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James Deen; Generation Sex

Updated on January 19, 2015

The Leader of The Sex Generation; Mr. Deen

James Deen in the beginning…

Born Bryan Sevilla in Pasadena California on February 7, 1986, he decided by the age of thirteen he would become an adult movie star. He made a call into the radio show “Loveline” and asked Jenna Jameson for advice on how to make his ambition a reality which created the exhibitionist extraordinaire we all readily know and love today; James Deen. By the age of eighteen and after one semester in community college, he dropped out to pursue his adult film career and was cast shortly there MILF films which are films with more mature women. I will spare you the acronym.

Here is a youtube interview with Mr. Deen a few years back. He is a little more jovial since directing and producing.

The Next Hundred Years of Cinema

In an era in which there is very little to be amused about and movies seem to have a linear, if not flat, tempo. There is one bright spot still shinning in the wasted desolate desert of Hollywood. Without a doubt he is an actor with greatest potential for mainstream success and capable of reinvigorating the film industry. The actor to which I refer is the adult film, star who has recently crossed over into mainstream independent films, James Deen. For those of us who are x-generations, we see Deen as the leader of the new sex generation. A revolution which will define cinematography for the next hundred years. After all x-generation are the children of the Reagan administration no longer define by a set of morays, norms and morals of the last century but without boundaries, free to readily accept an adult entertainer who is capable of being talented and amusing in more than one genre. For those of you who do not know Bryan Sevilla, screen name: James Deen, let me introduce you.

Meet the Adorable James Deen; Generation Sex

James Deen has however become the political spokesperson for the adult film industry with regard to Measure B. Good intentions aside, James Deen, in the past month the adult film industry has been shut down twice due to three actors testing positive for HIV. Rod Daily and Cameron Bay have both announced to the public they have tested twice positive for HIV with a third unidentified actor also testing positive. And those are just the adult film stars who have made public announcements they are HIV positive.

But Deen is a solid leader for his industry and has even made PSA ads encouraging the use of condoms.


To date and as a credit to this man's virility he has made approximately 4000 films. He works on several websites which specialize in particular adult entertainment like BDSM. What is so impressive about Deen is that he truly seems to love his work. His enthusiasm is boundless and he can actually act which is the exception and not the rule in cinema today. Dean seems to remain incredibly focused and down to earth in his personal life with a great deal of humor. This of course may all disappear into the facade of James Deen's life once he performs in more mainstream films but his generosity as a human being translates in his work and he remains an exceptional lucrative and viable leading actor for both independent and in more commerical films.

Just Look At The Love Deen's Adoring a Fans Have For Him

Adult Entertainment Internet Sites

Have you visited adult entertainment websites which James Deen is featured?

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James Deen Loves Food

Making the most expensive burrito in the world!
Making the most expensive burrito in the world!

James Deen today…

No pun intended but James Deen is one of the hardest working leading men in the adult male film industry. He stays busy with his multiple business enterprises; "James Denn Loves Food" on the Internet is hysterically funny. Among other things he still acts, directs, and produces adult films. He recently ventured into mainstream film which is how he first caught my attention. He is everything America loves in an unlikely hero with boyish good looks and a thin physique. Yet, James Deen has a cinematic presence and intensity which is compelling. This is most evident in his new movie The Canyons. Deen delivers as a leading man quite literally carrying the film which production budget was less than the average mortgage on a house.

Deen's Highly Acclaimed Performance in The Canyons. Here is the Trailer!

Deen's Performance in The Canyons

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Amazingly, Deen is so grounded in his personal life after the film premiered he went right back to the adult film industry to star in more films. He has updated his website to include a travel log of his adventures at the Venice Film Festival where The Canyons made it’s international debut and added an application page to his website for women who wish to do a sex scene with him. Sorry guys, Deen is straight.

A Scene with James Deen

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One Woman's Experience Shooting a Scene with James Deen

So what is it like to do a scene with the charming sensitive James Deen? Quite literally the website has made assertions it is flooded with applicants so if you are applying be prepared to wait a while. Fortunately for us, one woman posted her experience applying and filming with James Deen so we can all live vicariously through her.

Angry Feminist's Open Letter to James Deen

In one of the most shocking turn of events an angry feminist from The Gloss has written an open letter to James Deen. In this letter, her anger melts away at the thought of an intimate evening with Mr. Deen. What? Where is Gloria Steinem when you need her?

James Deen has melted the hearts of the angry feminists? There is no stopping this guy. Right now he is currently down in Melbourne, Australia at a Sexpo.

The question is who doesn't love James Deen at this point? You should judge this for yourself. Below find the link to The Gloss Angry Feminist's Open Letter.

James Deen Philantrophic Work: Shattering the Mold of Adult Entertainers

As if James Deen has not stunned us all with his incredible talent as an actor, director and prodcuer in the adult entertainment industry he has made the cross over into the independent film industry, has his own product line and website for adult entertainment but he has now shown us his sensitive philantrophy by dedicating his adult entertainment website to cancer awareness by doin a PSA during cander awareness month. Does James Deen know no height he can not reach?

What is for certain is James Deen has shattered the ceiling for adult entertainers by humanizing themself. He is no longer just James Deen the adult film entertainer but someone who is a household name that has also shattered sexual morrays in American society. This PSA that I believe is a turning point in James Deen's career. He may very well end up being President Deen! Foreign Affairs Relations would never be better!

Cancer PSA (CAM)

Hollywood's Rising Star

James Deen’s Future

I have never seen anyone quite like him in Hollywood. James Deen has parlayed his teenage ambition into over 4000 films. He has made the cross over to main stream independent films which are fitting given his directing and producing credits and he is not even thirty years old. He is perhaps one of the most fascinating people in that he has more credits and talents than most actors have in a life time before the age of thirty.

The Canyons made far more than it’s exceptionally low budget which makes James Deen a bankable leading man in mainstream film. He still is in very high demand in the adult film industry while directing and producing his own material. He continues this all while redefining socially acceptable sexual play in America and around the world. James Deen is the leader of the sex generation, for Hollywood he is money in the bank and for his adoring public he is an intriguing mystery as to where his talents will lead him in his sexual revolution. We will all be waiting with baited breath but until then we can simply follow him on his blog.


Since initially writing this article James Deen has his own Internet website where he is acting, directing, and producing his own material. Amazingly, a lot of women who have applied to do scenes with him were accepted and have built careers in the adult film industry. The application list to do a scene with Deen is amazingly long now. He also casts models of diversity which is refreshing in the adult film industry. Deen has love and appreciation for everyone and everyone has love and appreciation for him.

Currently, he is finishing his move about the Seven Deadly Sins. While I have only seen clips it is more art than adult entertainment. There is plenty of action for the adult film lover. The quality of the film is incredible. James Deen is well on his way to mastering his art, honing his business skills and changing how the adult film industry is perceived internationally. The James Deen Empire is rising.

He Has My Vote!



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