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Jasmine Villegas newest talented teen rocks the music world

Updated on June 23, 2011

Her beggining

Talented, great, and powerful are just some of the words that are used to describe this awesome newest comer recording artist sixteen year old Jasmine Villegas and as you will see she is about to rule the music world her way.

Don't be fooled by her age because she is no new to the music world at the age of 4 jasmine has been entertaining people at family events and event contests even when she was 4 everyone knew that there was something special in her right away when they were all impressed by her singing voice. Then when she was 7 years old jasmine participated in a singing contest in which she won then at age 11 she was discovered singing while walking down the street a guy had heard her sing and was really amazed by her voice that he even took her to meet and sing for his friend who is part of a music group called Damon Dash a person named Gabriella noticed something special in jasmine and she made a choice to manager her.

Young Jasmine in 2004

By then Jasmine started practicing more and more to perfect her singing and acting skills while at the same time looking for acting and singing jobs when she was 10 she started her first acting job for a commercial about the hit animated show the land before the time and not for long this native girl from San Jose califormia would begin to have her first job as a professional singer perform the national anthem for the Clippers of Los Angeles.

With a unique work ethic that jasmine posseses as her own she has been homeschooled ever since the third grade she has been touring and has done over 400 performances is a very passionate performer. But for another thing she is a very dedicated person that loves to give her time to the community and organizations that need it the most.

Awesome performances

In addition jasmine has performed for sporting events for example the Los Angeles clippers, lakers, Miami heat, Anaheim angels including some football games plus boxing matches from the past just to name a few.

For her efforts and the amazing talent jasmine has has taken her to collaborate for several company's and other famous personalities like Mc. Donalds, Mary- Kate and Ashley, Hilary duff, Macy's, Boys and Girls club of America, Girls scouts, Sparkletts and Kohl's Jasmine is a also an avid actress she has made an appearance in several TV shows That so Raven, My wife and Kids she was cast originally in a sitcom named House Broken and the hit Disney show The Suite life of Zack and Cody Jasmine has also been in Kan- ye West music video called Jesus Walks and on Franky J's video How to deal with all of this artistic work she has done along with community work it just seems to say that she is a down to earth girl and role model.

But Jasmine Villegas does not give up she has also been making a lot of activities in europe at the philippines in Manila where she has performed for the most famous television network in that country GMA7 television network and she is also managed at the Philipines by a greatest and famous boxer Manny Pacquiao meanwhile jasmine is a regular celebrity in the Philipines which has created a fan- base in that Asian country as well as Philipino/ americans living in the U.S. On top of all of that in the end Jasmine Villegas is also a normal girl on her free time she loves to play with her dog Sims, go bowling and hanging out with her friends, making youtube videos and finally spend some time with her family.

Here are some of her music videos and youtube videos you might enjoy! a dancer, singer, and a cool actress this fellow teen star has a lot of success ahead of her and I cant wait to see and hear more of her music in the future.

Her Music video "Serious" My favorite song from her!!!

"All these boys" She is an awesome dancer in this video and her look is great:)


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    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      What a great talent she is. Wow, I will watch out for her! Filipinas are just so talented. Thank you for a great hub.