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Jane By Design -- The Summer Finale

Updated on August 6, 2012

The Summer Finale seemed almost a repeat of the Spring Finale. In the spring, Billy realized Jane was the one and rushed to tell her; in the summer Jane realized Billy was the one and decided to tell him.

Jane failed to succeed in convincing Jeremy to come back to New York with her to return to work at Donovan-Decker. He does, however, plan to return to New York and start his own label. He wants Jane to come and work for him.

Gray asks India to come back to Donovan-Decker. She contemplates using the offer to take down Gray from within. She also heads to London to track Jeremy down. Seem she really has feelings for him. Jeremy tells her that the fact Gray wants her back proves she means something to Gray and encourages India to drop her revenge plans against Gray. He also reveals he's returning to New York to start his own label. India offers to work for him, but Jeremy said he thinks they should stick to pleasure and not mix business with it. They share a kiss. He reveals he wants to recruit Jane and for once India doesn't seem jealous and resentful because of it.

Ben returns after the party fiasco, no doubt tipped off by the ever-nosy Rita Shaw. Rita offers to stay with Jane so Ben can go back and fulfill his dreams, but Ben decides it's an old dream that he's now ready to let go of. He also tells Rita she's the one and if she wants to keep their relationship a secret, he's fine with it. Rita [after almost losing Ben to Amanda] decides to come out of the closet by kissing him publicly on the ball field in front of all the students.

Eli tells Jane that he slept with India. He said it happened because he feels like she's trying to keep him out of her real life and that he doesn't really feel he knows the real her. He wonders if anyone does. This helps Jane to realize that Billy is the one. Unfortunately, before she can get the nerve to tell Billy he reveals he slept with Zoey in her house and that he really cares a lot for Zoey. So Jane decides to keep quiet about how she feels and let Billy be happy with Zoey.

All the costumes for the play are ruined, so Jane takes them to Donovan-Decker to get her co-workers to help her fix them. She also gives Amanda her bonus check to save the play, claiming it's a donation from Donovan-Decker. To thank them for their generosity Amanda invites Gray to the play. Gray brings Eli with her and he recognizes the costumes. Gray is impressed by the costumes and wants to meet the person who made them. She goes backstage and comes face-to-face with Jane. Is the jig finally up? Probably not.

I really enjoyed the show in its spring season, but haven't really cared for it that much in the summer season. It seemed a rehash of the spring season. Billy gets involved with another rich girl whose jealous of his relationship with Jane, but this time he has sex with her and chooses her [although he wasn't even aware Jane was an option.] While Jane gets involved with a designer at Donovan-Decker [Jeremy and Eli] who sleeps with India. And instead of losing her job, India gets it back. Adding Teri Garber as Jane's mom also didn't help. Every season they can't end with a will Jane and Billy get together or won't they? It's already gotten a bit tedious. Also, if you leave off on a cliffhanger, try picking up where you left off instead of skipping ahead a couple of months.


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