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I've Quit Watching So Many Shows This Season

Updated on January 16, 2015

I feel like a spoiled child who has taken her marbles and gone away because things weren't going my way, but my philosophy for watching TV shows is if I'm getting no enjoyment out of them, what's the point of continuing to watch? So opposing the line, "I can't quit you," for me I can if the show just isn't doing it for me any longer.

The Fosters

I was done with this show by the closing scene last season when they started up the Brandon and Callie garbage again. But I had a bad feeling it was coming when ABC Family flashed the Hashtag that Callie Loves Brandon. However, it wasn't the only reason I decided to quit this show.

I suffered through the first torturous go-round of the Brandon and Callie lovefest that brought the show low and totally ruined this show and what it had been originally about. Then it finally ended and Wyatt was brought back and it looked like the horrible pairing had been put to bed. However, I never really thought it might be completely dead and there was a chance the nightmare would be revisited.

In the mean time, the thing that started me on the road to quitting the show was how they handled Lena's pregnancy. I know the actress was pregnant in real-life, but on the show you could barely tell she was pregnant. So there was really no need to be written in, but they did. Then because they didn't want to change the show's dynamics by having a baby added they handled getting rid of the baby in a very hackneyed way. And the baby dying had no last affect. If you had blinked you would have missed the whole thing. The sad part is some good stories could have been derived, but that might take the spotlight off Callie and wouldn't could have that, apparently.

But hackneyed writing also describes the writing for how the writers lead back to the Callie and Brandon nightmare. To make them more simpatico they actually sold Brandon being seduced by Dani as her raping him so he could be just like Callie, not to mention so he wouldn't be reviled for sleeping with his father's girlfriend. Poor wittle Brandon was a rape victim. Bull!

And the way they had Callie dump Wyatt because he wanted to protect her from Liam, but Brandon beats him up and is her hero, was equally disgusting. By the time old Callie was moving in to stick her tongue Brandon's throat I was done with this show.

That sad thing is it's too bad this happened to this show, as it started out as a quality show that got skewered by a horrendous chemistry-free teen romance.

Criminal Minds

I actually didn't intend to drop this show. Granted, I was losing interest in it. I began to see what other viewers of this show are complaining about in regards to the JJ character and I've never cared for Morgan and both these characters are dominating the show lately. It was actually watching Empire and enjoying it so much more that got me to give it up. They're on the same time. And to be honest, I don't miss it.

The bottom line is you can only watch a show displaying all this sick individuals committing one atrocity after another before it gets old and you begin to lose interest in it. And this show has been on a lot of years so it's become the same old, same old.


I guess you could blame it on the fact that I got a bad cold and I just didn't feel like blogging it one week or even watching it. In my misery I declared, "Why bother. It's just the same thing week after week." Which unfortunately is the truth. Every week it's just another stalker. It's one of the problems this show is going to have in regards to longevity. Unless you love the characters and they're why you watch it for, this show is going to get stale, fast. And let me say I really don't like the main characters. In fact, some times I was rooting for the stalkers against them. Not a good thing.

And after that I've just had a why even bother attitude.


This one is really sad. It was only a limited run series and I couldn't even make it to the end. Part of the problem is I kept forgetting it was on. And that's not a good thing. The big problem for me is the show never lived up to the promos.

When I saw the promos I thought it would be a must-see TV show for me. But when I watched it, it just wasn't that good and interesting. The Amazing Race moved to another day and I didn't forget to put it on, even though it was a pretty bad season. The story and characters just didn't draw me in and that was the big problem. It wasn't memorable enough for me to even remember to put it on.

When I heard it was over, I'd intended to tune in for the finale, and I once again forgot to, I went on the message boards to find out who the killer was. I actually liked the character that did it and the one I found the creepiest and hoped was the killer turned out to be not the killer.


This one was another case of forgetting it was on and deciding afterwards I didn't have enough interest to even try to watch it online. I thought the show wasn't going to be back to the new year and it returned after Thanksgiving.

The show changed in season 2 and not for the best. Any pay-off to learning the black couple looking for their lost child who was actually Bellamy was lost when just as he found out the truth he was told they were dead. No pay-off there.

And there were a lot of other problems. Like most of the characters doing a 180 personality change. Lucille was suddenly acting like she was sorry Jacob was back and Jacob treated her like he hated her why sucking up to his evil granny. There was also the creepy minister's wife thinking Rachel's baby was going to be hers. Not to mention the second-coming of the returned hate group.

I checked on the message boards and learned they even killed off Tom as he was going to choose to be with Rachel. Hearing that it kind of made me glad I got out when I did. I doubt this show will be renewed for another season, which is too bad. The first season was great, it just kind of fell apart in season 2.

Switched At Birth

I was done with the show by last season's finale. It just finally wore me down to the point I had just had enough. The show has a treadmill feel about it now. It's like every season it's the same thing. Daphne gets a new love interest or sometimes two. Daphne acts out and never has to pay the consequences for her actions. And everyone rushed to Princess Daphne to tell her it's okay cause she's Daphne.

The last time this show was good was when the kids took over Carleton and it wasn't that good then. But in the seasons that followed, I longed for that story to be taking place again as it was heads and tails over what was going on the show now.

It wasn't just the Daphne retread season after season. I wasn't thrilled about the Bay and Emmett reunion. I know it was what shippers wanted and most of these shows pander to shippers and give them what they want. It was the way it happened. Bay became a cheater just like Emmett to get back with Emmett. Maybe if it had been written differently I wouldn't find the pairing so putrid now.

I also think they made a big mistake killing off Angelo. But they'd written him as so unlikable one might call it a mercy killing. Besides, they needed an excuse for Daphne to act-out again and to be free-passed for her behavior. The problem is Daphne wasn't that close to Angelo to be acting the way she did. The show had a two minute connection happen between the two to sell this story, while Bay and her grief over the father she had a two year connection with was pretty much ignored.

And when Daphne sang her said little song about how she could never be a doctor now she was facing going to jail [by the way, I never bought her sudden desire to be a doctor. Her dream had always been to be a chef.] I knew before the hour was over Bay would end up taking the blame for her so she could get free-passed for her bad behavior again and that's exactly what happened and I was done with this show.

The show's time change almost had me reconsidering watching it. I'd also been contemplating giving up watching the Have and Have Nots which are on at the same time as Switched At Birth. I opted for Have Nots which isn't that great, but it's still better than Switched At Birth is.

Seriously, this show should have written the series finale a few seasons ago.

Grey's Anatomy

And this is a real biggie. I've watched this for a lot of years. But it's lost the magic and it's now because Cristina is gone.

The Maggie storyline is a big turn-off for me. Maggie seems only to want to know her mother cause she was famous and could care less about Richard. That, unfortunately, is where the real story lays. I'm not interested in her and Meredith bonding over Ellis. To be honest I'm not interested in Meredith, at all.

The Meredith character is an absolute mess. Most women would be happy that their husband chose them over a fabulous career. Not her. From the moment Derek did, she's acted like a shrew and wasn't happy until she chased him away. And the whole Alex/Meredith thing isn't interesting either.

Then you have the Callie and Arizona break-up. We couldn't be so lucky it's permanent. They should have never gotten back together after Arizona cheated.

And let's not forget the cliffhanger about April and Jackson's baby. To be honest, I couldn't care less about the two since the nasty way they got together.

The whole show just seems played out and needs to be brought to an end. Still, I'm still debating if I should change my mind about not watching it anymore. I've watched it for so long and the pull is still there to watch it. Coupled by the fact there's nothing else on Thursday at that time that I want to watch.

And there you have it. Generally, I may quit one or two shows in a season, but this is a lot for me to quit in one season.

But on the bright side I've started watching some shows I'm really enjoying on FOX. Gotham and Empire are my two new favorites. Only problem is they're on FOX and they could be cancelled.


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