in order to be with him and for him to accept her, she worked in the shop and accompany him. This is very cute of her and it actually takes a lot of courage as she could be rejected very easily. I am glad for her when i saw that Kin-chan had slowly fall in love with her and that they eventually married, Chris's hard work had paid off.


A young boy who was a patient, Yuuki met him during his stay at the hospital. I love the young Non-chan, it was so innocent and adorable, i cried when i saw Non-chan suffering from an illness at such an young age. I think he is very pitiful and i am very glad that Naoki-kun manage to cure him when he grew up and finally able to live his life normally.

Write a love letter and fall in love!

Rather spend your valentine with?

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Naoki-kun x Kotoko-chan^^

Naoki-kun x Kotoko-chan^^
Naoki-kun x Kotoko-chan^^

Lovey-dovey Irie couple^^

Lovey-dovey Irie couple^^
Lovey-dovey Irie couple^^

Aww sweet love^^

Aww sweet love^^
Aww sweet love^^

1st Kiss >.

1st Kiss >.
1st Kiss >.



That UNFORGETTABLE 1ST Kiss.........

It is often said that one will never forget that memorable first kiss. For me, it happened when I was 18. My first girlfriend took me by the hands and led me to a staircase just below the upper floor of the snooker salon. Then she initiated a kiss on my lips. SHE STOLE MY FIRST KISS! I melted instanteously and my knees were shaking...and my face were blushed in red!, what about u? Did u remember yours?

Do u remember your FIRST KISS?

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      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Another great lens. Thanks!

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      I enjoyed this lens