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Jackie Chan will be forever young at heart.

Updated on August 19, 2014

Forever Jackie.

Forever Young

Jackie Chan known throughout the world as one of the best stuntmen in the world, turned 60 this year.

Age never really slowed Jackie down so much.

The man stays young at heart.

I think I basically lost count after he did 100 films.

The man has broken nearly every bone in his body and even has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for that.

Jackie has had his ups and downs and even survived a few near death experiences quite a few times on film sets.

Some people think think he may not have fear, but he has even said himself sometimes he does, but he had always wanted to do well and excite his fans.

Jackie went through much when he was younger.

Much of it you can read in his book "I am Jackie Chan", which talks about his time he spent for 10 years in a theatre/martial arts academy and it was hard.

Even growing up and trying to make it in America in films the transition was even kind of hard when he already was a star in China, so Jackie had to prove himself all over again.

So Jackie did many films and busted his butt and truth be told in one of his films he kind of did bust his butt while hanging from a helicopter hanging on a ladder with a stunt that involved a train that was very fast moving and while it was filming he bumped his back near his butt off a tower that looked like it held water.

Of course Jackie always tried his best to plan things the best he could.

But his films never seemed complete if there wasn't some kind of screwy thing that happened in which you could watch in the out takes at the end of every film.

Jackie Chan has won awards, sings and does many things.

Plus there is so many charities he has been involved with, you will just never know when this man sleeps.

Now that Jackie is older, he looks for support in doing Drama films.

I for one, be right there and support him in his decisions to take this turn.

Maybe not all people who are Jackie films will look forward to this, but I tend to think those that truly love Jackie Chan are going to be all for it.

But he has been filming and still doing action films still and he is 60.

I think it would be ok, if Jackie wanted to retire from films and enjoy his life, but I tend to not think he will do that, because of his love for his work.

Jackie has worked in all different types of weather and many different conditions.

But when he hasn't worked on films or worked with charities, he has even flown to disasters in this world.

Jackie is incredible man and has very beautiful soul.

He also has this silly side just like a little boy that never really wanted to grow up because from time to time you might get him caught playing with toys.

There are tiny little lessons he tries teaching lin life and the one that I truly like the best: Always wash your own underwear.

Now I know that is suppose to be for discipline but for me not only would it be for discipline butI don't know if I would want a stranger touching my underwear.

I know I will be looking forward to many more years of Jackie work, whether it be action or drama or comedy.

I will always love to see him work with his charities.

If anything, Jackie Chan has been such a big influence in my life, I can't remember a time when he hasn't influenced me cause it just seems like he has always just been part of a little bit of my life for the longest time.

All I know, Jackie is always going to have a special place that will forever be tattooed on my heart.


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