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Jason Bourne Movie Review

Updated on July 29, 2016
Alec Zander profile image

Alec is a film critic with a true passion for the film industry & hopes his reviews and articles will help launch his career.


Rated PG-13 for action violence throughout and brief strong language.


  1. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
  2. Tommy Lee Jones as CIA Director Robert Dewey
  3. Alicia Vikander as Heather Lee
  4. Vincent Cassel as The Asset
  5. Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons
  6. Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kalloor

Jason Bourne is a film that tries, stumbles, and ultimately succeeds. What I mean is that there are times when it begins to get repetitive. That's not to say that it didn't play its cards right. It did. The action was spectacular, sometimes even better than most action films out there today. The acting wasn't as sharp and direct as the previous installments but it also wasn't bad either. The plot was meaningful and it shed more light on a dark character. We still cared about Jason. We still wanted him to succeed. But did we really need to see the same flashback again and again?

The film opens with Jason stating that he remembers everything. We get some glimpses from the previous films and then we suddenly move on to see Jason, who's apparently now a travelling fighter. We don't really know why but it's safe to say that he's been living inside his own head for so long that he's trying to find some sort of release.

We switch to find Nicky Parsons still in hiding, working with dangerous people in order to obtain information needed to expose the CIA's confidential programs that have ruined so many lives. During her research she fins out that someone close to Bourne, not gonna say who, had a hand in the development of the Treadstone program which turned into 9 other programs. She tracks down Bourne and, from the sound of their conversation, it seems they have been in contact a few times since we last saw them in Ultimatum. She explains what she found and it alarms Bourne enough to want to help Nicky.

Of course, the CIA is aware of Nicky's activities and they want her taken down. When they find out that Bourne is with her, they decide that both need to be eliminated. CIA Director Dewy sends in a man only known as The Asset to do the job.

I can't reveal much more without spoiling important plot points so let me just say this: go see it. If you are a fan of the Bourne franchise, then by all means go see this film. I thought that the public outcry for Damon to return would force the studio to rush the film and try to force feed us another A Good Day to Die Hard catastrophe. I'm so glad I was wrong. This film is full of incredible action and a great plot. Just be patient with the recurring flashbacks. They do serve a purpose, despite their repetitiveness. The film delves deeper into how much of a tirtured sould Jason truly is, and I am anxious to see the next chapter.

© 2016 Alec Zander


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