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Jayachitra hot south Indian retro movie actress

Updated on April 15, 2015

Mini Biography of Jayachitra

Name :Jayachitra

Date of Birth :9 September 1957

Profession : South Indian Actress

Popular in : Tamil ,Telugu and Kannada movies

Super hot retro Icon Jayachitra

Jayachitra is very popular actress in Tamil cinema that is much famous in late 70s and 80s decades. Most of her films are based on Tamil and Telugu language and she is one of very successful actress in those days. She did her debut film which named Bhakta at the age of 10 as child star. However she did her first role in Tamil film call Korathi Mangan in 1973 year this film got very successful in Tamil cinema and she acted more film after the success of Korathi Mangan. She did so many glamor and romantic roles in her cinema life. She was much famous in Tamil film industry and she did her contribution for so many hit Tamil films in 70s decade. She did so many films with Padma Sri Kamal Hasan and she also privilege to act whit great Tamil stars such as Sivaji and MGR.

Jayachitra performance style is very unique and she performed more and more movie in late 70s decade. This hot actress acted more and more movies in late70s and she is one of the top leading actress and highly commercial successful star in those days.

Movie Career of Jayachitra

She is one of very successful actress who has acted more than 200 films in her cinema career. Then Sindhudhe Vaanam ,Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu, Inspector Manaivi,Bharatamlo Oka Ammaayi, Solluta Engamma Sapatha, Pennukku Yaaru Kaaval and Pudhiya Raagam are some of the hit films in her film career. After the success of films she enters in to Television serials. She produces and directed her first Tamil television serial call Sumangali. After the success of Sumangali she produced so many television serials and much dedicated to serial industry.

Some Vintage Retro Photo of Jayachitra

Television career of Jayachitra

She got so many awards for her performance and direction in television and film sector. She also involves in to politics and she is one of active member in major politic party in India. Apart from Tamil film she acted several Kannada and Malayalam films , but this actress got much attraction over Tamil cinema rather than others. This stunning performer acted more than 10 movie in some years during golden age of her cinema career. However Jayachitra is one of leading star in South Indian cinema history as a actress.

Jayachitra hot performance in B&W movie

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Jayachitra in South Indian Cinema

As a actress Jayachitra is much luck to perform with star actors in the industry and she acted more movies with legendary Kamal Hasan, Rajani Kanth and Telugu actor NTR. She is one of the leading actress in late 70s decade of South Indian movies and she is much popular in Tamil cinema rather than Telugu ,Malaya and Kannada.Remember most of Telugu actress, mallu actress, Malayalam actress, and Tamil actresses are normally known as south actress but Bollywood actress is known as north actress.She is actually more famous in romantic and funny roles in films and now she is doing some mature roles like mother for lead characters.

The Performance of Jayachitra in Movies

Some Memorable Movies of Jayachitra

Name of Movie
Year of Released
Kurathi Magan
Then Sindhudhe Vaanam
Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu
Tirupathi Sree Venkateswara Kalyanam
Mane Mane Kathe

Jayachitra now

Television Characters of Jayachitra

After performing lead roles in late 70s and 80s decades this hot star start to perform as a character artist and also acted several South Indian Tamil television series too. Jayachitra produced, directed and acted a popular Television series called "Sumangali". Jayachitra one of the leading icon in South Indian television industry.

Awards and Honors Received by Jayachitra

Jayachitra won so many awards and honors for the contribution which she made on the progress of South Indian cinema and She acted more and more movies with Tamil super actor Kamal Hasan in late 70s and 80s.The performance style of this heroine is very unique and she use that unique gift to stay as a lead actress over 2 decade of South Indian cinema. This actress is one of the leading star in South Indian cinema.Ponnukku Thanga Manasu, Kalpana, Engamma Sapatham and Thayilla Kuzhandai are some memorable movie of Jayachitra cinema journey.

Recent Photos of Jayachitra

Jayachitra is one of a leading actress who rocks the industry in late 70s and 80s decade of South Indian cinema . There are very few actress who could remember the talents of Jayachitra and I dedicate this hub as a honor for this loving star. I am plan to update this hub regularly and add more contents and Images of this fine star in near future.I personally thanks all my viewers who visit my hubpages. To check more details and images of glamours Indian actress please visit my profile.


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