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Jane By Design -- True Confessions

Updated on June 26, 2012

Ben and Jane are still dealing with Mommy Kate's return at the end of last week's episode. Making matters worse, every time Ben or Jane tries to get some answers out of Kate, she changes the subject.

Kate is in the kitchen acting like nothing's changed in the years she's been gone. Ben can't help digging her about how things were rearranged in the kitchen when she can't find where thing are since she's been gone. He also refuses to eat her pancakes.

Rita is definitely suffering from buyer's remorse in regards to breaking up with Ben, when Amanda Clarke shows up at school at the new drama teacher. By the way, couldn't the show have thought of a different name than that. I swear every time I hear the name Amanda Clarke I think of Revenge. Amanda puts up posts of herself in front of Rita's office windows and blocks all the light. Finally, Rita decides to fight for her man by showing up at the old teen hang-out, The Rack, and declaring to Amanda that Ben is hers. That doesn't intimidate Amanda in the least. Channeling The Vampire Diaries' Katherine Pierce, she basically replies, "Game on."

Kate drives Jane to school and asks if there's someone special in her life. Billy is definitely off the radar as she names Eli as that special guy. Kate gives Billy a bear hug when she sees him, and Billy says he understands why Jane is being bitchy. Jane and Zoey have a nice conversation about Zoey's outfit, as both seem to like vintage clothing. Later, Jane mentions to Billy the bracelet Zoey was wearing cost $1,000. He says she has to be mistaken and thinks she's insinuating something about Zoey. Jane tells him she's doing no such thing, she's just stating a fact. She knows her pieces and that piece cost $1,000. It's no cheap knock-off.

Billy later confronts Zoey about the bracelet as he's dropping her off at her fake house. She fobs him off. Unfortunately for Zoey, as Billy drives off, he realizes she left her purse in his car and he spots her sneaking away from her fake house and going to her real house. He follows her and thinks she's breaking in to the mansion to steal something. Then he sees a painting of Zoey on the wall in her riding habit and she finally fesses up. She tells him after all his anti-rich talk about Lulu and declaring they were from the same place she was afraid to tell him the truth. Billy doesn't seem to have a problem with the rich thing when Zoey says she likes him and he kisses her. Although you got to wonder if he isn't using Zoey to try and get over Jane.

Jeremy finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place after having loose lips or to put it more succinctly; he finds himself caught between India and Jane. India tells him to do damage control with Jane while Jane orders him to go to Gray and tell her the truth. What does Jeremy do? He takes it on the run, and he takes all the sketches with him so he can screw them all over.

Jane has to get Eli and India, the only two people who know what the line looks like, to recreate the entire thing. Since India's job could be on the line, she's forced to cooperate. But somewhere down the line she seems to have a good time doing it. Afterwards, Jane says they work good together. India agrees reluctantly before telling Jane she'll be taking all the credit for the success of the line with her bosses.

Jane has other problems when Kate shows up at her work and meets Gray. It isn't long before Kate learns of her double life, but promises not to out her. She also gets an invite to Gray's party and promises to be like a fly on the wall. Apparently, Kate thinks being a fly on the wall is to be singing at the top of her lungs in the middle of the room like it's a cabaret and she's the star of it.

Jane is a bit miffed to hear Kate taking the credit for how well Jane turned out. This provokes Jane to do the right thing and go to Gray and tell her the truth. She tells her India was innocent of the crime she was accused of and fired for. It was Jeremy, who ran off with the line. Jane leaves not knowing if Gray will fire her or not.

Back at home, Kate says she wants another chance. Jane is more than willing to give her one, while Ben is less reluctant. For the time being, Kate gets to stay.

In other news Nick breaks the news to Ben that he's torn a ligament and his arm and he may never be able to pitch ball again.


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