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Jazz Fest 2014 Tips

Updated on April 22, 2014
The good times are rolling on with the 34th Annual New Orleans Jazz Fest
The good times are rolling on with the 34th Annual New Orleans Jazz Fest | Source

Gulf Coasting

If you are not a local (or have never been to southern Louisiana) you may be caught off guard by the sticky humidity, scorching sun and bugs. Here are some tips to keep you comfortable:

  1. Invest in an aerosol sunscreen. I'm sure you are aware that sunscreen is necessary when you are outdoors for hours at a time, but it's important to have a sunscreen with you that is easy to use in the event that you are sweating it off throughout the day. The spray helps with ease of reapplication. You definitely don't want to miss a spot in this kind of sunshine!
  2. In addition to wearing a hat or visor, bring a shaded folding chair so you can enjoy the shows with ultimate comfort. These chairs are reasonably priced and worth it for those who enjoy such outdoor affairs.
  3. Keep a bug repellant fan clip on your clothes. You already have to be mindful of your sunscreen. You don't need to do double duty with the spray. The fan creates a personal space between your precious skin and hungry mosquitoes.
  4. Be prepared for rain. Whether it's an umbrella or an umbrella hat, anything is possible.
  5. Utilize the site to build an itinerary. There are several shows at several stages, and there are two different weekends for these shows. Creating a login name and password takes only a few minutes of your time. If you are going to both weekends, you want to make sure you are already situated near the correct stage when your favorite artists perform.
  6. Stay hydrated! Don't be that guy who has to leave in an ambulance because he passed out from either a lack of water or too many libations in the heat. No one wants you to perish, but it is a huge inconvenience to the rest of the fans. Take care of yourself.
  7. Bring plenty of cash. There are lots of talented independent artists who are selling their original artwork, and many of your favorite artists are selling merchandise only available at shows. Also the food is delicious and culturally diverse. Be prepared to participate!
  8. Only bring the essentials. There is a security check table at the entrance of the property. Ladies, a small fanny pack should suffice.

A Grand Old Time

After 45 years the fervor and excitement associated with the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, also known simple as Jazz Fest, is stronger than ever. Boasting many big-name acts such as Public Enemy, as well as local acts like the Xavier University Jazz Ensemble, this jam-packed festival has something for everyone. The artists are of every genre and talent, from musicians to painters and jewelry artisans. Also, a good trip to the South would not be complete without a sampling of the local fare. There are a lot of booths, activities, celebrity meet-and-greet opportunities and so much more! In order to keep your focus on enjoying yourself, you must come prepared for more than just the events.

Kid-friendly Fun

Don't be afraid to bring the kids along. There are activities specifically for them, and there will be local schools represented. Jazz Fest is for all ages and musical tastes. The festival is edutainment at its best, and you never know how exposing your child or a child you love to the arts may inspire him or her to take interest in music, painting, sculpting, etc.

The Gang's All Here

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Public EnemyXavier University Jazz EnsembleLisa Knowles and the Brown SingersCarlos SantanaPhishBranford Marsalis QuartetPuppet Arts (Children's Tent)
Public Enemy
Public Enemy | Source
Xavier University Jazz Ensemble
Xavier University Jazz Ensemble | Source
Lisa Knowles and the Brown Singers
Lisa Knowles and the Brown Singers | Source
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana | Source
Phish | Source
Branford Marsalis Quartet
Branford Marsalis Quartet | Source
Puppet Arts (Children's Tent)
Puppet Arts (Children's Tent) | Source

A Taste of Jazz Fest: Highlights from 2013

Fair-weather Fun

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Bobby Jones and the Nashville Super Choir
Bobby Jones and the Nashville Super Choir | Source


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