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Jane By Design -- The Party

Updated on July 25, 2012

Jane's jumping on the couch in excitement that she was home alone, doesn't seem to have lasted long, as she's been having Billy sleep over to keep her company. Then Billy has the idea that they should do what all kids do the first time they're left alone. They need to have a party. Unfortunately, all kids don't have the annoying Rita Shaw making daily drop-by visits to snoop around.

Jane and Billy escape the first Rita Shaw bullet and she goes on her way thinking Kate is in the shower. When Billy is upset that Princess Zoey is mad at him, Jane suggests he apologize again. She should have let sleeping dogs lay, because she soon finds out Princess Zoey is a lot worse than Lulu ever was.

Billy apologizes to the little princess and she finally forgives him, then she has a cow because she learns Billy has been sleeping over at Jane's. When Jane is fitting her in the dress, she starts digging Jane that the dress never belonged to her [also meaning Billy]. I was wishing Jane would have told Princess Zoey that she's only borrowing the dress, because it doesn't belong to her, either, and when the play is over it'll go back to being Jane's. See what the little beyotch had to say to that.

Princess Zoey is the type a girl that should be left at the curb. She's known Billy ten weeks and she's going to start dictating what he can and can't do? Even Lulu never did that. She respected there friendship, but this one doesn't. She's a snotty little beyotch. She's also not an interesting character, not even with her two gay dads.

Back in New York, India tells Gray unless they can get Jeremy and his designs back, Harrod's is backing out of the deal. Lucky for them that Jeremy calls up Jane from London. Unlucky for Jane is she's sent to London to bring Jeremy back, meaning she's going to miss her own party.

Earlier, Nick confided to Jane he missed not being in the play. After Jane talks to Billy, Billy tells Nick it's okay for Nick to rejoin the play. He tells Princess Zoho about it thinking it will make her happy, since she was whining about it, earlier, but she accuses him of doing it so he can still stay over at Jane's. Again, there's her belief that after going on a few dates her belief she can make ultimatums. How long before she demands Billy not be friends with Jane any longer. Billy needs to get rid of the heifer now.

Unfortunately, during the party he has sex with her. Please don't let it have been in Jane's bed. UGH! Then the morning after Rita is doing another of her drive bys and sees the yard in a mess and stops by to snoop. Unfortunately, Zoey screws it up and basically outs Jane. Wonder how long it'll be before good old Rita makes a call to Ben that Jane is all alone.

When Jane takes off for London, Eli is feeling a bit rejected when Jane slips about her party, but doesn't want Eli to come. At the same time India is pining for Jeremy and Eli believes there's a nice girl under mean girl exterior. One things leads to another and Eli is at India's zipping up his pants. The rest we can guess.

Meanwhile in London, Jane finds Jeremy and he tells her he doesn't like what he was becoming at Donovan-Decker and he refuses to return to New York.

I have no money to bet, but I'd bet money that Billy will get together with Jane and Princess Zoey will turn up pregnant so Billy and Jane can't be together. And if Princess Zoho is running Billy around by the nose now, wait until she's pregnant.


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