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Jane By Design -- The Online Date

Updated on July 12, 2012

I think I'm starting to lose interest in the show. I think it's because of the addition of Teri Hatcher. She just isn't a good fit on the show, not to mention she irritated and repelled me to such an extreme level on Desperate Housewives I needed a long break from her. I didn't need to see her pop up on another show I watch as another irritating character.

Okay, what person with a modicum of intelligence would put an online dating profile up for their boss? The answer should be no one, unless they're looking to get fired. This actually happened on another ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars. Aria and Hanna put up a profile for Ella, but they're teenagers who aren't the brightest bulbs in the package. Jane's mother is a grown woman. This is so an infantile brain Susan Myers type of thing to do. This is why I want to see the back of Kate sooner rather than later.

Jane discovers Gray's ex-husband is engaged to a much younger woman and initially tries to keep it from Gray. When Gray tells her that keeping from her for a day that Jeremy was the real mole was a day too long. She wants total honesty from Jane. So Jane tells her about her ex-husband's engagement. She also makes the mistake of telling Mommy Dearest who gets to work on the laptop setting up an online dating profile for Gray. How sad is it that sixteen-year-old Jane knows what a horrible idea that is and her mother doesn't?

When India learns about the online dating site, she uses it to set Gray up. She puts a fake profile of a man that wants to date her and Gray actually agrees to go on the date. What Gray doesn't know is if she goes to meet the man her old friend, Tamara, will be there waiting for her. India called Tamara saying Gray wanted to meet her at The Boathouse restaurant. If Gray is seen with Tamara it'll get her in trouble with Donovan-Decker, because they know Tamara wants Gray to come and work for her. That's why Gray has been giving her old friend the cut direct, because if she's seen with her it'll get her in trouble. Earlier, she ran into Tamara in the park and a photog snapped a picture of them and she got a call from Donovan and had to reassure him she wasn't planning on going to work for Tamara. India knows if Gray is photographed with Tamara one more time Donovan will fire her, so she stakes out The Boathouse with a photographer just waiting for Gray to fall into her trap.

Jane gets Billy to drive her to New York, but his car breaks down. So she calls Kate and instead makes sure Billy makes his date with Zoey instead of going to New York to warn Gray. As it turns out there was no need to worry. Gray changed her mind about going to meet her mystery man. She's not ready to start dating yet. Little does she know that that decision saved her bacon.

On the Billy/Jane front, Jane tells Billy she feels he's trying to replace her with Zoey. Later, Billy comes to see Jane because he's worried because Zoey wants him to meet her parents. Jane tries to encourage him to go through with it. Billy may have other problems to worry about on the Zoey front. She auditions for the school play and she and Nick are cast in the lead and they'll have to share a kiss on stage. Deja Vu as it was a kiss between Nick and Lulu that ruined Billy and Lulu's relationship.

Ben isn't happy when Kate shows up for a parent-teacher conference, since he's used to being the one to go to them, since ever since Kate ditched them he's been Jane's parent. Frankly, the woman gave up all her parental rights long ago. And as was proven the minute she sticks her nose in things she messes them up.

Rita tries to compete with Amanda by sexing up her wardrobe a bit. Jane advises Rita to be herself, while Lulu advises to fight fire with fire, especially after Amanda casts her as the evil stepsister in the school play. Rita follows Lulu's advise and doses Amanda's drink with tabasco sauce and Amanda realizes what she's done and pretends to have an allergy attack in front of Ben. Both Amanda and Ben figure out what Rita did. Rita leaves defeated as Ben is appalled by what Rita did to Amanda.

Kate's boyfriend Dakota shows up and he asks her to marry him. Could we all be lucky enough for her to say yes and leave. Teri Hatcher just isn't buyable as Ben and Jane's mother.

When Billy goes to meet Zoey's parents she reveals instead of a mother and a father that she has two father's. So there's obviously a story there.

The big promo for next week is if Kate will leave, again. Oh, please let her leave. Maybe the show can get back to normal without her annoying presence on it.


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