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Jazz Guitar: Easy Access Chords

Updated on July 14, 2015

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Three Note Jazz Chords

These "easy access" chords are three note chords that are easy to finger quickly. They are also great shapes to add or "access" the various extensions such as b5, #5, 6, b9, 9, #9, 11, #11, b13 and 13

Sometimes referred to as Root-3-7 chords (occasionally 6 is used instead of 7) they were a staple of Freddy Green, the legendary jazz rhythm guitarist from the Count Basie Band who mainly used these shapes and their inversions.

The chords in this article are all in Root Position.


Ther best way to approach rhythm is to follow in the footsteps of Freddy Green and play quarter note downtrokes 4 beats per measure and then try some more syncopated patterens as you get familiar with these shapes.

Basic Qualities in Root Position

Easy Access With Extensions


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