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Top 5 Best Jackie Chan Movies

Updated on January 20, 2013

Jackie Chan is one of the greatest movies star whose fame span across Asia to North America. He is an international movie star, an accomplishment very few people can claim. During his long career as an actor, director, and even singer, Jackie Chan has made hundreds of movies. Here are the top 5 Jackie Chan movies that I though was his greatest (although debatable).


Movie poster for Drunken Master
Movie poster for Drunken Master | Source

1) Drunken Master:

Number 1 on the list is Drunken Master. Made in 1978, this is one of Jackie Chan’s earlier movies and was consider a hit in the box office. If you aren’t watching for Jackie Chan’s acting, you got to watch for the fight scene. “Drunken Fist” is a perfect example of Jackie Chan’s “comedy kungfu” and the choreography for this one is amazing. This movie is definitely one of Jackie Chan greatest.


DVD cover for Drunken Master 2
DVD cover for Drunken Master 2 | Source

2) Legend of Drunken Master (Drunken Master II)

Number 2 on the list is Legend of Drunken Master or Drunken Master 2. Although this movie is a sequel to Drunken Master, it is not a direct story line sequel. Following the misadventure of Wong Fei Hung (Jackie Chan), Hung somehow got involved with a smuggling ring involving ancient Chinese artifacts. Now he must fight his way through and recover those lost items using “Drunken Fist”.

This movie was a huge success in Hong Kong and was later release into the US as a dvd titled “Legend of Drunken Master”. What makes this movie so great was the incredible fight scene. The last 20 minutes scene is one of the greatest fight scenes you will ever see, even if it is Jackie Chan trying to funny. If you do not believe me, Time Magazine ranked this movie as one of the “All time best 100 films”.


Movie Poster For Police Story
Movie Poster For Police Story | Source

3) Police Story:

Police Story feature Jackie Chan as an Hong Kong detective named “Kevin”. The movie was a huge success in East Asia as it won the best film award in 1986 and even according to Jackie Chan, it was one of his greatest movies in terms of action.

This movie contains so many action scenes. It started off with an incredible chase scene through the slum of Hong Kong. Most of the time, you either see Jackie Chan doing some incredible fight scene of jumping and sliding off a tall building. This movie is a must see for all Jackie Chan fan.


Movie poster for Project A
Movie poster for Project A | Source

4) Project A

Project A also known as Pirate Patrol or Jackie Chan’s Project A is a martial art comedy release in 1983. Jackie Chan played as a coast guard in the 19th century who must defend the borders against pirates, smugglers…etc. As usually with Jackie Chan’s earlier work, it has amazing choreography.

The title of this movie itself has a little story behind it. Jackie Chan was afraid that the title would give away the plot line of the story like his previous movies did. An example would be Drunken Master, whose name gave away the martial art. He was also afraid that other director would steal his idea and release their own version. Regardless of how he came up with the name, this movie became a hit in Hong Kong. A definitely must see if you want to laugh.


Dragon Forever
Dragon Forever | Source

5) Dragon Forever

This movie did not get the great reviews as the other but it is still worth mentioning. This movie feature Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, as the main star and it is the last film that they all did together. If you did not know, these three huge action superstars went to the same School (China Drama Academy) and were nickname “the Three Brothers”.

This movie features Jackie Chan different from his traditional role of the happy everyday workers with crazy martial skills. He played a smooth lawyer who chases after girls. Although this movie was not considers a great hit, it did exceptionally well in the box office. It is one of those movies that deserve attention. Check it out and give your opinions.

Which Movies Do You Think is Jackie Chan's Best Movie?

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    • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

      Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

      5 years ago from worldwide

      I think one of my favorite is First Strike, and I actually was going to pay homage to Jackie with a ladder scene in my film The Dishwasher, but I think I am going to wait on that for another film :)

    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 

      6 years ago

      Killer hub topic, I've loved Jackie Chan since I was a little kid. Great selection for your top 5. Voted up and awesome. This is an excellent article for fans and to get new comers interested in his work. Great job.


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