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It's Complicated

Updated on August 15, 2011

A film about a couple in more of a complicated mess than the ones on Jerry Springer. Oh my.

"It's Complicated" is a film about two ex-spouses in a complex situation that might even make it too complex at times for the movie. Starring Alec Baldwin (Jake), Meryl Streep (Jane), and Steve Martin (Adam). The film essentially focuses on Jake and Jane's relationship as they've been divorced for about a decade now, and have just recently gotten together to help celebrate their youngest son's graduation. Sparks fly as Jake recently suffers from marriage problems with his newest wife, Agness (Lake Bell), whom wants to start a new family with him and her son, Pedro (Emjay Anthony), so Agness and Jake constantly try to have a baby together. Needless to say, this causes him to become incredibly stressed with his life, as he yearns for the times him and his ex-wife used to have. Jane on the other hand misses Jake incredibly, as she often wonders what might have been if they had worked things out originally. One brief night after they await to celebrate their son's graduation the next day, sparks fly again as they do the unthinkable. Jane ends up having an affair with her ex-husband. Naturally, she starts to feel guilty about the whole mess, yet she can't help but wonder whether or not she might still have feelings for him or not. To make matters even worse, she meets Adam, a nerdy architect, whom has a huge crush on her. At first she was reluctant to go out with him but after getting stood up by Jake, when his wife changed her plans at the last minute, she decides to give Adam a chance. That's where the whole situation grows complicated as Adam not only likes her, but he's a nice guy to boot.

The theme of the story starts off pretty strong, and it delivers a intriguing concept about relationships in general. How we all tend to wonder about, "What if?" What if I had given him/her another chance when they walked out on me or cheated on me? What if I had been different then or done things differently? These trivial questions arise in the case of "It's Complicated." Sadly, the film tends to lose focus around the end, as parts of the movie get lost in translation. Starting off strong as both Meryl and Alec portray their characters as two ex lovers whom feel they've made a mistake by allowing themselves to grow apart. However, it falls apart on execution around the end as it never puts full closure on Jake's story or the issue of their children.

Plus, I'm not so sure Jake was even in love with Jane, when he was trying to get back together with her. Sure, he sounded sincere but from listening to his logic as to why him and Agness were having marriage troubles, and how his marriage to Jane didn't work out when he cheated on her with Agness. I don't buy into it. All his excuses tend to point to when he talks about how their marriage never worked because he had to work more hours to support the family, and was stressed going through the trials of raising a family with his wife, Jane, at the time. Which is funny because he says the exact reason is why he's having marriage troubles with Agness, which leads him to an affair with Jane. Now, I'm not a psychologist or anything, but it sounds to me Jake wants all the perks in a relationship but none of the responsibility, from listening to his logic. Which might explain a few things about him. Sadly, out of all the characters, the audience wishes to see change in the film. It seems he's more of a stagnant at best, as his personality doesn't seem to change that much in the movie. Which for the viewer, seems kind of sad since you're able to see drastic changes to Jane and Adam through this whole ordeal. However, Jake just never seems to change at all, even though he starts off as one of the main focal points of the movie.

Alec Baldwin and Meryl's performances were great as to be expected from two seasoned veteran actors. As their chemistry together onscreen was simply breath taking and authentic. Even Steve Martin did a great job portraying the "average joe" whom is just getting over a divorce himself, but happens to find himself in the mix of this complex situation.

Although the film does present an interesting premise and strong acting performances, it falls apart on execution around the ending.  Still a pretty decent film for what it is, but I wouldn't expect too much out of it.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 8 years ago

      I used to, but I'm trying to focus more on current films since one fan criticized me, in my "50 First Dates" review, saying that nobody cares about films released back in the stone age, as he puts it. Don't get wrong, I still do every now and then, but it's just not as high of a priority like before. thanks for reading the hub though.

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 8 years ago from Lone Star State

      was gonna see this-but perhaps not?

      lol--- hey,do you write reviews on older movies, or just the ones that are coming to theaters?

      hc porter