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Jai Courtney

Updated on July 18, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

a piece of Jai

7 reasons why Jai Courtney is a mega star in the making

A Piece of the Pie

Born March 15, 1986 Jai Stephen Courtney grew up with his older sis in the North west suburbs of Sydney, Australia. (Yes ladies.. or shall I call you horneytoads right now as its yet another 6' + yummy Aussie actor.. do they have a warehouse where they make these guys or something?).

Mom Karen was a teacher in their school, Chris his dad worked for the electric company. He caught the acting bug at age 10.

as I watch (& Re-watch) his movies I'll likely post character sketches, reviews and whatever else i come up with. Once it is published I'll even post the link to my review on Suicide Squad


Jai in five

Such a soft smile

Jai's Birthday is coming in March, (from 2015)

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Trailer

Captain boomerang look?

Thank goodness that have a roughian look for him in the movie, cause if this is how the character looked in the comics, I would ahve beat him up if he went to my high school1 That looks like something airline stewardess would wear.) AWFUL!
Thank goodness that have a roughian look for him in the movie, cause if this is how the character looked in the comics, I would ahve beat him up if he went to my high school1 That looks like something airline stewardess would wear.) AWFUL! | Source

Suicide Squad

Plays the Aussie Captain Boomerang in the villainous D.C. comics group film the Suicide Squad opening August 2016

as far as the trailer goes... I think it gives away one stunt, and I like how they saved the Joker for coming in at the end of it. Let's see what happens in the months leading up (movies gods know..) there will likely be at least 2 -3 more trailers to hit the tv and help us on how mnay times we'll see it. I probably won't want to as its a highly anticipated movie so therefore get ready for seeing the trailer(s) EVERY. Single. Commercial. Break.

During pre-production Jared Leto who plays the Joker would send crazy gifts to the cast. One of them being a live Black rat to one of the girls and another time it was a pig's head to the cast.

While on the set the actress that pays Harley Quinn gave the cast tattoos while they were all drunk and mispelled squad (thoguh in a cool way) as Skwad

(I really think Kevin Smith's daughter if old enough should have played it as well he named her Harley Quinn! lol)

A couple pics of the Squad

Worst. Heroes. Ever. New #SuicideSquad trailer comin atcha very soon... @SuicideSquadMovie #skwad #boomerang #boomerbanged

A photo posted by Jai Courtney (@jaicourtney) on Jan 17, 2016 at 10:37pm PST

Loving the background

Thank goodness this is what we get

Talks Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad's Courtney & Robbie visits a lemonade stand

Muscle man

Now this is a Kissable picture

The Musician- cheeky cover of 'An Exercise in Lyrical Ambiguity'.

fAB facts

He's always played sports like Rugby and cricket.. he's always been into atheletics and outdoors kinds guy.

On a 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live... Jimmy asked where the name Jai came from. It turns out his parents named him after a character in the 1966 Tarzan tv series.

Has a dog named 'smudge'

Tattoos: a band on his left forearm near his elbow, Right forearm an 'X' in a box, a skull a music note & now 'Skwad'

Twitter * Facebook* instagram

(& some of my fave highlights..from instagram account.)

The 'Skwad' tat he got from a fellow Suicide Squad member

OMG Laughed my ass off for about 5 minutes when I saw the Shorts he was wearing while golfing. I do recall Eric Balfour calling Paisley 'Fashion sperm'

The Cat wall

The Godfather

Men's health article

Surprising fun facts




plays Eric a leader from Dauntless who hunts down those that are Divergent, the personality type the population thinks will ruin their oppressive boring society. I should really say societies as there's 5 of them, besides Dauntless I can think of Erudite and Candor.

Jai's character Eric is just one you want to slap in the face, being he does seem a bit like a bully pulling intimidation crap on the new initiates. Watching the movie I want to challenge him to a fight or some sort of contest that I can take him down a few sizes.

Divergent Interview


I, Frankenstein Gideon Gargoyle


Which one?

Which is your favorite movie of Jai's?

See results


2016 Suicide Squad as Captain Boomerang

The Kaiser's Last Kiss (filming) Capt. Stefan Brandt 2015

Man DownDevin Roberts

2015Terminator Genisys Kyle Reese

2015 Insurgent Eric

2014The Water Diviner Lt Colonel Hughes

2014 Unbroken as Cup

2014 Divergent Eric

2014 I, Frankenstein Gideon

2013 Felony Detective Jim Melic

2013 A Good Day to Die Hard: Anatomy of a Car Chase (Video short)

2013 A Good Day to Die Hard Jack McClane

2012 Jack Reacher Charlie

2010 Spartacus: War of the Damned (TV Series) 10 epiosodes as Varro

- Old Wounds * Party Favors * Whore *Mark of the Brotherhood * Great and Unfortunate Things * Delicate Things * Shadow Games * The Thing in the Pit * Legends * Sacramentum Gladiatorum

2009Stoned Bros Eric

2008-2009Packed to the Rafters (TV Series)

Damian- Natural Justice (2009) ... Damian- A Mother's Radar (2008) ... Damian 2008

2008 All Saints (TV Series) Harry Avent

Horses for Courses & Little Decisions

2005 Boys Grammar (Short) Alex

Young Terminator?

Is  it just me or could he play a young Arnold?
Is it just me or could he play a young Arnold?

Terminator interview

Jai & Jason of Genisys

Terminator Genisys (2015)

Plays Kyle Reese

the future(?) father of John Conner but this mixed up entry in the franchise I'm sorry to say for Jai's sake should never have been made! HJe plays Kyle in his 20s to early 30s unlike Anton Yelchin's Kyle in Terminator Salvation (which is WAY better than this.)

This addition to the series just muddles up the timeline and makes things confusing. (& usually I do not get confused) this movie the best way I think I can explain is that song you really like, that someone remixes and you hate it!!! Yeah this is a really *!$@(Censor) 'remix' of the franchise. Basically everything has been thrown out. Frankly there's a twist with John I saw coming from a mile away (I don't know how I knew but I wasn't surprised at the twist.. I think i saw it coming eventually but really You had to do it to the future's 'savior'

Did not have a butt double

Felony trailer

Available on blu-ray DVD & Amazon Video


2014 Not Rated 1:40 stars Joel Edgerton Tom Wilkinson & Jai Courtney

Detective Mal (Edgerton) accidentaly hits a kid (looked more like a graze to me) leaving the boy in a coma.

A Senior Detective covers it up and his partner Jai’s Character wants to unravel it all .

Basically it’s a person’s struggle with their conscious and whether to do the right thing.

There’s just enough tension that you can feel it but sadly for me the movie I feel never hits a climax.

Mal doesn’t come clean to the higher ups, get investigated by I.A. or even goes to court. It’s just basically left to your imagination, or just a silent shot of jai Courtney watching him. Yeah keep them wanting more; I get it, but this felt more like 2 thirds a movie than keeping me wanting more… I’ve watched movies with endings that felt like they were done but still left me wanting more… I want a damn ending! D

There was one thing I DID like… a quote from the Senior Detective….

“Prison is for Pricks who don’t ahve their punishment up ::poining to head:: here”

Interview with Jai & Joel

Girls love the bad boys... in Jack Reacher he's the bad guy

Jack Reacher

Jai plays our antagonist Charlie, a sniper who kills 5 people and framing some guy named Barr to the murders.

Barr asks for Reacher who knows him from the military where Jack was a cop and investigates and tracks down the mystery of the crime and who is really behind it. of what i can remember from the trailer is the best parts. I was hoping for more of a thrill and action but it’s an average at best thriller.

GQ Australia

GQ award acceptance

Tough Guy



Later Mates

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