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James Franco And Oscar, 2011 - Was He High Or Nervous?

Updated on March 3, 2011
James Franco and Anne Hathaway
James Franco and Anne Hathaway

The Hosts

There is a rumor today that James Franco was high during last night’s Oscar Awards ceremony.

If you watched the Academy Awards last night, you would have seen a pale-faced, stiff James Franco accompanied by a spunky, energetic Anne Hathaway. Both Franco and Hathaway took part in sharing the prestigious honor of hosting the 83rd annual Academy Awards. Hathaway ran away with the show, leaving a seemingly complacent Franco in her dust.

High? You Be The Judge

Chosen To Host Oscar

The duo may have seemed a strange choice for hosting the star-studded gala event as they are young actors and not comedians, as has been the usual recipe for Oscar night. Previous hosts have included Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Hope, and Johnny Carson. Perhaps, the Academy Awards decided to spice it up this year by throwing a pair of young Hollywood starlets onto the Kodak Theatre’s main stage. However, the Oscars have used oustanding actors in the past a hosts, such as Alec Baldwin, Warren Beatty, and Shirley MacLaine. In the light of such high-caliber motion picture stars, Franco and Hathaway seemed a strange selection to host. Franco has gained much popularity as of late for his starring role in 127 Hours , but may be best known for his recurring role on General Hospital; and, Hathaway widely-known for the Princess Diaries films.

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Oscar Pre-Show Buzz

During the Pre-Oscar show on ABC thirty minutes before the live televised awards show, Vanity Fair 's West Coast editor, Krista Smith, interviewed a pallid-faced James Franco. Franco fidgeted with his pants throughout the interview and spent much of their question-and-answer looking somewhere out in the distance beyond the camera.

In the interview, Franco told Smith he’s been going to school during the week and rehearsing for the Oscars on the weekends.

Smith asked, “Have you been getting any extra credit with your school classes in this?

Franco replied with a smirk, “Yeah, there’s a class called ‘Oscars’ and I aced it. It was close. I almost got a B+.”

When asked if he had any costume changes during the ceremony, he said that yes, he did, and then smiled, responding, “I’m not allowed to tell what the brand is…no.”

Smith then thanked Franco, and as she was wishing him good luck with the night’s festivities, he said jokingly ,still staring somewhere beyond the camera, “You’ll have to g-guess…Not guess, but ‘guh’.” He then started laughing to himself, leaving an uncertain interviewer obviously confused as to what the joke was.

Was he high? That has not been officially confirmed. However, the opinion I had when I witnessed this exchange live was James Franco was nervous and just "freaking out". The Academy Awards is Hollywood’s biggest awards show of the year. Millions of people are watching a live event where anything can go wrong. James Franco is a young actor. Hosting the Oscar Night is a big deal.

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    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 7 years ago from Ohio!

      Who knows? I am giving him the benefit of the doubt...even though there have been reports of his engaging in "recreational" hobbies. :-)

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Aside from the interview pre-Oscars-When he came onto the stage to begin the show his eyes and manner looked as if he were high. Anne Hathoway did an excellant job. She sure didn't need him on the stage with her.