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Jane By Design -- The Back-Up Dress

Updated on July 18, 2012

Second Chances

This episode seemed to have a theme for second chances. Some would get them and some wouldn't.

Ben is given a second chance at a baseball career when he's asked to try out and lands on the minor league which could lead him to the major league. If Kate wasn't back he wouldn't even think of going for it and would stay home and take care of Jane. Earlier, he told Jane that he's glad their mom is back, he's just been trying to protect them both in case she leaves again, but this time he thinks it's different and she'll stick around.

Amanda comes in with a framed photo of Rita from high school. Rita says she's giving up and Ben is hers. However, when Amanda makes her move on Ben, he turns her down. Later, Amanda learns she may be fired if the board doesn't vote to keep her and the person whose vote she needs is Rita. So Amanda goes in to Rita's office saying she's giving up the pursuit of Ben and urges Rita to ask Ben for another chance. However, when she goes to see Ben and he's about to leave on the bus, she doesn't tell him she'd like another chance, since he says if they were still together he wouldn't leave. Instead she wishes him well.

Kate keeps stalling Dakota about accepting his marriage proposal. Finally he has enough. He tells her she always runs away from commitment and he'll wait at the airport. If she doesn't show up, that will be his answer. Much to Jane's shock, Kate decides to leave with Dakota. She says Dakota could be a way for her to start changing her ways and promises she won't lose touch with Jane, this time.

Billy is convinced that history is going to repeat itself with Zoey and Nick. When he hears them rehearsing their lines he thinks it's real and confronts them both. It remains to be seen if Zoey will give him a second chance after the things he said to her. As for Nick, he tells Billy he wants them to get past what he did with Lulu so they can be friends, so he decides to quit the play.

Billy also screws things up with Jane when he says that she's not like a girl. She concentrates her time on preparation for her first date with Eli. Jane designed a beautiful dress to wear, but Kate thinks it's some she designed for the play, so Jane needs to find a new dress to wear. Enter the back-up dress.

Donavan-Decker has designed a one of a kind dress for Nina Garcia. They also made a copy of it in case anything goes wrong and the original dress gets damaged. Jane decides to wear the back-up dress for her date with Eli. However things go awry when Nina Garcia enters the restaurant wearing the same dress. Jane confesses everything to Eli and when he helps her sneak out of the restaurant, Jane bumps into the waiter serving Nina, which causes him to dump red wine all over the dress. So Nina calls wanting the back-up dress.

Wrapping herself in a table cloth, that she makes look like a dress, she hands the back-up dress over to Nina. The night ends with Jane and Eli finishing their date off by buying hot dogs from a street vendor and sharing their first kiss.

When Jane comes homes it's to bid her mother adieu and to not tell Ben their mother is gone when he tells her he's been given a second chance at a baseball career. She knows if she does, he won't go. After he's gone Jane realizes she's all alone and starts to party.


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