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Jamaica the Exciting Paradise

Updated on August 24, 2016

If you have never been to Jamaica, you are surly missing out on a lot. Jamaica is an island west of the Caribbean 238 miles away from Cuba & 272 miles away from Grand Cayman islands. The island is rich in culture and a premier tourism destination for Americans & Europeans. Each year an estimated 2.5 million tourist flock to Jamaica to getaway from their everyday hometowns.

Jamaica has some of the most exotic beach resorts in the Caribbean. many of them are quiet expensive but worth every penny for the trip. Nigril, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Montego Bay, Port Antonio and Run Away bay are some locations on the island where many tourist reside during their stay in Jamaica.

Jamaica has many entertaining events year round and annually. During the summer ATI Dream weekend is held in Negril, this is one of Jamaica's most attended events. If you are a fan of hardcore Dancehall and reggae music December is the month to mark on your calendar, this would be the month of Magnum Sting which is a live music event attended by mostly Jamaican locals but some foreign fans of Jamaican music do attend this event. Spring break also marks the time for brit jam a live stage show event featuring some of Jamaica's biggest artist held in Montego Bay. Now if you are a strict reggae fan and want to be captivated by the sounds of the roots and truth of reggae music rebel solute which is held in St Ann's Jamaica is where you want to be.

Jamaica also has their annual Carnival event followed after Trinidad Carnival. Carnival Jamaica is a bit similar to Trinidad Carnival but they both carry their differences. Carnival Jamaica is a intense vibrant event full of great Soca and Reggae music. People from all walks of life that love the carnival experience participate in the event. Masqueraders march down the streets bright and early showing off their colors and dancing with no care. Carnival Jamaica also known as Bacchanal Jamaica is held every April. Pre party events known as fetes are held weeks before the grand event. The entertainers featured during carnival are some of the hottest up coming and well know Soca & Reggae acts across the West indies.

JAMAICA CARNIVAL "Ragga Soca Music" Release "D.M.G Heating up"

The Jamaican culture is very diverse and rich in heritage. The people of Jamaica are strong ambitious and brilliant. The island with out a doubt is beautiful and worth the experience. Music is a big part of Jamaican culture. Almost every few miles you can find a bar or shop equipped with a sound system playing the latest music. If your are not fond of Jamaican music it all starts with Mento, Ska & Reggae. Jamaica's biggest international artist are Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Shaggy, Sean Paul & Beanie Man there are many more to name and many more to come.


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