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Jane By Design -- Movie Night

Updated on June 18, 2012

India's back and she's using her new position to grind a few axes, while Billy continues to pull away from Jane, feeling he can only hold her back.

The episode starts off where it left out with India's return. She needs Gray's design firm to design a wardrobe for the latest teen flavor of the month named Aidan. Before Aidan looks at what Jeremy has designed, India tells him to feel free to trash it if he doesn't like what they're offering. And he does just that, refusing to put his name on that line of clothes. However, Eli pulls it out of the fire by showing Aidan a jacket he designed and Aidan loves it. Earlier, Eli had tried to put some input to Jeremy's designs but Jeremy basically told him to talk to his hand. This justifies Gray's decision to give Eli India's old job.

Meanwhile back at High School High, Billy's not having a good time of it. All the students are treating him like a leper. Jane wants Billy to go with her to the annual movie night, but the less time Billy has to spend around his classmates the better. Billy has enough when a classmate named Harper moves her purse away like he was going to steal it, and tells all the students what he things of their attitude. Unfortunately, the teacher sends him to the principals office for disrupting the class, instead of talking to the students about the way they're treating Billy. Waiting outside the principal's office Billy meets a fellow student who he strikes up a conversation with and who doesn't treat him like he's a leper.

Meanwhile, in New York, Jane becomes starstruck when she meets Aidan and describes her as a young Audrey Hepburn. They're even photographed together. This causes Jane to become an instant celebrity at school and it just widens the rift between Billy and Jane, with Billy as the most unpopular boy in school and Jane as the most popular. Eli invites Jane to come out with him and Aidan, and since Billy has turned down their annual movie date, she agrees. However, it isn't long before the bloom is off the rose when Aidan turns his attention to somebody new. Eli tells Jane she can leave early and she heads to the movie to try and find Billy.

Gray puts a good scare into Jeremy when she claims she knows what he did. What she's referring to is that he and India were loves. She wants him to renew his relationship with India so she won't sabotage the company. Jeremy eventually does, but it's a question mark on whether it's to please Gray or because he wants to take India up on her offer to destroy Gray and Jane.

India tells Jeremy some home truths that Gray will use him for all his worth until he's no longer a use to her and then discard him like a dirty old shoe the way she did with India. India also reveals she knows he was the one guilty of being the mole, which is what she got fired for. She also knows Gray told him to try and sex her up. She wants Jeremy to help her destroy Jane and Gray. Jeremy's answer is to start kissing India. But as I said, whether or not he's on Team Gray or Team India remains to be seen.

Ben is getting a little too carried away with his romantic gestures to Rita. She wants to keep their relationship on the down-low, but that's pretty impossible. Both Jane and Billy tells Ben he needs to cool it. At the movie, when Rita sees some students talking about her and Ben, she suggests to Ben that they cool things off between them. When he doesn't agree to that, she basically dumps him.

Billy shows up at the movie after Ben convinced him that he'd not holding Jane back. Unfortunately, Jane isn't there. He runs into the girl he met at the principal's office and they end up watching the movie together having a good time. That's when Jane arrives and decides not to disturb Billy since he's having a good time. She ends up sitting with Ben, instead.

Been having a hard time getting back into Jane By Design, too. [I've been having the same problem with Pretty Little Liars.] I think it's because of the two month jump in story. We left off at the moment where Billy arrived to tell Jane he loved her and Jeremy showed up ruining it, but they didn't get back to the moment when the show returned from hiatus. They just told us what happened. Telling is not quite the same as seeing.

I think Rita's a twit for dumping Ben. Most girls would be happy with a guy who wants to lavish affection on them. She seemed to care more about what a few teen-aged twits were whispering about her than she did Ben. She may have ultimately done Ben a favor. Think he deserves better. I also thought India has a point about Gray, even though India gave Gray a lot of reasons to not trust her. Gray doesn't treat her employees well. I don't think any of her employees feel secure in their jobs. Now Gray's got her nephew working for her, Jeremy will no longer be the golden boy, so if he's smart he should team up with India. It's not like he hasn't stabbed Gray in the back before. Gray pretty much sounded like Jeremy's job was on the line because he didn't impress Aidan and she treated him like a prostitute ordering him to have sex with India.

Bottom line you've got to give loyalty to get it, not to mention treat your employees decently. And on both accounts Gray fails miserably.


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