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Beauty, Sex, Lies. A Culture Obsessed.

Updated on June 5, 2014
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Timid traveler, coffee addict, bookworm, avid people watcher, part time philosopher, life lover, supporter of all things literary

Culture Shock!

The Media. A Socio-Economic Power House.

Okay, Your in a grocery store. Possibly looking for samba juice or energy bars. You stumble across the magazine aisle. What do you see? Men and women, Right? At least, they look like men and women. All well groomed, no unsightly hairs or blemishes, flawless skin, perfect shiny teeth and hair, Perfect bodies, six pack abs and toned flat stomachs! Man, They sure look amazing dont they! What is their secret!? Well, There really is no secret! (GASP!) Every single person you see on any form of media is heavily Photoshopped! (GASP!)

You - All of these seemingly perfect people cant possibly be altered, can they?

Me - They sure are billy! Every single one! Lets take a look at this "Photoshop Magic!"

Reality Or Misconception?

Embrace Your Flaws!

We are who we are. No amount of surgery or legal action can change who we are, on the inside. The media and society as a whole has led us to believe that imperfections should be hated. On the contrary. Flaws should be celebrated! Flaws and imperfections are what make you, you. That birthmark on your back. Those adorable dimples when you smile. Those cute freckles. These features set you apart from everyone else. They make you one of a kind! Embrace who you are!

Going To Extreme Lengths To Achieve Ideal Beauty!

Much Prettier Before
Much Prettier Before

Judging People By Their Appearance.

They say first impressions are everything. I don't believe that. We all have a story to tell the world. Most of the time we shut people down or turn away. Most of the time we make up our own claims about who these people are without getting to know them. That guy with a tattoo sleeve is a teacher. yes, that's right. That girl with the gauged ears and pierced lips is a volunteer at a local shelter. Yes, really. We all cast preconceived judgment based solely on appearance, and that is wrong. I have met many wonderful people in my life. All different. Some shy and reserved. Some boisterous and outgoing. Once we look past a persons appearance we can appreciate them for who they are, not what they look like!

Obsessed With Body Image

American Sex Culture.

The entertainment industry has a talon grip on pretty much everything we see around us. Billboards. Music. Movies. Food and beauty products. Everything. The media has coined the phrase "sex sells". And it does. Almost 37 percent (and rising) of the web is dedicated to pornography. The rate at which violent sexual crimes occur has skyrocketed in the turn of the 21st century. Is it a coincidence? I think not. The perversion and objectification of women has led to America being the most sex saturated nation on earth. Sex is thrown at us from every direction. There is no escaping it. The modern age and availability of smartphones has exacerbated the problem now reaching a never ending audience.

Sex And The Media.

Yes, Very Guilty.
Yes, Very Guilty.

Opinion Time!

Do You Think The Media Should Stop Glorifying Sex, Violence, Drugs?

See results

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

Plastic surgery, augmentation, and cosmetic surgery have been on the rise. 14.6 million surgeries alone, performed in 2012. That total has more then doubled since then. Why, you ask? Well, The stigma beauty has on society has become a staple in our everyday lives. Inner beauty is shunned and cast aside, a leper. The sad reality is, appearance is deception in disguise.

The Secret To Happiness. Love Yourself.

Legal Exploitation, Human Trafficking And Solicitation.

The objectification of women has led to an explosion in pornography. Basically a legal form of prostitution. Using wayward and troubled women. It has come to a point where there are thousands of categories. I will not mention any, disgusting. It has overtaken your minds and well being. It is addictive and paralyzing by nature. It causes mental sickness and perversion. Healthy relationships will suffer from these sexual mutations, For men and women equally. The media perpetuates all these disorders. And as consumers, we add fuel to the fire.

Role Model?

Yeah, A Real Inspiration.
Yeah, A Real Inspiration.

Reminder, You Are All Special, Unique, And Worthy Of Love.

Our culture is a wasteland of smut and degradation. The media does its best to keep us dumb and ignorant. Keeping us in the dark about important matters. Our culture is a mirror reflection of our value system. Sex and drugs overshadow faith and religion, sad really. We have to try our best to move forward as a society.In life all you need is love. Love yourself. Don't sell yourself short. We all have a purpose on this earth. And remember, you are not alone. There are people all over the world going thorough the same tribulation. If no one else tells you this, I will. I care about you. Thanks for reading.

Tell The World What You Think!

Speak Your Mind
Speak Your Mind

© 2014 Henry Quiles

Where Is Our Society Going?

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    • HenryQuiles profile imageAUTHOR

      Henry Quiles 

      3 years ago from Reading, PA

      We are perfect the way we are. Fat, skinny, tall, small. No amount of outer beauty can ever touch the beauty of your soul. Embrace it.


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