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Updated on July 18, 2011


OK, now we all understand getting locked up is a stressful situation. Your separated from your family,your friends,and your loved ones...and don't forget your girlfriend or boyfriend. now one of the worst mistakes an inmate can make is being mad because those certain people in your life are free. Its not thir fault you are where you are. Most of the times they are not the people nor the reason you our there. But 99.9% of the time they are the ones you blame and who catch the majority of your stress. now that is not fair.One of the main and most important things an inmate can do is relax,relax,relax......the lives of your loves one must continue to go on,they are not the ones incarcerated. By taking out all your anger and pain on your loved ones will cause them to abandon you, and may sometimes ruin relationships or drive people out your life permanently.Speaking from experience,yes time moves incredible slow for an inmate, but your loved ones on the street still have to work, shop,take care of thir household, pay bills,and now send you money, write you letters, visit you and any and all other things that come with holding a loved one down who is in jail. The mental breakdown comes from the inmate thinking the outside world no longer cares about them,that there family has forgotten about them and that they aren't worth sending money or letters too. Now that is what your mind and stupid ass other inmates feed into your mind to watch you stress, it's a form of entertainment called "jailing". What one must do is keep and remain full of faith that there family and loved ones have not forgotten about them, they must understand that cause the clock has stopped on your end doesn't mean it has in the outside world. Most family and friends must remain working to support there families, and still be able to squeeze you sum money when nessasary.The love never leaves when it comes to blood family, but you must remember you did the crime and you must do the time. Its the most selfish selfish thing a man or woman can do to there family by making them ride 24/7 on a bid wit them,it is not right. If its kids involved in definitely aint right.


Now lets be serious....truthfully. Do i even need to emphasize on this subject??? Especially young couples who our not married,engaged, or have kids. Now if you looking at a short stay, there shouldn't be any infidelity problems. If you looking at a long bid, you already know what's in store. Humans,wheather male or females have needs. The second you enter that cell your significant other is single. Trust me,trust me,trust me, and if you want to be a fool and hold on to the thoughts that your boo will wait why you are doing a long bid, let me help you out. Leave them,ANd leave them now!!!!!!! Or your heart will be destroyed. Its not intentionally most of the times.Just because your in jail that doesn't stop your spouse from getting wet pussy, or hard dick. and 85% of the time its with someone you know. Getting mad is futile, can you actually,honestly blame them????? If you looking at a long bid, the best thing for you both is to part ways. It will save the heartbreak, pain, and the return trip back to jail when you pop up and catch them. Again, trust me it is not worth it. stay focused on what you must do to correct your life and live it right,the rest will fall in place. your mind is a powerful and wasting it on revenge cause your girl sexed,which means she was never your girl anyway. Wasting energy being mad at your entire family for not giving you their bill money is insanely retarted,and being mad cuz no one will co-sign for you cuz you run from every court date is also an extremely wasted use of your brain function.


The point is many families have a relative who constantly visits the jail system,i myself used to belong to that clic, but i learned a very important lesson on what in and on this world is of the upmost importance to me, and that is my freedom. i treasure it like a bar of gold, because see with this bar of gold i know longer fear my family abandoning me, my woman sleeping with my friends, my kids orphaned,food, comfy bed, oh,oh,oh,and my most favorite thing.....and ice cold glass of water in the middle of the nite!!!!!! To all my inmates still serving time, plz stop blaming your family, your friends, your loved ones, and whatever significant other you decided to keep or take on the ride wit you. The world does not stop because your did, and neither does the love your people have for you. Don't come home blaming the world for a mistake you made. Or when you get home, you will find yourself alone, and that my friend is an even worst feeling then still being behind bars. Jail mentality is exactly what the name says, jail mentality, don't write letters or make phone calls to love ones using that mentality, and whenyour name is called to finally exit those walls, leave the jail mind there, im begging you, because if you bring it, you'll find your way back there......TRUST ME!!!!!!! COMMENTS WELCOMED


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    • profile image

      margarita 2 years ago

      So like my ex gets out june 2016 and broke up with me on his birthday January 2015 then wrote saying hi im in jail may 2015 now calling for money ect but he had another lady qhen he went to jail what do i do

    • profile image

      MJay 2 years ago

      I'm going to do 20 days in linn county oregon jail. What should know

    • profile image

      Paul 2 years ago

      To view someones history, jail/court records and many more, use this webpage: . It can help a lot (like mentioned above into the article)

    • profile image

      Rain 3 years ago

      Thanks for this article. ...I'm sending it to someone who is in jail.

    • profile image

      PMAC 4 years ago

      I have started a petition to help felons gain employment in this tough economical time in our country....please sign if you agree, we need all the voices we can get!

    • profile image

      msdiva 4 years ago

      im just getting out of a relationship with an inmate because i feel he was just using me, hes 36 im 52 i never seen him in person all he wants is greendot cards im tired of that..

    • profile image

      Always a Hustler 4 years ago

      You have great articles . True wisdom and trade craft skills in every sentence. Really appreciate it. Keep them coming.