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Japanese idol singer Megumi Ohori reveals details about her salary during her days as an AKB48 member

Updated on July 1, 2017

Megumi Ohori former member of the girl groups AKB48 and SDN48

How much money was Ohori making as a member of AKB48?

Megumi Ohori who is a former member of the famous Japanese girl group AKB48 revealed some very private details about her personal life through her official blog. This is worth writing and reporting about because it is some interesting news. Since we are discussing this topic, some perspective about the typical salary of a Japanese idol singer will be given. Ohori who turned 31 in 2014 revealed that during her time as a member of AKB48, she was living in Ueno. Her salary back then per month was approximately 45,000 yen which is the equivalent of about $418 US dollars per month. So after she paid her rent and utility bills, Ohori said that she was barely surviving. It is amazing how she was able to make it in one of the most expensive countries in the world. Ohori also said that there were times in those days where she would live off of 29 yen bean sprouts. She said this while laughing about it too. She said that for her, Ueno is a place in Japan where her stomach tightens up.

Megumi Ohori's entry into AKB48 and her personal life

Megumi Ohori was a staff member in the café inside of AKB48 Theater. She made her AKB48 debut as a 2nd generation member back in 2006. She soon joined an AKB48 related group called SDN48 which stopped all of its activities in 2012. In 2013, she married scriptwriter Tatsuya Kanazawa who is 12 years older than her. Kanazawa also works as a photographer. She gave birth to their first child in June 2014. Megumi Ohori was born on August 25, 1983 in the city of Tokyo. But I’m sure some of you might be asking who Megumi Ohori is?

A few facts about Megumi Ohori

  • She is known as Princess Meetan.
  • She made an appearance on the single called Labrador Retriever.
  • She likes to shop.
  • She has released two solo photo books including her first one in 2005 called Yummi!
  • She was a member of the girl group SDN48 which is short for Saturday Night 48. The group was created by famous producer Yasushi Akimoto who wanted to expand AKB48 and create a Saturday night show where an idol would perform every Saturday night at 10PM.

A few more photos of Megumi

How much money can a Japanese idol singer earn?

The Japanese idol industry is so popular with lots of girls who audition for their chance to become members of these groups. There is a magazine called Exciting MAX! This magazine has revealed details about the typical yearly salary of these idols. Using a currency converter, you can find out how much these members earn if you use their yearly salary in Japanese yen figures. For example HKT48’s Rino Sashihara earns an average of 68,000,000 yen which is approximately over $631,000 a year. This is a much larger salary than Megumi Ohori ever earned in her time as a member of AKB48. These figures take into account the time that these girls have spent signed to their talent agencies as well as any magazine modeling work, media appearances, and their acting work if they have been in any movies or stage plays.

I will list the estimated salary of some of these other idol singers just to put things in perspective. Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48 earns about 12 million yen a year which is approximately a little over 111,000 US dollars a year. Her band mate Sayaka Yamamoto earns almost three times more than her coming in at 35,000,000 yen. That figure is approximately almost $325000 a year. Rena Matsui, the idol singer who released her photo book called Goldfish in 2011 earns an estimated yearly salary of almost $400,000. Some other famous Japanese girl singers with high salaries include:

  • Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/French Kiss 45 million yen)
  • Sayumi Michishige (46 million yen)
  • Mayu Watanabe (46 million yen)
  • Minami Takahashi (53 million yen)
  • Haruna Kojima (59 million yen)

Megumi Ohori's solo single called Amai Kokansetsu

Some comments about the salaries of these Japanese idol singers

I know that these numbers are a little bit outdated but that gives readers some sort of idea about the yearly salaries of these members. Their salaries include their number of years of service with their groups, magazine work, media appearances, and acting work. However, these salaries that are listed do not include information that is not made public. But nonetheless, I have to say that these Japanese idol singers have a pretty good life!


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