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Updated on May 25, 2009


(1732-1809)Haydn was born in

Rohrau, a village in In Lower Austria. Folk

song and dance  wore his natural

heritage; The bea uty of his voice secured

him a place as a choirboy at St. Stephen's

Cathedral in.Vienna, where he remained

until he was sixteen. Haydn then settled

himself in an attic in Vienna, managed

to obtain a dilapidated harpsichord, and

went about mastering the art of music.

He made his living through teaching

and accompanying, find often join the

bands of musicians who performed in

the streets.



Haydn got the attention of music-loving aristocracy of  Vienna. In 1761, when he was twenty-nine , he entered the service of Esterhayzes in enormously wealthy Hungarian princess famous for their of the arts. he remained with this family for almost thirty years which


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