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Jazz Guitar - Learn How To Swing

Updated on July 8, 2010

Time to get hip

The following are good examples of jazz guitarists with solid group technique and musicianship. These people may not be the best technicians, or have "monster chops".  But what they do have is the ability to create good music for the jazz audience.

Grant Green

You probably have heard of him. You may have one record. You need to get more.

Grant took me some time to appreciate, but you will need to at least check out Idle Moments and Solid if you can. You really should also get "Talkin About" if you like those. Make sure you transcribe some of these!

Grant Green smiling after another killing session.
Grant Green smiling after another killing session.

Hank Garland

This is the guitarist George Benson always talks about.  Fantastic tone and feel, this is amazing considering he wasn't really a NYC jazz musician and was studio guy playing country.  Really cool.  He was talked about a lot but not heard, thanks to YouTube it's much easier to check him out.

Charlie Christian

You can't go wrong with any Charlie Christian recordings, these are pretty much essential to check out if you play jazz guitar.  These are even useful for another instrument to transcribe.  Charlie Christian's solo playing is laying the foundation for modern jazz, this is influential to all jazz musicians afterwards, not just guitar.


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