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Jamaica's Reggae Icons

Updated on March 27, 2015

The Legend - Bob Marley

Jamaica's Reggae Icon: The Legend Bob Marley
Jamaica's Reggae Icon: The Legend Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley, undoubtedly Jamaica's greatest Reggae Icon, Bob has used his music and his spirit to create a movement globally, He is loved locally and internationally and is considered as of the most influential artist of all time. Robert Nesta Marley was born February 6, 1945 to a Captain Norval Sinclair Marley, who was a british soldier stationed in Jamaica, and his mother Cedella Booker, now known as Cedella Marley.

He was born in the country village of Nine Mile in Jamaica's St. Ann Parish. When he was 12 years old he moved to the Trench town area of Kingston where he decided that his future was to be making music. Bob Marley worked with many musicians throughout his teenage years, including Peter McIntosh (Peter Tosh) and Neville Livingstone (Bunny Wailer). The three of them would later go on to record under the name "The Wailers".

With his smooth voice and spiritual songwriting skills, Marley was destined to become one of the greatest icon the world had ever seen. His songs echoed spirituality, love and up liftment all across the globe. From Canada, America, Africa, Asia, Europe to Australia, Bob has kept his music and his religion and many as become apart of the Rastafarian culture and music.

Bob Marley received love and support from his Wife Rita Marley, who bore four children for him, Rita had two children out side of marriage and Bod had adapted them and they became Marleys.

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Bob Marley's Hits

  1. One Love
  2. Three Little Birds
  3. Iron Like a Lion
  4. Stir It Up
  5. No Woman Nuh Cry
  6. Redemption Song
  7. Sun is Shining
  8. Waiting in Vain
  9. Get up Stand Up
  10. Satisfy your Soul

Reggae Prince - Dennis Emmanuel Brown

Dennis (The Crown Prince) Brown, has been a legacy in Jamaica's Reggae culture. Over the many years, he has created music some say in par to bob Marley and has kept a steady flow of hits throughout. He was dubbed by Bob Marley as his successor and called the "Crown Prince" of reggae. Dennis Emanuel Brown was born on February 1, 1957 in Kingston. Dennis began his singing career at the age of nine, while still at junior school, with an end-of-term concert the first time he performed in public, although he had been keen on music from an even earlier age, and as a youngster was a keen fan of American balladeers such as Brook Benton, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin., Brown was just 12 years old when he created his first hit single, "No Man is an Island." He recorded the song at the famed Studio One Records in 1969, as part of his album of the same name.

Dennis Brown's Hits

  1. Should I
  2. Here I Come
  3. Love has found Its Way
  4. Money In My Pocket
  5. Sitting and Watching
  6. Rocking time
  7. Revolution
  8. Hot Like a Melting Pot
  9. Easy

Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh is one of the best reggae acts from jamaica, his music is mystical and meditative. He played a big role in the establishment of the King of Reggae.He was a renowned reggae artist and founding member of the band the Wailers, which gave reggae artist Bob Marley his start. Internationally renowned reggae artist Peter Tosh was born Winston Hubert McIntosh on October 19, 1944, in Westmoreland, Jamaica, to parents too young to raise him. Instead, Tosh was raised by his aunt in Grange Hill. Early in his childhood, Tosh exhibited a talent for singing and learned how to play the guitar, one in which allegedly he stole from his mother's church. (according to a review by the Los Angeles Review of Books of Colin Grant's The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh and Walker.)

Peter Tosh Hits

  1. Arise Blackman
  2. Mark Of the Beast
  3. No Mercy
  4. Here Comes The Sun
  5. Maga Dog
  6. Here Comes The Judge
  7. Burial
  8. Once Bitten
  9. Black Dignity
  10. Can't Blame The Youth

Third World - Reggae Band

Jamaica Reggae Icons
Jamaica Reggae Icons

This band is actually the best reggae band that has ever formed. Third World is a Jamaican reggae band formed in 1973. Their sound is influenced by soul, funk and disco. Although they have undergone several lineup changes, Stephen "Cat" Coore and Richard Daley have been constant members.

Musical style

Third world band development was influenced by the great Wailers. While the band played roots reggae, they have also diversified the music. They fused pop, r&b, calypso and other genres in their reggae, making them even more popular internationally.

Current band members

  • Stephen "Cat" Coore - guitars, cello (1973–present)
  • Richard Daley - bass (1973–present)
  • Tony "Ruption" Williams - drums (1997–present)
  • Norris "Noriega" Webb - keyboards (2007–present)
  • Maurice Gregory - keyboard (2010–present)
  • AJ Brown - vocals(2014–present)

Third World Hits

  1. Now That we found Love
  2. Try Jah Love
  3. Reggae Embassador
  4. Committed
  5. Sense of Purpose
  6. Hooked on Love
  7. Cool meditation
  8. Forbidden Love
  9. Human Market Place
  10. 96 in the shade

Jimmy Cliff

Jamaica's Reggae Icons:-Jimmy Cliff
Jamaica's Reggae Icons:-Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff is in a Class by himself, his music speaks for itself. He as not just expressed his talent as a musician, but has also ventured into acting. Jimmy Cliff was born James Chambers on April 1, 1948, in Somerton District, St. James, Jamaica. He began his career as a musician, singer and actor by writing songs while still in primary school, he later developed his talents while at Kingston Technical High School. While receiving his secondary education, Cliff began entering local talent contests and pursuing potential producers. By the time he was 14, Cliff had released several singles, including "Hurricane Hattie" -- the hit that launched his career. Soon after, he was producing local hits regularly and garnering attention throughout his birth country. In 1964, Cliff was chosen to be one of Jamaica's representatives at the World's Fair. He then signed with Island Records and moved to the United Kingdom. In the late 1960s, Cliff's his career took off, and he began collaborating with and receiving recognition from well-known musicians, including Bob Dylan.

Commercial Success

Cliff began acting when he was in his early 20s. He starred in, and produced much of the soundtrack for, the reggae film The Harder They Come (directed by Perry Henzell) in 1972, which met great success around the globe, bringing reggae to an international audience for the first time. The movie was also known as one of the top college campus attractions of its era. The soundtrack featured four songs by Cliff and songs by a number of other artists, including Desmond Dekker.

Jimmy Cliff's Hits

  1. I can see clearly now
  2. many rivers to cross
  3. harder they come
  4. rebel in me
  5. you can get it if you really want
  6. Wonderful World, Beautiful People
  7. John Crow
  8. Peace
  9. Vietnam
  10. Now and Forever

Beres Hammond

Beres is a natural crowd pleaser, but is loved enormously by the females for his smooth, romantic lovers rock and heart snatching voice. Born August 28, 1955 as Beres Hammaond, in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. Beres career began in the 1970s but had peaked in the 1990s. Hammond grew up listening to his father's collection of American soul and jazz music; including Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. He was further influenced by the native musics of ska and rocksteady, in particular Alton Ellis.

Order Of Jamaica

Beres Hammond received the prestigious Order of Jamaica (OJ) at age 60 for his distinguish, dedication and exceptional contribution to the Jamaican music industry.

Beres Hammond Hits

1. What one dance can do

2. I feel Good

3. Tempted to Touch

4. Full Attention

5. Double Trouble

6. Putting Up Resistance

7. Rockaway

8. No Goodbye

9. Can you play Some more

10. Love mi haffi Get

Lincoln Barrington Minott, better known as Sugar Minott, was born in Kingston Jamaica on May 25, 1956. He made his first important recordings for Studio One, the seminal studio and record label owned by influential producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd. He pioneered the dancehall style of laying new vocal tracks over original 1960s backing tapes instead of using live musicians in the studio. Minott died in St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica, on July 10, 2010.

Minott's biggest hit was a cover of the 1971 Michael Jackson tune, "We've Got a Good Thing Going." Minott's version, "Good Thing Going," reached No. 4 on the British singles charts in March of 1981. Earlier, in 1979, he received wide acclaim for two socially conscious singles, "Hard Time Pressure" and "Ghetto-Ology."

Sugar Minott Hits

  1. Live Loving
  2. Showcase
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Black Roots
  5. Ghetto-ology
  6. Roots Lovers
  7. Give The People
  8. African Girl
  9. Good Thing Going

Freddie McGregor

Jamaica's Reggae Icon
Jamaica's Reggae Icon

Freddy McGregor

Freddie is easily one of Jamaica's Favorite all time Reggae artist. His Music has a relaxing and enjoyable sound. He connects to both the veteran and younger reggae fanatics. Fredddie was born in in Clarendon, Jamaica on June 27, 1956. At age seven, he started singing backup for a local ska harmony duo called the Clarendonians.
McGregor stayed at Studio One for much of the '70s. He sang lead for groups like Generation Gap and Soul Syndicate, and also recorded off and on as a solo act during the '70s.
In 1975, McGregor converted to Rastafarianism. Still with Studio One and working with Earl "Chinna" Smith, he recorded several classic songs.

Freddie McGregor Hits

  1. Big Ship Sailing
  2. Stop Loving You
  3. And So I will wait for you
  4. Just Don't want to be Lonely
  5. Let Him Try
  6. I was Born a Winner
  7. Push Come To Shove
  8. I see it in You
  9. Natural Collie
  10. Can't Get You out of My Mind

Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer, (born Neville O'Riley Livingston, 10 April 1947, Jamaica), also known as Bunny Livingston and affectionately as Jah B,[1] is a singer songwriter and percussionist and was an original member of reggae group The Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. A three-time Grammy award winner, he is considered one of the longtime standard bearers of reggae music. He has been named by Newsweek as one of the three most important musicians in world music.

Bunny Wailer Hits

  1. Rise and Shine
  2. Rockers
  3. Fighting Against Conviction
  4. Black Heart Man
  5. This Train
  6. Rasta Man
  7. Dreamland
  8. Bide Up
  9. Reincarnated Souls
  10. Crucial

Gregory Isaacs

Jamaica's Reggae Icon: Gregory Isaacs
Jamaica's Reggae Icon: Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Anthony Isaacs (15 July 1951 - 25 October 2010) was a Jamaican reggae musician. Gregory Isaacs was nicknamed the "cool ruler" for his sweet cool musical delivery and performances, Isaacs was one of the most exquisite vocalist in reggae. He was a cool reggae artist who delivered sweet hits to all his beloved fans

Gregory Isaac Hits

1. Night Nurse

2. Rumors them Spreading

3. Number One

4. Sunday Morning

5. Cool Down The Place

6. Love Is Overdue

7. Tune In

8. Feeling Irie

9. Love is Overdue

10. Heartache

Jamaica's Reggae Artist

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Bob Marley & Peter Tosh- Concrete Jungle


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