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Japan's Explicit TV Shows

Updated on May 1, 2015
The chair in Spread Your Legs.
The chair in Spread Your Legs.
She was a winner but was in pain!
She was a winner but was in pain!

Japan, from the outside, seems like a very conservative society. Many old ways still exist that are not very progressive when comparing it to European and customs etc. But, that is from the outside. Japan also has its dark side mostly involving the sex trade and men's attitudes towards women. While Japan is conservative in many ways, it is totally wide open in in their sexual attitudes and permissiveness, at least in some circles.

This is most reflective in what Japan's allowed to be broadcast on TV. Some TV game shows are cloaked as a harmless show and fun, but underneath, the sex theme pervades. In one show, SIng Your Heart, the show appears to be like an American Idol type idea, when the contestant (always a man, BTW) is on stage to sing a song, he stands behind a shield from the waist down. As the man sings, a beautiful woman enters and stands alongside unzipping his pants and begins to masturbate him. The man, in order to win, must complete the song and do it well (some talent is required). If the man ejaculates, he loses. If he completes the song, judges rate how well he sang it. Obviously, you can tell when the man comes. The viewer never sees his penis.

In Spread your Legs, cute Japanese teen girls, compete. Two girls are selected and each sits in a exercise-torture-like device. The TV host then spins a roulette wheel with numbers for each contestant. Each number indicates how many turns of the device wheel that spreads the legs open is turned. The competition is which contestant can last the longest in the position and endure whatever pain occurs are legs continue to be spread wide open. The first girl to give up, loses.The girls are all cute in costumes and the TV audience does not see underwear or vagina. It is truly the most bizarre TV show on earth.

On Naked Men, which many would consider porn, three men enter the stage robed. The stand before a crowd of female only patrons. They disrobe and stand naked. The narrator explains that the crowd can freely touch, caress, the man's penis to get a hard-on. They are allowed to stroke and put the penis in their mouths, as the host explains the objective of this competition is to find the biggest penis in length and width. The TV audience never sees the man's penis but you know what the adoring fans are doing. They compare the penis size of Asian men to White men. Of course, the host never mentions what happens if one man ejaculates on camera. Most of the viewers see the men from the back, their faces, upper torso.

All three TV shows are so abnormal to what Americans or anyone may see on late night TV, it simply leaves one speechless.

Spread Your Legs TV Show


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