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"Jason Bourne" Spoiler Review

Updated on June 19, 2017

Synopsis + Review

So I saw Jason Bourne a couple of weeks ago, and no, I'm not talking about the first Bourne film. I'm talking about what is technically the fifth film in the franchise, and the fourth film starring Matt Damon. Why did they just name it Jason Bourne? Hell, I have no idea. And honestly, the title annoys me more than some of the issues I have with the movie. It's not a re-launch or a re-branding, it's the same franchise as before... So they should have named it like all of the other movies in the franchise. It's not that hard Hollywood. Any who, Jason Bourne, is it good? It's decent, but it falls short of what I've come to expect from a Bourne film.


The movie starts off with a brief refresher on the character of Jason Bourne. They make sure you know who he was before he entered the Treadstone program, you get to see a little bit of his training, and finally a little bit of him in action. Once they have you all refreshed on his history, they reveal that ever since he went off the grid he's been hanging out in Greece punching dudes for a living. This, at least to me, showed that although he's been off the grid for many years, he's still very much in shape and ready to throw down.

Jump cut to Nicky Parsons in some random county uploading a virus to the CIA database and bam you can see where the story is headed. She finds some top secret files, primarily regarding Bourne, and she heads out to find Bourne. While all of this is happening with Nicky, the CIA discovers that someone (Nicky) was trying to hack them and they basically counter-hack her by putting a tracker in her download file. Oh yeah, they also realize that the files stolen were related to their favorite ex-operative and the whole "Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne." moment happens. They then do some typical Bourne movie CIA things and activate an asset who's supposed to track down and kill Bourne.

Eventually, Bourne and Nicky meet up on the streets of Greece as a riot is happening. This is when the action starts to kick in a bit. Bourne beats up some people and eventually steals a motorcycle, which leads to a great chase scene, but it's cut short when The Asset snipes Nicky off of the back of the motorcycle from a roof top. Nicky then tosses Bourne the USB drive with the files before being shot dead by the asset. Alright, I gotta stop the synopsis here for a moment to say that I was very disappointed with how fast they killed off Nicky Parsons' character. She's not just some side character that we were just introduced to at the beginning of the movie. She's been in two of the three Bourne films that actually star Jason Bourne, and she's survived some serious shit. So to see her get killed off a quarter of the way (if that) through the movie disappointed me a bit. But in the writer's defense, it did show that not all of the well-known characters are invincible. Anyway, after Nicky Parsons is killed, Bourne takes the USB drive and finds someone that can decrypt the information on it. He looks through it and experiences a flashback that shows him talking to his father moments before he is killed. His father expresses regret for something he has done, and then says he needs to leave. Bourne's flashback is cut short by the hacker trying to pull some shit on him, but unsurprisingly Bourne disposes of him pretty quickly and flees the scene before the CIA closes in. (They knew where he was because of the whole counter-hack deal from earlier.)

Bourne eventually ends up in London to meet a former Treadstone agent to get some answers. The CIA isn't far behind, though, as they are in contact with the Treadstone agent and The Asset is in route. The Treadstone agent waits to meet Bourne in a busy town square, and the CIA plans on capturing Bourne once he shows up to meet him. But Bourne triggers some fire alarms in the square, which creates a window for him to snatch the Treadstone agent and prevents the CIA agents from moving in and capturing him. He interrogates the agent and finds out what he needs to know, (his father was killed by the CIA because he was going to expose Treadstone to the public) but The Asset catches up to them and kills the agent before he can say anything else. This re-triggers the flashback from earlier, except this time Bourne can clearly see that The Asset, who has been chasing him throughout the movie, is the agent that killed his father. At this point Mr. Bourne isn't very happy with the CIA, and he disappears into the crowd to probably plan his next move, but he is tracked down by one of the CIA agents. The agent offers him some information about a cyber security convention that is going down in Las Vegas, and that the man he wants to hold accountable for his father's death (the Head of the CIA) will be there.

Fast forward to the convention in Las Vegas, and the Head of the CIA is about to have the agent that helped Bourne as well as a social network owner shot dead during a panel. But Bourne interrupts the panel and makes sure that The Asset can't get a clean shot on the two targets. He then makes his way up to the Head CIA Guy's hotel room where he plans on killing him, and he is about to shoot the Head CIA Guy when he starts giving him a speech. It's all really a distraction so he can slowly pull out a gun and attempt to shoot Bourne, and it nearly works until he is shot dead by the agent who helped Bourne earlier in the movie. Bourne then goes after The Asset and engages in one of the best car chases I've ever seen, and he eventually catches up to The Asset and kills him. Take a little bit of a time jump, and the movie ends with the agent who helped Bourne trying to convince him to re-join the CIA. Bourne says he'll think about it, but really it's a big middle finger, because he recorded a conversation she had a little bit earlier with another agent, where she mentions that she has his trust and could manipulate him. Roll the credits boys and girls, that's a wrap for Jason Bourne.


The Good:

- The action throughout the movie is exactly what you would expect from a Bourne film, and the car/motorcycle chase sequences are awesome.

- The story flows pretty well and doesn't have any slow scenes.

- Matt Damon once again puts in a great performance as Jason Bourne, although he didn't have many lines.

- The CIA agent that essentially replaces Nicky Parsons is quite a bit more interesting than Nicky Parsons.

- The end of the movie was left open enough to where there could definitely be another Bourne film.

- The movie itself does very much feel like the original Bourne films in terms of camera work and overall tone.

The Bad:

-The plot itself seemed shallow compared to past Bourne films, and the CIA wasn't nearly as menacing as they were in the first four films. Furthermore, the plot was pretty much the typical Jason Bourne story and didn't really introduce anything we haven't seen before.

- The Asset was supposed to be the anti-Jason Bourne, aka the guy that could potentially take down Bourne if given the opportunity, but I didn't really get that vibe and overall he seemed a bit weak to me.

- Most of the dialogue came off as a bit clunky and actually seemed worse than past Bourne films (which often didn't have a completed script at the time of filming).

- The last fight scene of the movie (between Bourne and The Asset) was a huge let down.

- Again, they titled this movie as just Jason Bourne, which makes no freaking sense to me.

- They did not use the original version of "Extreme Ways" when the credits rolled.


Despite the small issues I may have with some of the characters and the overall plot of Jason Bourne, it's not a bad movie. Heck, I'd even call it a good movie, but the issues I have listed above hold it back from being a great movie. If you're a fan of the Bourne franchise or just a fan of action movies in general, you'll thoroughly enjoy it. Just don't go in expecting it to be as good as the first three Bourne films, because it's not.


3.5 Stars for Jason Bourne
3.5 Stars for Jason Bourne

Take a look at the trailer:


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