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I've Had Adam Lambert...and It's Ecstasy

Updated on October 30, 2015

Oct. 22, 2010

There’s a line in the chorus of Adam Lambert's current hit single, “If I Had You”, where he sings, “If I had you, life would be a party, it’d be ecstasy”. I know it’s not polite to kiss and tell but having had Adam Lambert, I can tell you from personal experience – it is ecstasy.

I’ve had him up close and personal seven times. But if you include all the times I’ve had him through the internet where the intimacy level may be lacking and not quite as satisfying as having him live, well, it’s just too many times to count.

Had him in an intimate dark upstairs room in New York City’s meat packing district one cold night in February after he’d supposedly had a few. You know what they say about how alcohol affects performance? Not. Adam was a wild man. And the man really packs some meat. Flew up there again a few months later for another intimate rendezvous in an underground club on West 16th Street. He was a bit gentler, but he didn’t disappoint. In fact he gave it to me so good I went back for an overnighter in a ritzy hotel in Connecticut two nights later. He was so amazing that night I was stunned by the intensity of the experience and was high on the memory of it for weeks - and constantly thinking about when I could have him again. And again. And again. And I did. For three steamy Florida nights in September. And I want him again.

Because Adam Lambert has a great package. And he knows how to deliver the goods.

The package is the delightfully eclectic mix of songs on his debut album, For Your Entertainment. The goods are the dazzling talent and sizzling showmanship with which he delivers them in his immensely successful sold out Glam Nation Tour that just ended its 70 city North American run and is currently playing to an international audience.

For me, like many of Adam’s fans, going to an Adam Lambert concert is like keeping an appointment with a secret lover. The kind of lover that, if you’re lucky, only comes along once in a lifetime. I count the days till we’re together. I gaze at his picture. I buy clothes that I know will please him. I get a new haircut, mani and pedi. I want to sparkle for him. I spend extra time before the mirror adding glittery touches to my makeup, and apply that special scent just before I grab my keys and run out the door. I drive too fast and I feel my heart beat faster as the time approaches.

Because I know he’s that good.

I take in my breath as he appears. I drink all of him in with my eyes. Every nerve in my body stands at attention, comes vibrantly alive. As he performs, I feel him deep inside me. I am caressed by the rise and fall and timbre of his voice, aroused by his playful teasing, amazed by his skill and prowess in sensing exactly what I want, driven wild by his look and the way his body moves, and my body moves with his to the rhythm of this dance we both have come to cherish as we climax together in perfect harmony of intoxicating sights, sounds and sensations. And when it’s over, I collapse in a heap of hot glittery sweat and spent desire. Only to be left keenly aware that I want him again.


Adam begins the Glam Nation seduction in a whirlwind of purple splendor, beckoning me closer with the dark and sultry “Voodoo”, and skillfully entrancing with the hypnotic “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Ring of Fire” as only Lambert can sing it. Next comes the playful teasing foreplay of “Fever”, and as my temperature rises he leaves me to go change into something a little more comfortable. He returns enrobed in flowing black, seething with passion, and takes me captive with the earthy, heartbreaking “Sleepwalker” where he exposes deep emotional scars, only to pull back in self protection to poignantly question where all this is going with his smash hit single, “Whataya Want From Me”. Suddenly quiet and very still, he draws me close and plunges with his whole being into the raw and stunning “Soaked”, the exquisite purity of his vocals compelling me into submission, and as I surrender with my whole being, he takes me, and we become as one. After, he leans back and holds me softly, his attention turning to my own scars, and he tenderly strokes me with the sweet and touching “Aftermath”. He rises, cleans himself up a bit, and returns to me clothed in triumphant bravado to claim what’s his with the fist pumping pop/rock anthem, “Sure Fire Winners”. He’s the man. He knows it. I know it. And we celebrate it. Exuding alpha male from every pore, proud as a peacock, he shows off his sexy bad self to the pulsing beat of the campy “Strut”, then reminds me, as I realize our time together is almost at an end, that the intensity of satisfaction he leaves me with is the reason that I listen to “Music Again”.


Yes, Adam Lambert is an exceptional lover. And having him is ecstasy. He knows what being a first-class entertainer is all about. Adam has said that he gives us what we didn’t know we wanted, that his job is to take his audience away to where we forget our troubles, celebrate being alive and lose ourselves in the heights of a fantasy world he creates for us. And he accomplishes that, and then some. While other performers may merely give a peck on the cheek, Adam leaves many feeling like they’ve had a particularly satisfying one night stand that they are determined to turn into a long term relationship.

Adam closes his set with the rousing and joyful “If I Had You”, the exchange of love between him and his adoring audience so thick you can almost reach out into the air and grab a fistful of it in your hand. As he sings those words “If I had you”, he points at us on the “you” as we point back at him, a gesture of reciprocal love, loyalty and appreciation. I know with all my heart that I mean it. I love Adam Lambert. Does he love me? Does he mean it? Does it matter? No. Just as a great lover should, when Adam struts out onto that stage, the master of superb entertainment that he is, he sweeps me off my feet and makes me believe, for a few magical and exhilarating moments, when time seemingly stands still, that I am his and he is mine. And fans all around me, of every age, gender, race, color and sexual orientation share in that fantasy with me. He is an equal opportunity lover.


Fantasy and reality came face to face when I actually did get up close and personal with Adam at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood Florida this past September at a pre-concert meet and greet when Glam Nation made one of its last stops of the U.S. leg of the tour. Having had him so many times you’d think I’d slink over to him, drape one arm over his shoulder, lean in close and whisper in his ear in a sultry, breathy voice, “Remember me wild man? We’ve had some really incredible times together.” But as I walked towards him I was suddenly overcome by an unexpected shyness born of a shift from the fantasy world he so masterfully weaves for me to stark reality, which unceremoniously and unavoidably slapped me in the face. To me this was my long time cherished secret lover. But to him I was one of hundreds of thousands of nameless lovers who pass through his life in a blur of hectic days and nights spent traveling from city to city on a tour bus, catching sleep when he can between trysts, trying to meet the unending demands on his time, his person, his privacy, and sometimes his sanity, to satisfy all of his lovers. It showed in his face and demeanor. It was there in the sound of his voice. And most keenly of all, it was there in his eyes.

My lover didn’t know me.

It was all a lovely fantasy.


Such is the bittersweet relationship between fan and idol. But it testifies to the power of this gifted entertainer to create a musical experience that satisfies on such a visceral level that you’re almost convinced the fantasy is more real than real is.

Yet, all is not lost because, in a fantastical kind of way, I can honestly say that I’ve had Adam Lambert, although it may be more accurate to say that he’s had me. This love affair is not over. As one of the brightest rising superstars in Pop Music today, Adam Lambert will be around for awhile. I know that someday, given the depth and breadth of his talent, I will have him again. And it will be as thrilling as the first time. It’ll be ecstasy. And, like the first time, I’ll leave once again yearning for more.

Maybe you’re an Adam virgin and haven’t yet had Adam Lambert. He’s not hard to find. He hangs out on YouTube, VH1, MTV, radio stations, magazine covers and in music sections of stores all over the world and the web. He’s waiting to seduce you too, through his music, his heart, and his magnificent voice.

His sophomore album is due to be released in Fall 2011, and hopefully you can arrange an intimate rendezvous of your own during his subsequent tour, and you can have him too. I’m reconciled to the fact that I have to share. But if you are ever fortunate enough to have Adam Lambert – remember. I had him first.

***Since this article's publication RCA has released Glam Nation Live, a CD/DVD combo of Adam's live Glam Nation concert, filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Adam was born. The CD quality is superb, highlighting Adam's masterful vocals in the forefront, and the DVD is professionally produced and stunning in its multidimensional presentation of this, Adam Lambert's first concert tour. Click on the link above to purchase, and you won't have to wait till his next tour to have him. Having had him myself, I can assure you you won't be disappointed!

Author's note: Within weeks of publication of this review, Adam Lambert received his first Grammy Award nomination for his superb vocal performance of the Pink/Max Martin penned rock ballad and Top 40 hit, "Whataya Want From Me", Adam's 2nd single release from his debut album, For Your Entertainment. He was nominated in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category alongside the likes of Michael Jackson. Yeah, I told you this guy knows how to perform. ; )

***Adam's sophomore album, "Trespassing", is due to be released in early Spring 2012, with the first single, "Better Than I Know Myself", coming in Dec. or Jan. Watch for it!

Please do not copy and paste my writings anywhere else. Please post only a very short quote and the link to the URL of this page. Thank you so much.

Adam performs the stunning "Soaked"

...then turns up the heat for "Sure Fire Winners"!


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    • profile image

      Flávia Pontes 6 years ago

      Amazing review!!


      I loved. :-)

    • profile image

      Jeanne Dove 7 years ago

      Wow, what fantasies ladies, wouldn't mind having a few of those myself:) I only got to go to one of his concerts and had to stand on my toes to see him but it was excitng just the same and can't wait to go see him again!

    • profile image

      JJ 7 years ago

      I share all of your love for Adam Lambert!

      When I hear him sing, I feel happy and free...

    • Ann Mason profile image

      Ann Mason 7 years ago

      A creative article which left me with a smile. It appears I've only had him four times.. Thanks Katie, for your cheeky take on Adam's amazing performances.

    • profile image

      Nenne 7 years ago

      Now I'm really looking forward to the consert in Oslo on Monday. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago

      *pants* wow! I NEEEED to have him too!! I am yet to experience the Glamnation tour but i hope i will

    • profile image

      80s_and_sunny 7 years ago

      What? Damn you Adam! I thought *I* was your first.

      Katie, you have captured every emotion of being a devoted panting Glambert so perfectly. The heartstopping feeling that begins when I click on the ticket and know I'm really gonna see him again. The way my body and mind are wrecked for days before the concert and for weeks afterwards, as I wonder "what the hell's wrong with me?" and have happy flashbacks. I had him three times myself this summer, almost passed out from the intensity of the Seattle Showbox concert when I was so close to the stage that his glittery sweat flicked onto me once when he threw back that massive head...

      There is nothing like the feeling of being able to say, "I have tickets to see Adam Lambert tonight." I grieve for how long it will be before I can say that again. It was a summer of love I'll never forget and hopefully will repeat as long as I live.

      It is DEFINITELY like going to see a secret lover. You nailed it. I love making eye contact with him during a concert (hoping it's me, anyway) and talking to him, even if it's only a few words, and actually experiencing the entire crowd around me disappearing. It's just me and him in that moment. Does he make everybody feel that way?

      Best five seconds of my life were when I got to talk to him and it literally makes me ache that he doesn't remember it.

      Sigh. I've got it bad. Thank you for posting this and fueling my addiction even deeper, longer and harder.

    • profile image

      Mari 7 years ago

      Please, let the post the translate of all the text. This seems to be an AMAZING review and I can't read this 'cause I don't know english. ): And sorry for my english here, i'm just trying. ;~

    • profile image

      tattoo50 7 years ago


      One of the best articles/reviews/fangirl rantings I have ever read. And I have read A LOT! I have had him eight times. There is no such thing as "enough" Adam Lambert. So glad you are willing to "share" your lover, or we would certainly have come to blows.

    • profile image

      Mountainflowr 7 years ago

      Ha ha! Love it!...and to think I got photographic evidence of your encounter with The Man in Hollywood! It was nice meeting you and what a great review. Someone finally put it into words!

    • profile image

      AdamsWench 7 years ago

      Lets see i have had Adam in San Diego Idol tour. then again hard rock Hotel San Diego up close and very personal when he signed i love boobies shirt. then at Grid Lock NYE 2009 again at fantasy springs THEN OFF TO COSTA MESA AND AGAIN in San Diego then as if never climatically satisfied i flew across the country and saw him in Houston Tx followed by New Orleans.Bitter Sweetly i must now wait to see the last show in Dec 16 LA.

      i will never have enough of Adam ever

    • profile image

      Oceanna Delamer 7 years ago

      Wow. The most uncomfortable time I have ever had reading an article... Because it was so personal and hit home. I've had that wild man 2.5 times!! (The .5 was at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto). He is pure brilliance, and I am looking forward to sharing so much more! Thanks for the interesting (if uncomfortable ;), article!)

    • profile image

      LambertsLabelle 7 years ago

      WOW!!! you found the perfect words for everything what happens inside me !!!!!

    • profile image

      illy  7 years ago

      I enjoyed this review - although tbh the sexual metaphor squicked me out a bit.

    • profile image

      Lisai 7 years ago

      Loved your take on Adam, I feel like i've been having him for months... even had a real life dream that was oh so real... still remember every detail of it..

      Crazy us... no just been waiting a long time for someone of Adams caliber to come along and wow us so totally...

      Thanks for your description, well done.

    • profile image

      THERESA/CANADA 7 years ago

      You have captured the magical experience of Adam's spell over us perfectly! I think the effectiveness of the spell is found in our desire to 'have him again and again' infinitely!

    • profile image

      sheilalittlewolf 7 years ago

      How eloquently written! Very sensual! You captured the essence of the Lambert Experience! Need him, want him, more, more, no end.

    • profile image

      Cate B 7 years ago

      Loved your review, Katie. You described it perfectly. I had Adam 4 times and he was very, very good. Didn't even have to fake it :)

      Kinda feel sorry for those who don't understand this. They are really missing out.

    • profile image

      postcardingworks 7 years ago from

      hmm interesting spin

    • profile image

      HannaB 7 years ago

      Yes! - Yes! - Yes!

    • profile image

      Angelraj 7 years ago

      You nailed it. I love him and he leaves me breathless. Everytime. Want more - can not get enough - Adam 4 ever!!! :)

    • profile image

      barbls 7 years ago

      Katie, It was well worth the wait. I feel like am at an AA meeting confessing to my addiction, which Adam definitely is, but what a wonderful addiction that celebrates Life and love. I have had Adam 6 times and cannot wait for my 7th, 8th, etc. You so captured the thrilling expectation, the pure excitement and ecstasy of the experience itself. Adam makes you feel to the depth of your soul. The feeling when it is over and you are spent is always wanting more. That more will keep me coming back over and over again!!!

    • profile image

      AdamTwentyFourSeven/lambertical 7 years ago

      Oh wow, just read some reviews and realised you are Katie J--Aw you do go a long way back...AO. Great job writing this article...I think you really nailed how we all feel. I remember late nights blogging with you about the technical ability of Mr. AFL...and now you have definitely nailed part of our emotional response.

    • profile image

      lambertical 7 years ago

      EXCELLENT article...I've had Mr. Lambert 5 times. I've been had my Mr. Lambert the minute I saw him on idol audition.

    • profile image

      Anna Z 7 years ago

      Oh Wow! Katie ~ Thanks for the article!

      You've uniquely captured the feelings that many fans of Adam Lambert are experiencing right now!

      You've painted the picture of the bittersweet relationship between fan and idol very well!

      I've "had" Adam Lambert 8 times now and he does leave me yearning for more!

      Your article has reminded me of some lyrics from one of my favorite songs from Adam's Album

      ~ For You Entertainment ~

      "Take the pain

      Take the pleasure

      I'm the master of both

      Close your eyes, not your mind

      Let me into your soul

      I'm gonna work it 'til your totally blown"

      ~ ~ ~ Yes!

      Adam Lambert IS the master of both pain and pleasure!

      He has touched his fans very deeply like no one else ever has!

      The fans that have been lucky enough to see Adam Lambert perform live in concert have been totally blown away by Adam's Magnificent vocals and stage presence!

      We all want him over and over again!

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Once he's in he owns our hearts!

    • profile image

      Whisper 7 years ago

      This was awesome on every level. I especially loved this part:

      "While other performers may merely give a peck on the cheek, Adam leaves many feeling like they’ve had a particularly satisfying one night stand that they are determined to turn into a long term relationship."

      How true that is!!! How very, very true.

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Great article. You had me going from the start. Love it. Will definably read more.

    • profile image

      Suzette 7 years ago

      Yeah, I'm with you, Leigh. They're kinda crazy. I personally find him pretty repulsive, even though I do think he's very talented. Still a very entertaining, well-written article.

    • profile image

      Laurie 7 years ago

      WOW I need a cigarette after that too and I don't even smoke! lol. What a great review and so true, and here I thought I was the only one who had him ;) I loved reading this, it was excellent! Adam is unique, special and one of a kind and he will be around for a very long time. It's only going to get better, hmmmm I better start smoking. We love you Adam.

    • profile image

      JFK 7 years ago

      This is EXACTLY what it feels like! You have described it perfectly. I've had Adam four times this year with my husband by my side. Talk about a sexual rush! It's an incredible feeling - not just the sexual vibe he's giving the audience but the LOVE the audience is giving back to him. It's very surreal. I've never experienced something so incredibly, profoundly emotional at a concert before. I can't wait to DO IT again! Great job!!

    • profile image

      torontoglambert 7 years ago

      Thank you, Katie, for a wonderful - and very personal - review of Adam's concerts. You've captured so beautifully how Adam - brilliant singer and entertainer that he is - transforms reality into fantasy for each of us. It is, indeed, ecstasy! Your writing was a delight to read! I hope someone tweets this to Adam - he shouldn't miss it!

    • profile image

      Ana Glam 7 years ago

      Great writing. I really connected with everything you wrote. As Adam sings in FYE, "once I'm in, I own your heart!" Could anything be more true?

    • profile image

      Shellbell86 7 years ago

      Katie, you've got such a wonderful way with words! I guess it's safe to say that I've "had" Adam twice this summer. And I'm looking forward to many more opportunities with him and a lot of his fans. ;)

    • profile image

      Leigh 7 years ago

      Yeah, urm, gee I wonder why people accuse Glamberts of being crazy. Guess it's stuff like this. Sorry but this review made me laugh uncomfortably.

    • profile image

      Bern3755 7 years ago

      My experience was surreal, he was gentle with me and left me wanting way more.

    • profile image

      msvickyfonseca 7 years ago

      Excellent! I SO TOTALLY, as many, many others, have had Adam exactly as you describe. Unlike a traditional relationship with a lover, where it wouldn't be acceptable(for me anyway)to share with so many others,I find things quite the contrary with Adam. Don't we find ourselves seeking for others to share him with, as you have done here? We enjoy sharing everything Adam,from excitedly planning our next rendezvous with him to the aftermath,laying together in a heap of hot glittery sweat. Adam IS indeed quite the lover you describe so well. I know this because I have had Adam too and it has been ecstasy. Thanks for the terrific post.

    • profile image

      willow 7 years ago

      thank you for such a creative, fun aritcle, yes, it certainly describes all his fans experiences of feeling and of being so connected to this mesmerising, sexy,sensual being from Plantet Fierce!

    • profile image

      Marie 7 years ago

      Wow, this hit home..Yes, I've had him 5 times and it is not enough. The M & G felt exactly the same way. He is so sweet but he seems rushed and it hits you that you, to him, are just one of his thousands of fans. He loves us, his fans, but we love him on such an intimate level. How profound...Adam waiting for your next album and next tour with baited breath!!

    • profile image

      JLM 7 years ago

      Yummy Katie! Our passion for this man and his talent are just bottomless. I have been there up front and center twice and a little further back 3 times and there is no price too great to get close to Adam when he performs. The experience is LOVE and so rare. Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

    • profile image

      NJLovinLambert 7 years ago

      I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLE this article was!!! Not only were you being totally honest and letting it all go but hundreds of thousands of others (like me!!) felt everything the way you did!! Adam is not human on stage...he's a force!! You can't help to be mesmerized, have your heart skip a beat and feel weak in the knees!! I've had him 8 times on the GNT (11 times total) and I can't wait to have him again...and again...and again!! :p

    • profile image

      Cinenke 7 years ago

      WOW!!! Brillant review!! You put into words beautifully, every feeling I've ever had about Adam but didn't know how to express other than.....He's Amazing!!! I have had Adam 10 times this summer plus once on Idol tour and I agree....I can never have him enough. He is pure Ecstasy and I can't wait to see what his new album brings.

    • profile image

      morningstar 7 years ago

      Wow Katie! This review is done well and was worth the wait. Now, where did I put those cigarettes?

    • profile image

      Resect-theGB 7 years ago

      KatieJ - Words are unnecessary but I like to give you a standing ovation. Well done!

    • profile image

      whitepeony 7 years ago

      This is me.

      Required fantasy; unrequited reality. Ecstacy--and agony. Sublime.

    • profile image

      Beverly 7 years ago

      Just "WOW"!! I thought it was just me that felt that way!! HA! HA! Wish it really was me!! You created a masterpiece here!! Could not have begun to say it as well as you did! Thank you so much for explaining to me what I was going through and hope to forever!! Adam "IS" a magical lover!!!

    • profile image

      Randy 7 years ago

      Great writing! Fun to read. And oh so salatious.

    • profile image

      Karin 7 years ago

      Love this review! Creative and sexy. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Lisa  7 years ago

      OMG wow, I need a cigarette after that!! whew excellent!

    • profile image

      scorpiogal 7 years ago

      Until you see Adam perform in person you really have no idea of how personally he connects with his audience. Thanks for your take on a very personal experience. He is truly an amazing performer.

    • profile image

      Lauriellen 7 years ago

      Dearest Katie,

      Thank you for sharing your romance novel experience with us. I imagine that Adam is with me all the time. So each day, whether or not I am leaving the house, I put on makeup, fix my hair and put on something that makes me look good. I feel more beautiful than I have ever felt and strut when I walk. I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in my life. I eat better, I take care of myself and people have noticed. I have made new friends and I recently started a new job where the people are nothing like me. I am on a mission to spread Adam's message of love and light.

    • profile image

      Van dyke 7 years ago

      All of us share this passion for Adam. You articulated very well what we all feel when we experience an Adam Lambert concert. We meet the real man at our Meet and Greets. The mask is removed and we realize that we are in the presence of greatness. Our smiles reach from ear to ear and he grabs our hand. His warmth and generousity of spirit envelop us. We are dazzled and inarticulate. All of us. Afterwards, we dance and sing and laugh and flail at his vocals and a secret part of us exults. I met Adam Lambert! The best experience of my life. Thanks so much for articulating what each fan experiences and shares. You said it the very best!

    • profile image

      chrissie00 7 years ago

      Katie!Ur a very talented writer,well done :-)Everything u said is true,its an amazing thing,but then, Adam is a pretty unique being,isn't he!

    • profile image

      Rise2theTop 7 years ago

      I was fortunate enough to be front and center, only a few rows back at Hard Rock too. You are right...He takes you, ravages you, roughs ya up a little and then kisses you softly. Toward the end, he gives ya a little playful slap, takes a breather for a few moments, and comes back to ride ya like the wind all the way to the end... Whew! Then, he smiles from the inside out, and you know the real end is near. He hits that last glorious note and you explode inside and you watch him take off into the sunset.... yeah... and what a beautiful sunset it is, huh?

      I'll take it too, KJ, because I know full well that he will return...again and again and again....

      Nice job, Hon :)

    • profile image

      sizzling 7 years ago

      Wow. Looks like I am not the only one feeling this way. I "had" Adam three times this summer and can not wait for more. Thank you for sharing your incredible Adam experience. Very well written!

    • profile image 7 years ago

      excellent job at capturing the experience of an adam lambert concert for a fan. i loved that u used the sexual metaphor to carry the piece and give it life -- bec that's exactly what it did. it was personal, but also used the element of fantasy to bring readers into the (shared) fantasied world that i believe AL tries to create in each and every one of his concerts. IMO he definitely succeeds, as does this piece.

    • profile image

      Marie 7 years ago

      It was an amazing experience my first concert. I also saw him on the Idols tour and couldn't wait for him to break loose and go on his own. I hope he will be around for a long time.

    • profile image

      sharon 7 years ago

      You made my day reading this creative and very personal review of your experiences seeing Adam live and in person. I too have had Adam many times in my fantasies. He's everything you describe and more. Thanks for such taking us with you on your unique and unforgettable experiences. I just love the man too.

    • profile image

      SoozinCA 7 years ago

      Love the creativity of your writing. I too have "had" Adam Lambert many times. Part of his genius is making each time a unique and unforgettable experience, and always, always he leaves me breathless with anticipation for the next time.

    • profile image

      gpc0321 7 years ago

      I've had him once, and I'll never forget it. Loved the review, I know exactly what you're referring to. It's something you've got to experience to believe!