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Japanese games shows

Updated on September 17, 2008

I was siiting down after dinner one evening to spend some down time in front of the television. I was flipping through the channels, another typical night when nothing very interesting was on. I just happened to flip to a channel that had a new game show on it. This looked pretty interesting, so I watched for a minute. Then something caught my attention. This was hilarious! It was a new game show called Hole in the Wall. It is a new show on FOX that is based on Japanese game shows. Yes it is a mindless game show, but oh so entertaining.

If you have never seen this game show let me tell you a little about it. There are two teams of three people, usually they are teams of complete opposites, like sumo wrestlers against jockeys, yeah, pretty opposite. So anyway the game starts out as one of the players from the team stands on this stage that has a strip for the player to stand in and a pool of water behind him. A large styrofoam wall that has different shapes comes down the stage and the player then has to make himself fit through that hole or shape and not get drug or knocked into the pool. Then the next player goes, and then two players at a time and so on until all three got on the stage and complete a wall together. Teams are awarded points for every wall or shape that they fit through. The team that wins is awarded $25,000. After this is done they they get the chance at winning $100,000 by putting dark goggles on one member of their team and the other two members try to tell him what shape to get into to make it through the wall or shape.

Let me just explain how funny I thought this was. I spewed diet coke around my living room, possibly from my nose, I had tears running down my cheeks and am pretty sure I even snorted with laughter. This laughing fit lasted for about 10 minutes. My husband was now watching me and laughing at my laughter.

I guess I have a sick sense of humor because the site of people getting smacked with a styrofoam wall just kills me.

Now this is not the only show I watch like this, there is also I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Wipeout. I believe that wipeout is on ABC and I survived a Japanese game show ran on ABC this spring. If you have not seen these shows I have included a few videos. There also used to be another show about Japanese game shows that had clips and an english speaking commentator making fun of the contestants and their various wipeouts, the title of this show escapes me. I was never a big fan of this show though.

Hole in the Wall

I Survived a Japanese Game Show

From the show Wipeout - The Wipey Awards

I am pretty sure that this will be the new trend in game shows, which is ok with me. I am always looking for a good laugh. Leave it to the japanese to come up with some new crazy way to capture the attention of the world.

Do you think Japanese based game shows are funny?

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